Is Disable endgame aggression option recommended


Jul 18, 2007
I'm not sure if the problem is that I didn't enable the "Disable endgame aggression" option when I started the game, or that after recent versions of the mod, the difficulty/aggression level went up a lot (playing only KING in this save)

I have attached a save (version 3.3.1) in which even though I had a "friendly" status with most of the AI players throughout the game, after capturing one city from Ethiopia (which itself triggered a war for me and my allies), most of the AI triggers a war for me every now and then or I have a "Hostile" status. This was the only city I've captured in this game while AI captures destroyed other civs or captured city-states.

Is the "Disable engame aggression" option now mandatory so that we won't have permanent World War in Modern Era ?


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Disable Endgame Aggression removes the large aggression boost that AI players get towards others that are getting close to winning the game (IIRC, 50% of the way to Domination, or 75-80% of the way for others).

It has no effect on other diplomacy bonuses/penalties.
I can say I normally play with it on, and while yes late game wars are common, I have managed to stay "perma-buddies" with some civs. But you do need to really lock in with them, friend them, denounce their enemies, having a common religion is a big boost.
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