Intra-team pitboss anyone?


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There are a couple of pitboss games noted in the main MTDG forum which are open to any team members, and that's fine. But one of the things I've seen work very well is to have a pitboss just for members of our team, to get to know each other's MP skills and keep each other interested.

Anyone up for a game? We could play settings that are similar to the planned settings for the MTDG, or just a general game that has nothing to do with it.

I had hosted for my teams in the past, but it wouldn't be a good idea for me to host right now. I switch to Linux pretty often to do some development work, and all those reboots would interrupt the game. So if we want a game we'll need a host.
I would love we to play a game, but first we need to see how many of us desire to play. If we are like 4-5-6 players, I think it is better to try and play online during the weekends - for 2-3 hours session we can go trough 50-100 turns and actually finish the game in one - two months, rather that a year. Then we can make another one :) What you say guys?
I'd be interested in the game. My MP skills are not very polished, but you have to start at some point :)
I think I'd be up for a game as well. Most of my MP experience is with a group of friends that result in far less aggressive games than I've seen in past MTDGs. It would be good to re-calibrate myself to the way most people play MP.
Great! We are already 4 if we consider Dave to join us in an online MP too. I believe Sommers will join this too.
I could host, if I don't exactly have time to actually participate. But I am a bit sceptical to running four PBs at a time. Not sure if that is a good idea.

I think the PB that is intended to just test the double turn mod won't run for very long - but in relative terms that may still be several months.

The machine running the PBs has 4 GB Ram, but is also running a small Active Directory service for my home network, and a Minecraft Server (that eats around half a gig of RAM even with only 2 players online) - so even if a PB uses about 70mb RAM, having four of them means nearly 300mb RAM for PBs. CPU isn't an issue though, as it is a quad-core, and I have yet to see the PB actually use much CPU time. I'm sure the machine would handle it, but I don't know how it would deal with say 4 people connecting to it at the same time, in 4 different PBs as a random example thrown out into the air here..

Anyone got any idea?

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We can ask the guys over WPC. They have a dedicated Civ4 pitboss server, who runs literally 10s of games at the same time. Maybe they giving tech specs can give us a clue if 4 pitbosses on your machine can be a problem.
We can ask the guys over WPC. They have a dedicated Civ4 pitboss server, who runs literally 10s of games at the same time. Maybe they giving tech specs can give us a clue if 4 pitbosses on your machine can be a problem.

That's a good idea. Do you know who to ask? I imagine they want some specifications etc :)

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I ran 3 games at once with no problems, on a AMD Phenom II quad with 8GB, also playing Dwarf Fortress, browsing the forums, playing Civ4, using MS Office programs. (not all at the same time, but combinations of several). Granted, that's twice as much memory, no idea what it would have done in 4GB.

The only issue I ever had was one month when a broken connection ate up my 300GB data transfer allowance (it was transferring over 500 kbps continuously for weeks till I noticed it -- infinite retry to a bad port?).
Here is what the guys over WPC have said:

Donald or Locutus will probably know the details, but I can tell you that we are successfully running ten games at the moment.
7 BtS
2 Vanilla
1 BtS with mod

It's a Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz with 4 Gb of memory. Nothing special there. GPU is never an issue, since the graphics part is shutdown.
Since it seems that agreeing on rules tends to take a while I think we should start discussion for the intra-site game rules. Here is my suggestion for the ruleset:

1. Don't be a douchebag.

Seriously though, should we try to start the intra-team game soon?:spear:
Since we have time, maybe we could organize a quick Pitboss where everyone receives the starting location that we have? See which start works best in the long run?
An interesting idea. Though I don't think it would be fair to compare e.g. my play with expert players' :D I'm in anyhow.

If we want to do this quickly, I believe regular MP at the weekend instead of a pitboss would serve us better. Timing might be an issue though since it seems that we have both American and European players. Though, that would be an issue with a pitboss too if we want to have long run results before the actual game starts.
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