1. F

    Please help with mongolia

    Hello guys! Im kind of new here but not really new for civ and vp. I usually play on deity and I really like the whole steppe nomad theme, and so I really wanted to like mongolia. Except I just cannot make them work... To me it looks like they would be really good and fun as you go down on the...
  2. G

    [GS] Deity Advice - Abraham Lincoln (Real Strategy+Late Game AI), Standard Speed, Pangaea+, Small

    Looking for some specific advice for Honest Abe. I've incorporated what I could find from searching here and sparing what time I could to watch Potato McWhiskey's videos (the man does a great job of trimming the fat but it's still a slow process to watch someone else play Civ.) It's taken my...
  3. E

    Most OP start ever for Spain Deity

    I like picking Spain and crushing Deity. I had such a powerful start a couple days ago that I just got to share it. It's a marble desert Hill mountain river coast tile start (1 turn movement) with regional salt, No turn 37 petra snipes, other nations warring each other and none (I think)...
  4. P

    Late Game AI

    I uploaded my mod yesterday and I am not sure why the discussion for it was deleted. So I am manually opening this thread here and I hope that a mod can attach it to the resource later. Overview: "Late Game AI" immensely buffs the AI's late game with a new scaling method. The AI will be very...
  5. P

    Late Game AI 8.28

    IMPORTANT: 1. This mod was designed for use in combination with Infixo's "Real Strategy" mod. It also works fine without it or with other mods like AI+, but the AI will be a lot worse at getting a culture victory, will generally win quite a bit slower and will also be worse at defending their...
  6. CGQ

    [BTS] My Very First Deity Shadow Game Ever! It's finally time...(Re-Roll Edition)

    The time has come. Years of training have all but led up to this moment. Many games have been won, many games lost, and many games I just quit halfway through cuz I don't got no damn time. But long last, I will finally take on the hardest difficulty CIV IV has to offer! Deity!! Oh how...
  7. Piquito2223

    [BTS] Who should I attack first?

    I'm playing as the Romans on Deity. I have low relationship with everyone and I happen to border Montezuma, Saladin and Huang. I know Montezuma is very aggressive and he's going to attack me eventually. But the same can be said about Huang and Saladin. Ragnar is also close to me. I could try...
  8. Pangaea

    [BTS] Stumbling back at Deity

    I haven't played the game for around half a year, until I started on a low-level Game of the Month a few days ago. Coming back to the game has been strange, but as usual it hooks me in. I'm honestly not very comfortable at Deity, and usually don't find all that much fun due to the few options...
  9. M

    Alternative Difficulty for VP 14

    Deity should be much harder than current VP. Hopefully there will be a difficulty which works for everyone though. Feedback would be awesome:) Link of me playing using it below:
  10. qwerty4429

    Help n00b

    Hello! New forum member here. I enjoy vox populi, and I think have played around 200hrs already. However, I have no slightest clue how to play on immortal\deity. On emperor, game is quite easy, where I chill or early war, and then have powerspike in medieval where I just vassalize nearest...
  11. Alaindor

    [NFP] Struggling with Basil II on Deity

    Hi, maybe I can get good advice from you experimented players? Playing on Deity / Marathon / Huge continents map, I want to achieve a religious or domination victory. Reading how OP Basil II is supposed to be, I just can't seem to start off: because I rush for an early religion (which I get if...
  12. inquisitive_otter

    [NFP] One Era Behind Challenge -- Lots of creators on board!

    Greetings CivFanatics! I am a pretty big fan of watching civilization content and decided to do something special for my next video. I wrote a mod which basically puts the AI in the classical era, while the human starts in the ancient era. Additionally, I contacted a whole bunch of other civ...
  13. Seraiel

    [BTS] I forgot, Please deliver US another Deity GOTM

    Right after downloading the challenger starting file I noticed, that this game wouldn' t give me any benefits onto achieving My Pantheon of Heroes reward. This is why I kindly ask the staff to generate and worldbuild a Deity-BOTM
  14. M

    [GS] Deity - France - Europe - Can you win from this start?

    Hi Everyone! I recently started a Deity France game on Europe map (not TSL) and had this plains only start with no grassland, hills or mountains and with very few resources. A tried two strategies: 1. Settling in place and rushing to get a second Settler to move somewhere else with more...
  15. T

    [BTS] WORLD MAP 1000AD Deity Inca

    This is a playthrough of the World Map1000AD (BtS) scenario. This was a request by insaneweasel1 in youtube comments (Lain's) a while ago so I decided to take up the challange. I do have a lot of experience with the map and won on deity with most leaders except Mansa and Huyana. This is my 3rd...
  16. inquisitive_otter

    [NFP] VidLP - One City Deity - Georgia

    Greetings everyone! I made this video a while back and it was the most fun that I have ever had recording a lets play. In this series, we start out playing as one of the worst civilizations, Georgia. We limit ourselves to one city and try to win the game. Any suggestions for future...
  17. DrCron

    How to win "early conquest" on deity

    Hi everyone, I'm uploading a video series showing how to apply the "early conquest" strategy on Deity. For anyone interested the video series starts here: It's not an exceptionally great date, like 800 AD or something like that, but I show the general strategy and all of the main ideas you...
  18. CivLifeRyoutube

    [GS] How To Win A Domination Game On Deity

    This video series will show how I used Suleiman and the Ottomans to conquer the WORLD! Synopsis: England declared war early on me, I was able to fend her off with fortified warriors and slingers. With My Super Catapult, I was able to take 2 of her cities (including her capital) and sue for...
  19. LFRANK

    Deity Strategy Tweaks to Survive Early DOWs

    I've finally feeling froggy enough to start playing at deity level. However, in about a dozen games I've noticed that the AI tends to react pretty much the same way to me.; they all attack me. Setup: Random civ, deity level, small lakes map, abundant resources, high sea level, climate setting 0...
  20. C

    Can you win a cultural victory without tourism?

    The title says it all. My goal is to win a cultural victory, while having the per-turn tourism still be 0. Hopefully, this can help us to assess how strong bonus tourism is. Let's take a look at my start, and see if this even possible. For this challenge, I choose the Aztec.
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