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How do I customize factions?

Discussion in 'Alpha Centauri' started by 20886432, Mar 23, 2021.

  1. 20886432

    20886432 Chieftain

    Aug 11, 2019
    I found FACTION.txt (which was all I could find on google) but I don't know how to modify it and it only listed the current faction my saved game uses.
  2. Darsnan

    Darsnan Emperor

    Sep 12, 2007
    Here's something I wrote about 15 years ago on how to edit the faction text files. If you've got questions I can probably answer them.



    Background: with Kody’s discovery that the individual Faction’s text files (examples: Peace.txt, Hive.txt, Caretake.txt, etc.) are imprinted onto a game at inception, this then means that if a CMN or Creator edits a Faction’s text file, then these changes will remain with that Faction for the duration of a game!
    An example of modifying the University faction.txt file:

    Step 1: always make a backup copy of the original file. An easy way to do this is make a subfolder labeled “Virgin Files” or some such and toss the original unedited file into it.

    Step 2: Open the “univ.txt” file with a text editor such as MS Notepad. The lines you are looking to edit consist of the following:

    University of Planet, The Scientist, University, M, 1, Zakharov, M, 0, 0, 1, 0, 0,
    Values, Knowledge, RESEARCH
    Politics, Fundamentalist, nil

    Line 1

    The following synopsizes the items listed on line 1:

    ; formal, desc, noun, masc/fem, sing/plural, name, gender, ai-fight, ai-power, ai-tech, ai-wealth, ai-growth
    ; title, characteristic, adjective
    ; SPECIAL RULES, parameters, ...
    ; SOCIAL PRIORITY, setting, result
    ; formal = Formal name of colony/group
    ; desc = Description of basic ideology
    ; noun = Plural noun
    ; masc/fem = Is faction's noun masculine or feminine
    ; sing/plural = Is faction's noun singular (Labyrinth) or plural (Gaians)
    ; name = Name of default leader
    ; gender = M or F (gender of leader)
    ; ai-fight = -1,0,1 (willingness to use force to achieve goals)
    ; ai-power = 1 or 0 (interest in power)
    ; ai-tech = 1 or 0 (interest in knowledge)
    ; ai-wealth = 1 or 0 (interest in wealth)
    ; ai-growth = 1 or 0 (interest in population growth)
    ; title = leader's title
    ; characteristic = leader's descriptive adjective
    ; adjective = adjectival form of faction name (e.g. Gaian)
    ; TRANSLATOR NOTE: for FRENCH versions, this should
    ; give all four forms (ms:fs fp):
    ; Gaian:Gaiane:Gaians:Gaianes (or whatever it would be)
    ; for GERMAN it should have all six forms.

    The first 7 items are where you can customize the faction. The last 5 items (the "ai" series) are where you tell the AI what it should emphasize in-game. Using the Unis as an example, their emphasis is on research. If you want to make them more warlike/ give them a nasty attitude, then change "ai-fight" to one. If you want them to grow their population, then choose "ai-growth". Note that the "ai-x" parameters in no way effect the faction when played by a human.

    Line 2: SPECIAL RULES, parameters, ...


    The following synopsizes all of the options listed on line 2:

    SPECIAL RULES = rule, parameter
    ; TECH = Free technology at start. Parameter
    ; is either a tech id (e.g. "Cen") to
    ; indicate a specific technology, or a
    ; number (e.g. 2) to indicate a number
    ; of player-selected technologies.
    ; MORALE = Morale modifier (if 0, indicates an
    ; exemption from negative modifiers from
    ; other sources).
    ; PSI = Percentage combat bonus for PSI Combat.
    ; FACILITY = Every new base gets this free facility.
    ; Param indicates facility (e.g. "4" is
    ; a Perimeter Defense) from the facilities
    ; list. Do NOT attempt to give satellites
    ; and secret projects this way.
    ; RESEARCH = Free research points per base per turn.
    ; DRONE = Extra drone at base (per "param"
    ; citizens, rounded down)
    ; TALENT = Extra talent at base (per "param"
    ; citizens, rounded up)
    ; ENERGY = Free energy reserves at start
    ; INTEREST = Energy reserves interest.
    ; Non-zero = constant percentage per turn (including negative)
    ; Zero = +1/base each turn
    ; COMMERCE = Increased commerce rate
    ; POPULATION = # to be added to population limit of
    ; each base for purposes of Habitation
    ; domes, etc.
    ; HURRY = Percentage change in costs of "Hurry"
    ; button on construction (e.g. 125 means
    ; 125% of normal cost, so 100 costs 125).
    ; UNIT = Extra free unit at start; param is
    ; index from units list (e.g. 0 equals
    ; Colonists, 1 Terraformers, 2 Scout
    ; Crawler)
    ; TECHCOST = Modifier % for tech research rate.
    ; (e.g. 125 means each discovery costs
    ; 125% the usual number of research
    ; points).
    ; SHARETECH = Gain any technology known to # other players
    ; TERRAFORM = Halves terraform raise/lower cost
    ; SOCIAL = Gives a modifier in the named social effect category
    ; ("SOCIAL, +EFFIC" raises the EFFIC rating by 1;
    ; "SOCIAL, --POLICE" lowers POLICE rating by 2);
    ; ROBUST = Halves the intensity of minus effects in the named
    ; social area ("ROBUST, EFFIC" halves minus efficiency
    ; effects in social model).
    ; IMMUNITY = Immunity from minus effects in the named social
    ; area. ("IMMUNITY, ENERGY" prevents minus energy
    ; effects in social model).
    ; IMPUNITY = Impunity :) from minus effects from a particular
    ; social setting. "IMPUNITY, Police State" prevents
    ; all - effects from "Police State" setting.
    ; PENALTY = Opposite of impunity: doubles the negative effects
    ; of a particular setting.
    ; FUNGNUTRIENT= Modifier to NUTRIENT produced in fungus squares
    ; FUNGMINERALS= Modifier to MINERALS produced in fungus squares
    ; FUNGENERGY = Modifier to ENERGY produced in fungus squares
    ; COMMFREQ = Gets an extra comm frequency (another faction to
    ; talk to) at beginning of game. (Parameter is ignored)
    ; MINDCONTROL = Vehicles and bases immune to mind control
    ; FANATIC = +25% bonus on attack
    ; VOTES = Multiplier for governor votes
    ; FREEPROTO = Prototype cost reduced to zero for this faction
    ; Drawn from the political table above (see #SOCIO), these entries
    ; must exactly match the SOCIO entries in spelling. These determine
    ; the leader's social priorities.

    See "How to Build Ghost Secret Projects" for examples/ details on editing various parameters in this section.

    The following synopsizes all of the options listed on lines 3 and 4:

    Values, Knowledge, RESEARCH
    Politics, Fundamentalist, nil

    Line 3 tells the AI what to emphasize in regards to the SE table. Line 4 (specifically the "nil" option) denies the player (humans and AI alike) that specific SE option. Note that if you are building a super AI, then probably giving the the "Economics, Free Market, nil" is the best option, as the AIs generally do not do well in regards to running FM.

    So, experiment away, and have fun!

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  3. Buster's Uncle

    Buster's Uncle AC2 Co-Owner

    Apr 13, 2009
  4. 20886432

    20886432 Chieftain

    Aug 11, 2019
    Thanks a lot bro
  5. eddieballgame

    eddieballgame Chieftain

    Aug 15, 2002
    Anchorage, Alaska
    Here is a rating system (that someone did) a friend of mine & I modified & used to create new factions. (years ago)
    Included are the default factions & their total points for comparison.

    Colony Pods (land & sea) = 3 pts
    Penalties = -1 pts
    Fungus nutrient = 4 pts

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    Last edited: Oct 27, 2021

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