Nobles' Club 346: Peter of Russia

What did I do wrong with the image, looks blurred to me...
You added some kind of spoiler to it, which is cool. You can see the image by clicking at the bottom of it.
Spoiler :
Expanding on my previous post a bit. You don't have access to :)-resources which is very limiting on your whipping. It also seems like there are no big :commerce: tiles available early, thus you will need to work many cottages. Therefore my solution would be no whips. Perhaps not a single one, meaning you should switch to slavery only later, perhaps a double switch with HR which is an important civic with such :)-situation. So you should just grow cities to :)-cap, work max amount of cottages, slow build and/or chop settlers/workers and pick very carefully the spots that invest on a library. It's 90:hammers:, so especially without whipping you can't get it everywhere.
Ok, so specialize a bit more then? I've been cottaging desperately everything, a few mines for quick production when needed, but... the early game I tech so slow I ended up with libraries in all my cities, cause I had little else to build.. :hammer2:
I don't exactly recall the tech order, but it was something like AH, BW, Wheel, fishing/pottery, writing, then Alphabet. Which took forever after I had put down 3-4 cities. More settlers would bankrupt me, more workers would also be costly if they built much faster than growth... So, I figured, libraries and run scientists several places to get that Alphabet so I could trade it to Roosy whom I befriended.
In general going for both AH and BW early without some source of commerce like a gold mine, fishing, or at least the wheel for trade routes will hurt your economy a lot on high difficulty levels.

With AH first and your starting position, you could have gone fishing next and build those boats in 5 turns with cow and horse pastures. Then BW can wait after the wheel or maybe even after pottery. On the other hand the worker doesn't have much to do until the wheel, which is why I preferred BW first.
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