How to update older Maps/Scenarios to 0.41o (or 0.41p)?


Jul 8, 2020
So I went through all the threads in the Modmod/Scenario/Map sub-forum earlier and downloaded a crap-ton of Maps. Turns out, a good chunk of them no longer work due to being designed for older versions of FFH2 (which I expected). So here's my question: Is it possible to 'fix' or otherwise re-create these maps using FFH2 0.41o Worldbuilder, or would the process be extremely slow/painful/technical? I know almost nothing about this kind of modding/mapmaking, but I'd like to give it a go if any of the veterans are still around and can confirm that this is even possible before I potentially waste my time, or offer some general advice for common pitfalls and things that might trip me up.

Also, all of LutefiskMafia's maps have disappeared from his threads. I don't know if any of those still work, or if they had a reason for taking them down and didn't want them re-uploaded, but if anyone has a copy, please let me know so I can put up a thread/mappack containing them (assuming they'd be okay with it).
I suggest to use whatever FFH version you need for the older maps. They are still available on civfanatics but you have to enter the link manually. For example patch g has this link and if you want k instead replace g with k.

It might be possible to update the maps to a newer version, it depends what error message you get. To update them you need to be able to edit python code.
Damn, thought so. Not a coder, sadly. Hoping someone with the experience will run through and update these someday...
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