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[BTS] I can't go back to Civ once I hit the Windows button

Nov 6, 2012
Why should you care?
This is a minor issue, but when I play Civ 4, I cannot use the windows key to temporarily exit out of the game. If I do, CIv will still be running but I will be unable to get back in. I have a pretty weak computer at the moment (ASUS Vivobook) barely able to play Civ 4. so I won't be surprised if there is no solution, but if there is, it would be most appreciated.
I only know this issue from other old PC games and don't know a proper solution. As a workaround, I'd suggest running in windowed mode. In My Games\Beyond the Swords\CivilizationIV.ini, the ScreenHeight can be set slightly lower than the desktop height to account for the title bar and start bar, so that no deformation occurs when maximizing the window. For example, I use 1120 height with desktop dimensions (native screen resolution) 1920x1200. Caveat: Game will crash upon launch when trying to use such nonstandard dimensions in fullscreen mode. Full/ windowed can btw also be toggled through CivilizationIV.ini (FullScreen = 0/1/ask).
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