How to alter CIV4ArtDefines_Unit to prevent unit graphic change


Apr 13, 2005
I've been playing the Planetfall Mod, where certain promotions will change the appearance of the unit it's applied to (as in, swapping in a new model). Unfortunately, one of the units, the "Rotor", has two promotions which each lead to a different unit model that's glitched- winning a combat after taking the promotion will cause the game to crash, sometimes locking up my entire desktop.

I found a post from 2015 on this forum where someone resolved the issue by editing the " CIV4ArtDefines_Unit file so the units art won't change" , but they didn't provide instructions on how to do so. They did link to an appropriately modified CIV4ArtDefines_Unit file, but alas the download is no longer available.

I'd appreciate any guidance on how to do this myself!
I am not sure if it is handled in the Planetfall Mod like in vanilla Civ, but there the graphical change due to promotions is handled in the "CIV4PromotionInfos.xml" file by the <LayerAnimationPath> entry. That entry leads to an entry in the "Civ4AnimationPathInfos.xml", which in turn leads to an entry in the "Civ4AnimationInfos.xml" file. The entry "ANIMCAT_'AnimationName'" in that file points towards a kf animation file that handles the graphical change, with the unit's kf file named "'UnitName'_md_'AnimationName'". Either changing the <LayerAnimationPath> entry to 'NONE' or removing the kf file should prevent the graphical change (if Planetfall is doing it that way).

Some time ago I created a mod doing using a promotion graphic if you want to have a look at an example:
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