Immortal - Strange Pangaea


Jun 29, 2016
Started an immortal game the other day, and got Monty. Did not choose AI's.
Standard size, pangaea. no events, no huts. Lock modified assets on, and using Buffy / HOF mod.

Close jungle to the north, and sea, with an island to the south. Starting techs were awkward. Had wet corn, gold, Plains Cow, and clams. But Monty starts with Myst and Hunting, so keeping workers busy was a challenge. I think I went Agri, Mining, Fishing, AH. Not sure it was that great. Capital wasn't too bad but nearby scouting was pretty rough. Lots of jungle, and not much food.

Here's the save if anyone wants to try it out. I thought it was a fun challenge.

Spoiler Played up to ~200 BC :

* Had stone, in a city with a bunch of hills... so I built the pyramids.
* Captured 4 barbarian cities with horse archers. The central jungle is no joke.
* Still didn't meet one of the AI's yet at T-100.
* Religions are pretty fractured.
* Built an island city which was probably a complete waste of time.
* Barb galleys were rough.
* Hannibal is in last place. Justin and Mansa are doing well. Frederick is in there. And my neighbor is William Von Orange.

Definitely a winnable game, even with my mediocre playing.... grabbed a lot of decent land from the barbs, and WvO is in the corner with me, and nobody likes him. But Justin is plotting and the barb cities may have made me a land-target.



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Should be a relatively easy immortal game IMO. Settling 1W is clear, I don't think fishing makes a lot of sense, both AH and BW are more urgent. Perhaps you struggle a bit with empire management?
Yea, I posted more because I found it more to be a atypical Pangaea map, than an especially hard one. Thought maybe some people who are working towards immortal could enjoy it.

Perhaps you struggle a bit with empire management?
Ha, nice way to put it. You're not wrong. Especially I was not playing my best that day. Started playing around 10 pm after working all day, and was just kind of playing fast and loose after having not played in a couple of months.

I agree, I settled 1W. the PH got a nice early worker, and did the corn first. Mining, AH, and BW are clearly more useful. I went fishing before AH and BW, but looking at it now, that's obviously not good, because without chops, you're wasting time to build the work boat, plains cow is better for getting settlers / workers out than clams, and with the gold mine, the commerce from fishing isn't needed.

Here was the map a bit later on.
Spoiler Map :

I settle the stone/clam site 2nd, so I could share the corn. Then I got the corn/horse spot. At that point I saw the barb city, and went HA's and grabbed 4 barb cities, starting with Alemanni, and a few more north of that.

The AI's were really stifled on this map. I think that Fish site was a mistake. I did start getting barb-galled badly, and gave up on the clams, because I didn't have triremes.


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