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How To Play a Turn

Discussion in 'Team FREE' started by Empiremaker, Jul 18, 2007.

  1. Empiremaker

    Empiremaker Human Fish

    May 13, 2005
    The Northwest of the USA
    This thread is for reference. I copied it from KISS, and so if missed a change please tell me.

    1. The save comes in our gmail-box. It is from one of SABER's members and it is called "MTDG2_114_SABER.SAV" or something like that. "114" is the number of the turn as it progresses, e.g. 114, 115, 116. Check gmail-box at www.gmail.com. Username = team.free2 , Password = t34mfr33. Click on the mail from SABER which usually has the subject line "Turn XXX to you". Then d-load the file attached to your usual conquests saves folder, just like a SG. The .sav is yours and ready to play.
    2. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED - Check the turn summary from the previous turn(s), and diplo threads to see if there are any trades.
    3. Start Conquests and open the file. An all black screen then tells you to "Enter Password". Type "HamSteR" and hit. Something like "Evackkian Emperor, 3500BC. Emperor Difficulty" appears. Then another box with "Team FREE, it's your turn to play" pops. Just hit OK on these and the turn will start. Play our turn. Take notes. See Commando Bob's turns for a good example.
    4. When finished hit space. You're then asked to either save and exit or continue to play. Choose save and exit. Name the save " MTDG2_XXX_FREE.SAV and save as usual. XXX is the turn number
    5. Go back to gmail and send the save you now can find in your conquests folder. Do so by clicking on "Contacts" in gmail main window. Select the contacts to GONG + Regent Man + Ginger Ale. Attach the MTDG2_XXX_FREE.SAV and send. Voil√° .
    IMPORTANT! When posting in FREE forum do not upload files on CFC server, just attach in post. Otherwise others may stumble over secret intel. Or upload to a file hosting service, like imageshack.

    If you find something strange or plain stupid, then please (if possible) hold your play, ask for advice and go back finish. It could be about the process of getting, playing, posting or maybe in the actual gameplay.
    First time it may be a good thing to keep an IM open just in case. Wait for someone who has done it before to be online for instant Q's and A's.

    See here for more info on diplo.
  2. CommandoBob

    CommandoBob AbstractArt

    May 18, 2005
    Too near The Temple of Jerry Jones
    I had to dig up that thread on my first few turns. It helped, but I wished that it had screenshots, too.

    Two things that are different from a solo game:

    1) At the start of your turn, when a build is finished and you go to the city to change the build, the terrain portion is all black. You can see where the citizens are working and what that tile is producing, but you cannot see any tiles.

    2) Worker turns are not wasted. If you have two workers making a road (3WTs) in a tile and both start on the road on the same turn, on the first turn both will make the road but on the second turn one will complete the road and the other will be free to do something else. In a solo game, that 3WT road costs 4WTs to complete.

    3) Trading is very different, since it is not real time.

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