Issues with unexplored continents


Dec 26, 2021
I’m sure I’m not the only one who has complained that cities shouldn’t ask for WLTKD resources that aren’t even on your continent before you unlock deep ocean travel, but I’ve found another issue that could be addressed with pre-Astronomy gameplay - pledges of protection.

Pardon my griping, but for the past 40-something turns of my game (currently entering Medieval Era), I’ve consistently had the 1st or 2nd strongest military on my continent, and my army is at least 3rd on the demographics, yet I’m getting constant notifications to secure my protection pledge because some civ on the other side of the world (who is unknown to both me and my city-state) is killing the grading curve with enough units to stack up into a human ladder and span the ocean.

I’ve heard suggestions that cities shouldn’t request resources for WLTKD that aren’t on any currently revealed tiles or aren’t controlled by other identified civilizations, but would it also be possible to localize each pledge of protection calculation to just the civs that have encountered a given city-state?


May 28, 2019
First let me say that I think this would be a nice feature. Not sure how hard it is to do, but it'd be nice.

However, as I understand it this is more of an issue with pledge of protection in general. AI gets a bonus to military supply (and it has extra production bonuses) so it can get a military that's bigger than is possible for human players, making it extremely difficult to secure pledges of protection in general.
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