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[GS] How To Win A Domination Game On Deity


May 11, 2020
This video series will show how I used Suleiman and the Ottomans to conquer the WORLD!

England declared war early on me, I was able to fend her off with fortified warriors and slingers.
With My Super Catapult, I was able to take 2 of her cities (including her capital) and sue for peace.
After Building Jannisaries and bombards I take England out and take cities from Kongo and Zulu.
With my high science output I snowball to infantry and artillery and take out the rest of the capitals I don't have.

Pretty much use your bonuses and try to get ahead in science. If you have a unique unit use it, and then work on a tech lead to tanks or infantry and tear through the remaining AI cities.

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