[BNW] How many cities is best for Immortal and large maps?

Anyway, to each his/her own. IMO, turning off victory types other than Dom is a "terrible idea" -- you're basically making some AI play with one hand tied behind their back, because their leader-specific programming demotes them to a victory option they might not be best suited for.

Sure, lots of space between AI means slower land attack, especially when you're winning with pre-industrial units. I don't know what other "metric" is disadvantaged. Takes longer to establish trade routes? Yeah, but not a serious impediment unless you have a tightly wound strategy for early victory.

You can always add a few more CS to replace the AI you cut out of the Large map.
In case anyone looks back here in the future, including the OP:

Depends on Victory Condition:

Science - Tradition or Liberty - 4-6 cities
Diplomacy - Tradition or Piety - 3-4 cities
Culture - Tradition - 4-6 cities
Domination - Liberty or Honor - 2-3 self-founded
Time - Liberty - as many as possible
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