Immortal Cookbook IV: Pour la patrie

I've been away a few days, back now and voting.

1. sleepless: I think the overall situation (diplomacy, global teching) looks better in this one,
2. Carl corey: Want to see the result of that fight :)
3. Soirana
1. Sleepless - Peter a bit far from Rifling, maybe we can try a drafting round and take a couple of cities. Still a bit late to do it...

2. Soirana - not bad tech-wise, but Peter won't give us Constitution for Rifling so I expect our monopoly won't be long lived. Too bad, drafting is quite powerful and we've pretty much lost the window for maximum efficiency. Not sure how we're gonna win from here.

3. Betato - behind in techs, no Oxford. Doesn't look winnable.
you don't trust in 18 power cr2 units?

I think i mentioned the whole point was to hit with artilery. Who cares of rifle to rifle combat if his rifles are at half strength?
True, true. The problem I see is production. It's not that artillery isn't the better unit here, it's that building all those troops from scratch even with the whip is not as effective as drafting. By that time we might be hit by others. Pre-Astronomy I'm ok with no military when we're on an island, post-Astronomy I'm a bit more weary about invasions. Maybe I'm worrying for nothing, I don't know. Actually, this would be a case in which I think we should forget the rules, and you should play from your save if you have the feeling that it's going to get you in a good position.
Actually, this would be a case in which I think we should forget the rules, and you should play from your save if you have the feeling that it's going to get you in a good position.

I am pretty sure I can win from my own... after UN gets built.
I guess sleepless save is winner, but i played from my own.

Unluckily that is end turn save and i did not manage to dig autosave... More about oit bellow.

Spoiler :

1515 AD get GM in cap, ground all specialist in capital, i think i started 1GA soon after with GS.

Soon after i traded constitution for PP+military tradition with Asoka.

Not far away Hanibal proved i was right he declared on Asoka, bringing both morons [shaka and ragnar in]. Incredibly this ended in Asoka being Viking vassal. At least that stopped Indian culture win...

Arround 1530ish - silver city founded. I actually beated China for something like 2-3 truns in getting it.

I also started drafting heavily...
1550AD -noticed chinese destroyer... This game was not turning up nicely...

1555AD - give into Hanbibal's demand on Steel. Was not very rare tech anyway. Same turn traded for Democracy [more like precaution for being hit with Emancipation unhapiness]

1580- GS in Orleans, start second GA.

1590AD landing near Rostov. I took city. let Peter's stack retake it and when burned it to ground... Overall it look like i was using artilery+pinch cavalry for offense, while rifles were dfending.
Mahjor problem was after getting hit by cannons, artilery was choosen to defend. That sucked hard...

1600AD won somewaht epic frigate fight to keep galleons coming [5my frigates against 4-5 Peter's]

1610AD met first infantry - went through it to get st. Petersburg.

1615AD - traded for steam power.


1635- got huge peter's tack near moscow. Primary loads of canon and cossak's. Though i lost my forces, but Peter actually bypassed my stack going for St. petersburg.
1640ish, got Moscow. I miss picture but it was something like shrine [+30gold with all modifiers]+Kremlin. I started suspecting how he got all these troops.
I also used remaining troops to hit Peter's stack. Not speactacular victory but at least i flanked away his canons. Took peace.

I did clear mistake by teching corps and taking eco hit...

1650 redeclare on peter. BAsically i was hoping to eradicate his injured stack and force capitualation.

My cities hardly can keep breathing even through 40% culture... Shaka should be birbed on Ragnar. I do believe i can deal with Few infantry via the airships, but this is turning into total meat grinder...

Would not say i improved situation. Would be happy to see someone else approach...


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Well reading between the lines from Carl's posts it seemed to be a case of pick your own save and finish the game from there. So that is what I started to do. :)

Spoiler :

Looking at the save I was trying to keep Peter as a trade partner hence giving him rp when he asked. So I changed my tech path from Bio to Steel in the hopes of trading for Bio. I also knew Qin was in WHEEOH and I suspected I would be his target so sent a frigate to China to track his troop movements. I took the following details from the Log as I have played quite a bit further into the game but will post the rest when I finish. Still not sure whether I will win or not but I do fancy my chances. ;)


1515 Steel in start research Bio for part trade.

1520 Han builds SoL. I might have got it with copper but the cash will keep my science slider higher.

1530 Trade Bio + cash with Peter for steel. Put an extra turn in Bio to get hold of some of his cash as well. On to Steam Power.

1540 GS born. I used him for an academy in the GLh city. Wasn't sure about this as I still hadn't had a golden age.

1550 Steam Power in set research to physics for trade with Peter.

1565 Trade SP for Physics + cash. Start Elec hoping to trade rifles for it in a bit. Peter completes Broadway.

1575 GS born keep for GAge.

1585 I now know where Qin is going. Trade for Mil Trad start GAge and change civics to Nat/Eman/Theo. Start drafting. I think you should know by now where he was going as well. :)

1590 Trade for Elec with Peter.

1595 Qin declares (wasn't expecting that :lol:) he bribes in Shaka as well certainly wasn't expecting that though.

1605 Trade for Mil Science.

1615 Discover Corp. Probably traded with Peter but not sure. :confused:

1620 I had a settler for the little silver island which I had already settled. At the bottom there was a barb city. I had sent one rifle to attack the LBs earlier which failed dismally. Couldn't afford anymore but Ragnar had sent an attack force against it a bit later leaving 1LB which my lonely musketeer on the island managed to kill so I just beat him to it. :) Of course I did have a problem which an island with 2 cities and 1 unit to defend and a war with 2 civs. Luckily no-one attacked me there.

I had build the Nat Forest in the Iron/Wheat/Clam city and Qin's first landing was on one of the forests there. Luckily it was only 1 galleon's worth which I despatched easily. I moved a couple of rifles on to the forest so his main landing force (which wasn't very big) landed on a nice open tile for me to kill easily which I duly did.

1635 Radio in start AL.

1640 Trade for Communism I think it was with Han. :confused:

1645 Peace with Qin for 50 gold. I kept the war going with Shaka though. Teach him to attack me twice. :)

1665 Built Rock n Roll in Paris.

1675 AL in start RR to be able to trade with Peter.

1685 RR in start combustion.

First save after 1500 was here.


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- 1913AD

Spoiler :

With my tech rate being ok but not great and unlikely to improve by much I had decided going for the Internet would be a good move. :) I was still able to tech trade with Peter in this time so that kept me up with the pace. I managed to get all the radio wonders. I just love having the Cristo Redentor for non anarchy civic changes. :)I did consider going for the UN but as I was first in pop and Han had Mass Media I thought let him build it and just get everybody to vote for me. :) Fine in theory, not in practice. :cry:

As a backup I thought going for space would be an option. There was a slight problem with the lack of Aluminium. So it was time for me to ratchet up a gear my centuries long war with Shaka. Unsurprisingly he was quite backward tech wise and with the position of Ulundi was a good place to start.

That'll help with spaceship production. His second city was weakly defended as well. Also built on Aluminium. :D I had wondered where his troops were. I guess they were in his dye city near Asoka because they eventually showed up.

Time for reinforcements. I took a cease fire with Shaka here intending to attack him later. Unfortunately shortly after he signed a dp with Qin so I gave up on that idea although I kept on reinforcing the Aluminium city. Ragnar changed to free religion around this time so I lost his votes after Han built the UN. If I could have signed a dp with him before hand I probably could have got a UN win. Didn't think of that at the time though. :D

I did save the game here and let Shaka attack my CG3 Mech Inf to see how many it would kill before dying. Answer 2 not very impressive. :cry: I'll have to sort out the BUG mod as well as I was using it earlier in this game. Removed it so I could play BOTM16 then re-installed it as a MOD. Then the game was saying no MOD was used and it just froze (taking ages to do one action) the game. I guess I'll have to remove it again although I managed to play the end of the game OK.

Back to the game. I did manage to get the internet.

Tech screen pre.


Much better. :)

I also decided to try and build the space elevator. By the time I finished Robotics 2 people researched Satellites so I could get started on it right away. I was still hoping to get a UN win but just kept falling 1 AI's votes short.

I was voted secretary every time but just couldn't get enough votes for the win. I did have the idea of getting Ragnar to change civics to Monarchy but my first spy I sent his way was caught so I gave up on that idea as well. :)

Close but not close enough. Spaceship was on its way though. So 10 years later.

Peter wasn't far behind me and Asoka might have been a cultural danger if Ragnar hadn't taken 1 of his cities. Then again if he hadn't I would have. :)

Final screen.

At last I get to finish one of these. Thanks for hosting it Carl. :goodjob:


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To1755 Ad - I omit save since we are not voting anyway.

Spoiler :

1700 cap Peter. I actually used airships as can openers. When artilery, when mop up with pinch units... Was painful but i did it.
1720 DoW on Raganar
1725-first viking city. I am keeping all now, as i can not afford to burn my own voters...
1730-Assembly line start factories and drafting infantry.
1735-Bjorgvin captured. I actually semi split stacks, it looks like i use some arty to blow defences and attack, some pinch cavalry to taatck, split stack of rifles - half to protect used siege, half mnove with cavalry and unused siege towards next city. Reunite stack at next city. At least that speed sup me a bit.

1740-Asoka breaks free. Phew, one more important thing done. Capture Tracian [last barb city on silver island]
1745-Un gets built - i am already within candidates for Secretary vs Han. Ain't world perfect?
1750-i DO NOT GET A CHAIR.... Make peace with Asoka, he pays for this. get Ghuzz
I counted i need cap Rag, Shaka ans Asoka to vote myself... On other hand i just made GM if i can found sushi, i could use vertical growth to get more votes... need to switch research right now...

1755-decimate Ragar counterattack[vivat airship reckon abilities], get Upsala.
He refuses to cap and i am getting very tired... Guess i will need to take his capitol... When Shaka... I am not fan of Sushi spam, but votes are calculated on pop, right?

to 1852 Ad
Spoiler :

1780Ad- Dheli hits legendary cultrue, I get Nidaros. Luckily that is enough for Ragnar. Meanwhile Han has full hands. I am afraid he is on Asoka. Hopefully i have enough votes for chair now.
-5 turns to medicine, i send my galleons arround Russia. Decided to strike Asoka first.

1785AD sushi in cartage I am late by two turns. Oh well, i can do that old fashioned way....
1804-Wall street in Moscow Declare on Asoka. Bribe Shaka out of Asoka...Quin goes into full hand mode...
1808-DoW on shaka - set paris on infanmtry in case i need defense [and Ironworks+He means i get cash in process]. It is crazy to run two wars but the point is my chair voting is flipping by few points and if i won't get this one, next might be after someone launches...

1812-After some suicide attacks Asoka caps. Surprisingly that clears hands of Carthage and China. I have clearly enough votes for UN chair... I am doing as much vertical growth as possible. [with automated workers that is]
1814- Hun captured, Qin has built life support. Oh, well I stocked espionage on him ages ago...
1816-Shaka had enough of fighting against half world too. Switch to Beaureau [fav civics]+Emancipation [fight unhapiness]
1826-Hannibal completes Apollo, still need to get that chair...
1838- modern era
1840-cereal mills by Hanibal, i get my UN chair.
1850-i get my choice for voting. Good game...
1852- "Diplo" win:lol:

Few pics [started taking when i was sure i will win]:

Landing in India:
Spoiler :

Costs for cities:
Spoiler :

Voting prognosis:
Spoiler :

And voting itself
Spoiler :

And i got my Ceasar's ranking --
Spoiler :

Hey, that is more than double of that spaceship build variant:)

Now i guess it is Carl's time to show the value of his rifle attack...

Spoiler :

Nice finish. :goodjob: I've been warred out for the moment after BOTM16 so wanted a reasonably peaceful end to the game. Not totally peacful though. :)
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