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Idea for a collaborative game


Jan 21, 2008
I was reading the monarchist's cookbook thread for vanilla BTS and thought such an idea would be uniquely suited to the Star Trek mod, at least for thematic purposes.

The basic idea is this: A save from the beginning of a fresh game (preferably large but not prohibitively so for those with less powerful computers and a fairly high difficulty setting) is uploaded. The total turns for the game are divided up into predetermined Rounds. Each Round, any number of players can play the current save up to the next turn cutoff. Everybody uploads their saves, and the community discusses and then votes on the best save out of the bunch. That save then becomes the 'official' save and people play off that.

During each round, players can discuss their progress and ask for advice. On a predetermined day, all the saves are "due" and a poll can be started for the next round. The idea is to give new players a chance to test their skills and learn better ways to deal with problems they have (or will have once they move on to higher difficulties), while providing a fun competition for more experienced players and an interesting storyline for RP lovers.

If there's interest, I'd be happy to organize something like this. As for the story, off the top of my head it seems like something with the Krenim or the future Federation with time travel tech, or a new story with any civ along similar lines would make a lot of sense in the context of Star Trek. The players could be a race with advanced understanding of time travel engineering the rise of their own empire... What's more Star Trek than a good old-fashioned temporal paradox?

Interested Players:
1. Solistus
2. apenpaap

Once we get to 4 players we will discuss the specific rules and then start the game.
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