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Improved Atlas


Mar 5, 2011
Hi, Rhye's and fall fans, i would like to share with you my improved rhye's and fall atlas. Some basic informations:

- it's for beyond the sword latest patched RFC version
- the map is later start + all dynamic resources added later
- the stability maps displaying both settlers maps, and core/normal/broader maps
- the atlas displays all resources
- and approximate evaluation of cities (both with and without corporations, however the improvement placement algorithm isn't perfect)
- the only specific version of the map is for germany, other civ specific modifiers are ignored
- the map is big (around 10mb), and can eat your browser or cpu alive :]
- the atlas can change or be removed any time, i have no permanent plans with it, if i will have some more time, i'll make the source code available, but currently it's unbelievable mess

The version with corporations:

Without coporations:

Germany version with corporations:

Germany without corporations:
This must have been a lot of work; thank you!

It should be stickied or something.


Hong Kong may be absent from the English map.

Also, the dark green colour, though traditional for RFC, is sometimes hard to spot compared to the unchanged grasslands.
Very impressive! :goodjob:

P.S. Where is Cyprus? :)
Thanks for your feedback, as you can see it's not perfect, but what is ;) I'm kind of busy, but i'll try to improve it from time to time. I'll appreciate any bug reports, or another feedback. If somebody have plenty of time and knowledge of C/C++/Python (reading mod code) and PHP/HTML/CSS/JS (atlas code) you are welcome to join this "project". But be warned the code is really terrible :]
I'm on Firefox (latest version) and most of the squares are shifted towards the south.
At the Iceland level it's good, then at France level one square, at Africa level two squares, South America three squares... It's quite ugly :(

Sorry no screen here
Hey guys still having this issue... Would love to be able to use this great map properly! Please any ideas for how to fix it? :( Ive noticed the same problem with ever version of the Atlas.
Hey morff,

sry but what happened to your improved atlas? I can't call it up anymore. Please, please please help! because it isn't fun for me anymore to play rfc withour the atlas.:sad:
Does anybody have the atlas in a saved form? it would help me a lot. Thx in advance
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