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King Phaedron

Oct 9, 2017
The World Map from ONE PIECE... Well, sort of. The only actual regions I copied from the map was for Japan (Southeast Triple Island) and Dressrosa. (It would've been too little of anything to use their regions.) Instead, I made a four regions cluster map divided by the Red Line and the Grand Line. The Red Line is a coalition of 14 City States, the strongest of which is Jerusalem, the Holy Land, which collectively represent the World Government. The Grand Line is just a row of Ocean. While small islands do exist here, it is not anything that a nation would be colonizing and controlling, plus it looks better to have it empty. Dressrosa and Zou are the only islands there, at the end. In One Piece, no one could directly cross the Grand Line until they developed special ships, which is exactly how crossing the oceans works in Civ.

EDIT: I have finally found a way to upgrade all my maps using SQLite to include ALL of New Frontier Pass. A lot of them were made before it came out, and back when I only had part two. As a result I replaced Gran Columbia on this map with Portugal.

One Piece.jpg

These four regions, the North Blue, East Blue, West Blue, and South Blue, are divided by Ocean, but one can reach everything by crossing through the center. There are no resources here, and only desert and mountains. There are 5 Tribal villages you can only get with the Cliff Scaling promotion. There are 7 Islands in the "New World" that can only be reached by crossing the Ocean. Whales can only be found in these islands, one from a city state, and there is one in the very center that no one can actually get, except with the Admiral who gives you a copy of a sea resource. Each of the four regions has 4 Civs, Except for the North which has 3 due to the extra snow and ocean.

Civs: 16, City States: 24, CS in Red Line (14), No coastal lowlands. 9 of 15 trade luxuries, 5 copies controlled by civs. 10 of 10 basic luxuries. 10 Incense and Silver controlled by City States. 10 Whales (8 new world, 1 CS, 1 dummy) 1 Extra Ivory for City State. Player: Japan. Wonders: most. Continents: 6/All. Huge.

North Blue: England, Norway, Sweden, Antananarivo, Bologna, Muscat
East Blue: Ottomans, Georgia, Portugal, Khmer, Armagh, Beunos Aries
West Blue: Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Phoenicia, Vilnius, Vatican, Antioch
South Blue: Japan, India, Australia, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Yerevan, Mohenjo Daro
N Redline: Jerusalem Kumasi Granada Valetta Anshan Hunza Brussels
S Redline: Aukland Mitla Kabul Lahore Zanzibar Kandy Singapore

England, (faction: Big Mom, Pirates) Continent: 7-1 (Tea)
Chocolate Hills on island next to Capital, with Cocoa, Tea, and all food based resources. Vesuvius and Cliffs of Dover nearby.
Continents set so most civs have a small continent for just their capital, so the +25% gold card is very useful.

Sweden, (faction: Ivanoff, Revolutionary Army) Continent 1 (Furs)
3 Wonders nearby, none at Capital. Bermuda Triangle, Ubsunnur, the 2 tile ice mountain.

Norway, (faction: Blackbeard) Continent 7-2 (Truffles)
Capital next to Kilamanjaro.

Ottomans: Continent 2 (Tobacco) next to Matterhorn.
Portugal: Continent 2 (Coffee) close to Galapagos, Saharra Beyda.
Georgia: Continent 2 (Gypsum) next to Pamapunkle.
Khmer: Continent 3 (Citrus) Dead Sea, Everest

Germany (faction: Germa 66) Continent 5 (Wine) Mt Roraima, Lake Rekba. Stone for Stonehenge, Terrain favors production
Netherlands (Sugar) Continent 5. next to Pantanal, terrain favors food, culture, gold, production a bit low.
Spain (Cocoa) Continent 4. next to Gumbuston, Terres mountain nearby. Terrain favors culture, balanced.
Phoenicia (Diamonds) Continent 4. Capital next to Patiti (Heavy Gold and Culture)

Japan: (faction: Wano) Continent 7-3 (Jade) next to Mato Tipla, Ikkel and Giants Causeway (need to embark) nearby.
The only Civ that begins with Dyes and +1 faith and production should lead to getting Religious Settlements as first pantheon.
This is an ideal map for Japans +5 combat ability. (Hojo) The region will fit 3 good properly spaced cities.

India (Chandragupta) Continent 6 (Dyes) Uluru and Fountain of Youth (need to embark) are nearby.
Australia (Ivory) Continent 6. Next to Tsingy and a Volcano. Yosemite nearby.
Indonesia (Spices) Continent 7-4. Next to Great Barrier Reed, Crater Lake nearby.

The Attachment has the One Piece civ map, along with my other civ maps, and JPGs of the maps.


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Congrats on building the map! Looks impressive, took a lot of work.

I don't understand the lack of strategic resources, or maybe I am just mis-reading. Are there really no iron, horses, niter, or coal? How will a player build advanced units? Or do these resources get assigned randomly, when the game is started?
I started a second game on this map with Germany for pure warmongering. There are a couple city states on the Redline with coastal path on both sides, so that if you capture one of them you make a way through to the other side. Otherwise there is only the path through the center, and as the game gets going it could become crowded at any given time. I might also give it a go with Spain.

Japan Ultimate Samurai Challenge:
Train Samurai, and make Corps and Army of them when available.
Take them to holy pilgrimage to Giants Causeway (+5 attack) nearby.
Invade Ottoman capital or get open borders to access Matterhorn (+3 attack and free move on hills)
Invade or get open borders to reach the heart of Australia to find the Fountain of Youth (+10 healing)
(This can be quite dangerous as the area will be crowded, and you must pass through a one tile coast.)

Germa 66 challenge:
As Germany, completely decimate England, Norway, and Sweden in the North Blue.
Leap ahead in Science and beat the rest of the world only after developing U boats.

Spanish challenge:
Settle Dressrosa in the ocean, when possible, make it extremely prosperous.
Build Stonehenge and win with culture or religion. (Yes, I moved it to Spain rather then Germany)
Make Ultimate Concistadors (see Japan strategy above)
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Final Update after playing a full game on this map:

I have finally upgraded ALL of my maps using SQlite to include ALL of New Frontier pass, as a lot of them were made back before it came out or when I only had part 2.

-Changed Germany and Netherlands start positions. Germany is now in the middle of the region making it's capital entirely inaccessible via navy. It starts on a hill next to a lake so that it can make both a ranged unit and a ranged navy unit, so that if you leave them alone, they become the hardest capital in the game to capture. It was too easy to capture being that close to Japan and he lost several settlers to Barbarians.
-Moved Vilnius out of Germany and next to Norway to help curve an early plague of barbarians that capture most of his settlers and give him early access to a city state.
-Moved Bologna away from Sweden and on a little island next to Netherlands and Germany. There are already enough City States in this area, so this placement turned out to be far more effective, and grants them more land. Bologna is connected to the continent by one tile so that it can still play a relevant part in any early game warfare.
-Replaced Gran Columbia with Portugal.
-Civs that do not start next to a natural wonder have access to more Tribal Villages and vice versa.
-Changed some island terrains to plains and plains hills because production was severely lacking in a lot of spots.
-Made Ocean expansion Islands slightly bigger to accomodate more districts.
-Gave Kristina a bit more food at her capital, and extended the river so that she can settle 1 away from the coast if she so chooses. The advantage being that it makes her capital immune to Naval Melee Capturing it.

I have edited the first post with the new attachment and will include it here also. I have included some notes on how to use these maps if you run into any problems. I use Removable Districts, Not So Unique Improvements, and Slower Tech By Era and have included those Mods in case they are needed. You should be able to load the map, turn on advanced mode, and resave it, but if that doesn't work I have instructions on how to change it's mod dependencies in SQLite.

RD - Simply lets you tare down districts at the same cost of producing them. Very useful when capturing AI Cities.
NSUI - Simply preserves any unique improvements made to AI Cities tiles when you capture them. Very Logical.
STBE - Simply used so that Immortal and Deity games don't blast off into Space at the Arrival of Christ.


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