How to Minimize GoG Complete in Win10?


Jun 12, 2013
Sorry if this has been asked and answered elsewhere - I did some searches but found nothing.

As the title says, does anyone know how to minimize the GoG Complete version on Win10?

WinXP had this little bar thing on the far right side of the taskbar (after hitting the Windows key) that, if clicked on, would minimize whatever computer game you were playing. Win10 also has that bar, albeit it is narrower, and while I can see my desktop if I hover over that bar, if I actually click on it, it throws me back into the game, not the desktop.

Again, how do I minimize the game on Win10 so I can do things on my desktop?
I don't know how to do that (I didn't know you could click that button and have it work on Civ3 on any version of Windows before reading your post), but I can provide an alternative.

If you open an Explorer window to C:\Users\<your username>\Desktop, it will show all the things on your desktop. You can then alt-tab to that Explorer window from Civ III and access anything you may need to access from the desktop.

At least my my copy of Win10, there's also a shortcut link on the left - under "This PC", there's "Desktop", which takes you to the same place. And since Win+E opens Explorer, it would be fairly quick to navigate there from within a game of Civ.
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