1. A

    All units promoted simultaneously, why?

    Hey, I'm new to Vox Populi, this forum, and (relatively speaking) civ, so I apologize if I'm just missing something obvious. During the industrial era, all of my units got a free promotion, but I don't know why. I didn't see anything on the wiki or from a brief search here. Anyone mind...
  2. L

    Question - Floating texts on map

    Hello, Not sure where in which subforum of civ 4 modding this should go (a general section for mod makers helping each other), so I post it here. I just wanted to know if there is an existing mod that include floating text on the main view/map, before I try to do my own. My goal here is to...
  3. G

    Did Malala fund DreamWorks' aggressive expansion in children's television in the UK and threatened the BBC with violence repeatedly?

    When I learned that Gladiators is returning to free to air television since 2000, I was shocked and excited to the point where I was telling people about it's return. But, then I developed a theory of why it returned and yet anime is not on BBC 3 along with Robot Wars. This connected with the...
  4. S

    [GS] How to set Specific Diffilculties For seperate Civs in Civ 6

    So my situation is a little complicated. I'm trying to do an Earth TSL as Eleanor, but I have the diety bonuses while all the other civ are on prince difficulty. (I've already figured out how to give myself the Diety bonuses by modifying the XML files.) I also want every civ in the game to be...
  5. M

    [BNW] Question about delaying unit and building appearance change

    Enjoying to play in locked Eras, mainly the Industrial one for its steampunk aesthetics, I am looking for a way to delay to the next era the appearance change of some units and buildings that take place in this Era and look quite out of place there, namely : the Great General, the Great Admiral...
  6. A

    [BNW] Questions from a noob modder

    Hi everyone, I know I've come pretty late to this platform, but I'm hoping someone can give me a little advice on my first custom civ for BNW. I'm planning on making the Bretons (not from Skyrim, the real Celtic people), and I've had a lot of fun working out the AI flavours and creating a cross...
  7. cosmonster

    [BNW] Help regarding merging Modpacks

    Please excuse me if this is not the right place for this question, it's my first time posting here. Is it possible to merge two or more modpacks? If so how do I do that? I've been googling and googling for an answer for, like, months now lol. My question is specifically about merging EUI with a...
  8. Iconian

    Multiplayer question

    If two players both replace their XML files, such that they both have the same set of XML's, even though the XML's have been modified from the base game, can they play multiplayer with each other?
  9. 20886432

    How do I customize factions?

    I found FACTION.txt (which was all I could find on google) but I don't know how to modify it and it only listed the current faction my saved game uses.
  10. FloodPlain

    [Vanilla] How to win land wars?

    Now in this situation I underestimated the crippling effects of fighting in a jungle, I overestimated the strength of my army and I attacked an area that was too well defended. This needless to say taught me some valuable lessons but does anyone have advice that they could give me? Not on the...
  11. S

    Playing tall: how good/bad is it and how to do it?

    So I am a fairly experience player with around 200 h and a few Diety wins under my belt. From what I understand playing optimally would traditionally include settling as many cities as possible, and conquering everything. But I find offensive wars a bit tedious and it to be more enjoyable to...
  12. MaxNacemit


    When marines attack a coastal city from a ship, does the opponent get defensive bonuses from the city walls or the coastal fortress? If the former is the case, what’s their advantage over Cavalry besides the higher defense?
  13. R

    [GS] Any Generic civilization mods? (no uniques)

    Hey, I'm trying to get into Civ 6 from Civ 5, but I keep stressing out over using the unique bonuses for each civ, is there any mod where you can play as a civ with no bonuses? Useful to learn the game and make tutorials, probably. I know it's probably not hard to make but I've been trying to...
  14. N

    Downloading ModBuddy without Steam?

    Hi, I bought CIV VI from Epic Games and I want to download ModBuddy but unfortunately, I couldn't find any other resources other than Steam. I believe it's free so I am surprised when I couldn't find it... Is it possible to download it any other way?
  15. Ash plays civ

    [NFP] Optimal # of cities (Asking those who played the update)

    Hi all. Sorry if this is a noob question or if it's been answered. What do people think is the right number of cities after the changes to amenities? I have heard people say 5-7 is good for tall civs while 16 to 20 is good for wide civs, but that was before the update. I'm playing a wide civ...
  16. Emperor Franz

    Potential Ports

    So I was browsing the Downloads sections when I saw some units in Civ III that I would like to see in Civ V and it got me wondering: would it be possible to port a unit from Civ III to Civ V either directly or by converting it to Civ IV first or some other third way?
  17. TheNeverMan


    So generally I am suprised with no disease mechanics in civilization. Except black death scenario there is no disease mechanics. I looked at some mods and for civ V and VI thara are basicly two. So may question is: Were there any epidemic mechanics in civ other than black death scenario? Also, I...
  18. P

    Multiplayer with different DLCs

    Hello, I am thinking about buying all DLCs in the current steam sale and asked myself the question how that would work out in Multiplayer. Currently, me and my friends all play with vanilla + Gathering Storm. What will happen if I now buy: - The DLC civilizations like Poland etc. They will...
  19. cammcken

    Will transport AI stop at a settlement in the same path as a shipment in progress?

    There's no good way to write that title. Let me explain. Let's say I have three settlements directly in a line: A ---- B ---- C Let's say A and C are major cigar manufacturers. Other settlements feed them tobacco and they produce some tobacco on their own. If I want to make sure both A and C...
  20. adan_eslavo

    [MOD] Few questions without answers

    I play with modded VP, but these are rather overall issues. I have stucked at few problems: 1. I use following codes: function OnSpawnChangeSelected(eCs) local bSpawnDisabled = Players[eCs]:IsMinorCivUnitSpawningDisabled(Game.GetActivePlayer()) Network.SendMinorNoUnitSpawning(eCs, not...
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