How do you 'secure' / 'lose' a victory point

Sir Clive

Feb 3, 2003
I played the first introductory conquest , and played at warlord just so that I could get used to what was going on.

I occupied a huge amount of the map , I had cities built right by the obelisks (I had cities built next to about 3/4 of the obelisks on the map) but was still miles behind on score .

Couldn't work out why , so I quit in frustration .

When I played the game back I saw a lot of messages which said

'Victory point secured by Egypt XXXX' ,

but I also kept seeing loads of messages

'Victory point lost by Egypt XXXXX'

I never went to war with anybody , my citites were still built right next to the victory points , so how / why did I lose them .

I am very confused

Thanks in advance for any help !
You need to have a unit placed on the victory point to get the points.
Thanks warpstorm - I think I had better try again ! I don't use grid view so maybe I got confused as to which square the obelisk was on .
So you only need a unit on them? Lol, I've always thought you needed to place a city on top of them since whenever a scenario starts up all the obelisks are settled on. And to think, all this time I've been running citizens and migrants through hostile territory to the other side of the map so I could settle on one. :cry:
A good way to tell which tile the VP is on is where its shadow falls.
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