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JCivED - a toolbox for Civilization

Discussion in 'Civ1 - General Discussions' started by darkpanda, Jan 22, 2013.

  1. darkpanda

    darkpanda Dark Prince

    Oct 28, 2007

    JCivED - v0.0.18a

    a modding tool and map editor for Sid Meier's Civilization

    Download latest version on SourceForge: JCivED-0.0.18a.zip (Apr 17, 2015)

    jcived_0.0.11a-landvals.png sc_0.0.9a_11_forbidden_city.png sc_0.0.9a_06_sve_cities.png sc_0.0.9a_01.png screenshot_0.0.7a.png


    • MAP and Gamesave editor
      • Edit your MAP/SVE savegames and change nearly everything! Terrain, terrain improvements, visibility, minimap, gold, science, government, tax rate, civ advances, unit types, units, palace, spaceships, governments, cities, city improvements, wonders, ... Basically everything that's already known about MAPs and SVEs !! (except for score chart and replay, which are read-only...)
      • In addition, JCivED can update land values or generate random maps using CivDOS's original algorithms, completely reverse-engineered from CIV.EXE
    • Modding tool
      • CIV.EXE patch utility
        • Apply (and revert!) several patches to mod your CIV.EXE and enhance you CivDOS gaming experience
        • Supports custom-designed XML patches, that can be added at will in the accompanying /patches folder
        • Hereunder are the patches natively bundled with JCivED (note: CivDOS version support varies by patch):
          Spoiler :

          CIV1_CUSTOM_TRIBE_NAME+COLOR - Choose the Civ color AND a custom tribe name ! - patch001_choose_tribe+color.xml - source: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?p=12686797#post12686797
          • After applying this patch, the player will be prompted to enter their own Tribe name even after selecting the Civ color they desire, with no need to press the ESC key

          CIV1_PLAY_1TO1 - Play against just 1 computer Civ... Or even 0! - patch002_play_1on1.xml - source: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=499613
          • This patch adds the possibility to select "2 Civilizations" or "1 Civilizations" to the number of Civ selection screen, and then starts the Civ game with the corresponding number of Civs: if 2 is selected, the player is playing against a single computer opponent; if 1 is selected, the player is playing alone!

          CIV1_PLAY_FOREVER - Play never-ending games! - patch003_endless_game.xml - source: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=499911
          • This patch removes the "retirement" limitation that ends games on year 2100 (Chieftain) to 2020 (Emperor). It does NOT remove other endgame conditions such as conquest (all opponents destroyed) or space conquest (spaceship reaches Alpha Centauri)

          CIV1_EARTH_RAND_START - Play on earth with random starting positions - patch004_random_EARTH_startpos.xml - source: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=499611
          • This patch bypasses the hard-coded starting positions when playing on Earth, and makes Civ choose random positions instead. This can be especially useful when playing with a custom-designed MAP.PIC

          CIV1_STARVE_INC_POP - Food-starving cities have their population... increase! - patch005_starve_incs_pop.xml - source: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=497438
          • This pointless -yet fun- patch makes the population of cities that endure food shortage *increase* by 1 instead of decreasing by 1 in the original game rules... My very first CIV.EXE hack ;)

          CIV1_NO_POLES - Remove North and South poles - patch006_no_poles.xml - source: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=495521
          • This patch makes CIV bypass the generation of landmass at North and South poles, for both Earth and random maps

          CIV1_BUGFIX_LAND_PATHFIND - Fixes a bug in CIV generation of land pathfinding data - patch007_bugfix_pathfind.xml - source: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?p=12686797#post12686797
          • After applying this patch, the high-level path-finding data for land movement (also present in SVE files) will be generated properly by CIV; the actual impact on CIV games is unknown

          CIV1_F10_LOAD_GAME - Rewires F10 shortcut key to load saved game from within CIV - patch008_F10_load.xml - source: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?p=12766006#post12766006
          • After applying this patch, pressing F10 key will open the "Load Saved Game" screen and allow the player to directly load a previously saved game; the World Map can still be shown by using the menu item from the WORLD menu; note: some side effects have been noticed, this functionality is not guaranteed

          CIV1_BUGFIX_MAP_LAYOUT - Fixes terrain layout glitch - patch009_bugfix_terrain_layout.xml - source: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?p=12851553#post12851553
          • For some terrain types (jungle, swamp, tundra and arctic), contiguous map squares are rendered using single-square graphics; applying this patch fixes this glitch and makes all terrain types display using their contiguous square graphics

          CIV1_BUGFIX_LAND_VALUE - Fixes land value calculation - patch010_landvalue_bugfix.xml - source: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?p=12851553#post12851553
          • Parts of the original CIV algorithm to compute land calculation is deemed incorrect; this patch fixes this bug

          CIV1_RERESPAWN - Opponent Civs can now respawn more than once - patch011_rerespawn.xml - source: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=514562
          • The original CIV code only allows a Civ to be respawned once after it is destroyed (not including the special case of SCHISM); this patch removes this limit by skipping the verification that the Civ is being re-spawned for the 2nd time; Note: discrepancies in the Replay are to be expected

          CIV1_1TURN_LAND_IMPROVEMENT - Improving land takes 1 turn only (not railroad) - patch012_1turn_land_impr.xml - source: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=514255
          • This patch changes all terrain characteristics so that improving them (irrigation or mining) takes only 1 turn

          CIV1_1TURN_ROAD/RAILROAD - Improving road/railroad takes 1 turn only - patch013_1turn_road_rail.xml - source: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=514255
          • This patch changes the time a Settler takes to make a road/railroad to 1 turn only

          CIV1_1TURN_FORTRESS - Improving fortress takes 1 turn only - patch014_1turn_fortress.xml - source: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=514255
          • This patch changes the time a Settler takes to make a fortress to 1 turn only

          CIV1_1TURN_DE-POLLUTION - Cleaning pollution takes 1 turn only - patch015_1turn_depollute.xml - source: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=514255
          • This patch changes the time a Settler takes to clean a polluted square to 1 turn only (originally 4)

          CIV1_1TURN_TERRAIN_IMPROVMENT_ALL - All terrain improvement tasks take 1 turn - patch016_1turn_ALL.xml - source: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=514255
          • This patch changes the time a Settler takes to perform any terrain improvement task to 1 turn: irrigation, mining, road/railroad building, fortress building and de-pollution

          CIV1_USE_CUSTOM_MAP.PIC - Makes CIV user another file than MAP.PIC - patch017_custom_EARTH_file.xml - source: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?p=12911488#post12911488
          • With this patch, CIV replaces the MAP.PIC filename with a different filename of the user's choice

          CIV1_CUSTOM_CIV_COLORS - Replace the standard Civ colors - patch018_custom_colors.xml - source: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=499617
          • With this patch, players can choose different colors for Civs, taken from the SP256.PAL color palette

          EXP_CIV1_CUSTOM_CONFIG_DATA - EXPERIMENTAL - replace the standard Civ configuration data - patch023_game_cfg.xml - source: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?p=13048160#post13048160
          • WARNING: THIS PATCH IS EXPERIMENTAL, APPLY IT AT YOUR OWN RISKS - This patch is a prototype patch that aims to allow the modification of nearly *all* data hard-coded in CIV.EXE: game parameters (such as terrain characteristics), all ingame text (dialogs), etc.

          CIV1_CITY_RAILROAD - Allows Settlers to build railroad in cities (finally!) - patch024_railroad_cities.xml - source: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?p=13263682#post13263682
          • With this patch, Settlers can finally build railroad in cities, at last!

          CIV1_SETI_WRITING_POC - Assignes the effect of SETI program to knowing 'Writing' tech - patch025_seti=writing.xml - source: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?p=13257808#post13257808
          • With this patch, a Civ benefits of the orginal effect of SETI Program as soon as they discover Writing - this is a proof of concept patch, to demonstrate the replacement of Wonder effect with Tech effect

          CIV1_SKIP_INTRO_FADEIN - Attempt to speed up the intro logo transition - patch026_fast_title_screen.xml - source: n/a
          • Attempt to speed up the intro logo transition

          CIV1_SKIP_FADEIN/OUT - Attempt to skip palette fade-in/outs - patch027_skip_palette_fades.xml - source: n/a
          • Attempt to skip palette fade-in/outs

          CIV1_SKIP_CREDITS - Skip opening credits - patch029_skip_credits.xml - source: n/a
          • This patch skips the opening credits and directly opens the main menu

          CIV1_NO_QUIZ - Remove Quiz - patch030_no_quiz.xml - source: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?p=13387476#post13387476
          • This patch bypasses the technology quiz

          CIV1_NO_BARBARIANS - Play without Barbarians - patch031_no_barbarians.xml - source: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?p=13387379#post13387379
          • This patch completely discards Barbarians from the game

          CIV1_SKIP_PREGAME_SETUP - Skip the pre-game setup menu - patch032_skip_av_intro.xml - source: n/a
          • This patch discards the initial selection menu for video and audio setup

          CIV1_CANT_SABOTAGE_CITY_WALLS - Protects City Walls from sabotage by Diplomat - patch033_citywalls_cant_sabotage.xml - source: n/a
          • This patch excludes City Walls from possible targets of Diplomat sabotage

          CIV1_SKIP_AQUEDUCT - Skips the aqueduct requirement for city size 10+ - patch034_no_aqueduct.xml - source: n/a
          • This patch discards the requirement for a city to have an aqueduct for growing above size 10

          CIV1_CUSTOM_SETTINGS - Changes the default game settings - patch035_settings.xml - source: n/a
          • This patch makes it possible to modify the default game settings: auto advice, sound off, animations, palace, end of turn, ...

          CIV1_STARTING_POSITIONS - Changes the EARTH starting positions - patch036_startpos.xml - source: n/a
          • This patch allows to modify the starting positions for Civs on EARTH map(MAP.PIC)

          CIV1_SPECIAL_RES_RAND - Random special resources - patch101_sepcial_res.xml - source: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?p=13224157#post13224157
          • This patch rewrites the "CheckSpecialResource" routine that checks whether a map square should be have a special resource or not: the original CIV routine follows a well known pattern, this patch makes it much more random

      • PIC image editor
        • Open PIC image files, export them as GIFs, edit their color palettes on the fly
        • Convert custom image files to PIC images, import native PIC's palette and overwrite or remap your custom's image colors
        • And with all the above mod you CivDOS PICs at will
      • Font editor
        • Open CivDOS native fonts, export them as GIFs, import modified or original fonts and convert them back to CivDOS-compliant FONTS.CV

    • Java 7 must be installed on your system; note: later versions of Java may be supported as well, but are untested
    • Successfully tested on Windows XP, Windows 7 and Linux (Ubuntu); assumed to work on all OS's with Java 7 support
    • To enable edition of savegames, an original copy of Sid Meier's Civiliation for MS-DOS must be installed on your system; supported versions are listed below (other versions may be supported too, but are untested):
      • English 474.01
      • English 474.03 (not fully tested)
      • English 474.04 (not fully tested)
      • English 474.05
      • English 475.01
      • French 474.05

    How to install and use:

    • Unzip the package file JCivED-0.0.18a.zip on your disk
    • Double-click jcived.bat (Windows) or jcived.jar to launch JCivED
    • For legacy reasons, PIC conversion functions are available from the command line, by running piced_cmd.bat (Windows only), with the following parameters:
      Spoiler :

              piced_cmd x -pic <source> -gif <target> [ -pal <palette> ]
                      Extracts a PIC-compatible image file, converting it to a 256-color
                      GIF image file:
                       -pic <source>  specifies the input PIC-compatible file
                       -gif <target>  specifies the target GIF file
                       -pal <palette> an optional palette file
                      If no palette is specified, the program will attempt to use the palette
                      included in the input file <source>. If <source> does not contain a
                      palette information, then a default palette is used.
                      If the file <palette> contains valid palette information, it supersedes
                      any palette information contained in the <source> file. Otherwise the
                      program proceeds as if no palette was specified.

    Release notes:

    version 0.0.18a (latest)
    • Map editor:
      • Added feature to select/copy/cut/paste land areas:
        • Only land and improvements are copied, not including cities, units or other layer values (land values, continents, ...)
        • Selection tool supports brush sizes bust is very slow for big brushes (not optimized); avoid if possible
        • Hold SHIFT down while selecting to *add* to selection
        • Hold CTRL down while selecting to *remove* from selection
    • CIV.EXE modding:
      • Minor bug fix for Starting Positions patch UI

    Spoiler :

    version 0.0.17a
    • CIV.EXE modding:
      • Added new patches:
        • Enable Settlers to build RailRoad in cities
        • Enable SETI effect when discovering Writing (proof of concept)
        • Speed up the "random pixel" intro logo cross-fading (speeds up CIV startup)
        • Speed up all palette cross-fading transitions
        • Skip opening credits entirely for accelerated start-up
        • Disable in-game technology quiz
        • Disable Barbarians entirely
        • Skip pre-game audio/video selection screens
        • Protect City Walls from sabotage by Diplomats (proof of concept)
        • Modify default game settings to your preferences
        • Modify EARTH starting positions
      • Fixed minor bugs related to binary search and mappings between packed EXE and disassembly
      • Various bug fixes in CIV.EXE patch management code
    • Background changes:
      • CityProcess routine (biggest in CIV.EXE) is now completely ported
      • Major architecture changes; most notably, multiple generic functions split to separate "dd-commons.jar"
      • Minor bug fixes (unit stack error detection, map generation)

    version 0.0.16a
    • Map editor:
      • enhancement: when using the "improvement removal" brush, CITY flags will be set to 0 as well if there is no City on the square
      • bug fix: when creating a Barbarian city, an exception would occur because of invalid city name IDs; this is now fixed by using city name IDs starting at 192 (Mecca) for Barbarian cities
      • bug fix: when creating a city, the trade cities were incorrectly set to '0'; this is now fixed by setting them to '255' (0xFF) as per CIV logic
      • Standalone map editor:
        • bug fix: layer drop-down list did not appear disabled by default (only on mouseover); it is now disabled by default
        • bug fix: the "civ view" and "show all" radio buttons are now disabled, since there is no civ data available (only MAP)
        • bug fix: the city and unit creation buttons are now all disabled, since there is no city/unit data available (only MAP)

    version 0.0.15a
    • Map editor:
      • Fixed a bug where editions to map layers would not show in the editor (except terrain and improvements)

    version 0.0.14a
    • Map editor:
      • Added support for importing maps from plain text format (Gowron format) or arbitrary pictures (native MAP color codes)
    • CIV.EXE modding:
      • Added patch to replace special resource pattern with more random pattern

    version 0.0.13a
    • GameSave editor:
      • Added initial support for Undo/Redo (experimental)
      • Map GUI: cities and units can be created through toolbar buttons, and deleted or edited through right-click contextual menu
      • Map GUI: map can be translated ("earth rotation") to re-center the view
      • Map GUI: units' GoTo destinations can be shown as overlaid arrows
      • Map GUI: general toolbar layout rework
      • Map GUI: multiple rendering improvements matching original CIV.EXE logic
      • Data UI: several drop-down lists added for user-friendliness (unit's type, unit type's enabling/disabling techs, etc.); more to come...
    • CIV.EXE modding:
      • New patches available (see above for full patch list)
      • Added support for dynamically configured patches: 2 patches feature dynamic user configuration, Custom Civ Colors, and Custom Earth Map
    • General updates:
      • Background loading of files opened in JCivED with non-blocking progress bar
      • Heavy rework of Civ data model and logic (work in progress)
      • Ported several original Civ routines (work in progress)

    • Fixed an Image-to-PIC conversion bug that made converted images completely black

    version 0.0.12a
    • Added CIV.EXE patching support: individual patches are standalone XML files that can be added/customized/deleted at will (static patching only)
    • Added support for modifiying individual colors in color palettes in PIC files
    • Added gamesave map view switch "Player/Absolute" to avoid revealing unknown information; Player view shown by default
    • Minor updates to Gamesave panel toolbar layout

    version - maintenance version
    • Fixed a regression bug preventing proper handling of savegames: when editing the City data of savegames for EN versions of the game, a Java exception occurs: java.lang.NullPointerException: data element definition not found for id 'game.city4.buildings_flag3'

    version 0.0.11a
    • Added land value computation algorithm for custom maps using original CivDOS logic (see this thread)
    • Added random map generation feature, using original CivDOS logic (see this thread)
    • Added support for standalone map edition, with import/export function to Earth map format (MAP.PIC)
    • Added possibility to import Earth-format compliant map or random map into an existing gamesave
    • Various modifications of the Map editor UI: brush size, zoom, and per-Civ visibility are now button-selectable instead of drop-down lists; toolbars slightly re-arranged as well
    • Default directory for open/save dialogs is now set to Civ's root directory (if available)
    • Bug fix: map properly redrawn when random seed is changed

    version 0.0.10a
    • Updated SVE data support to latest findings available here (89% of SVE content covered)
    • Updated MAP rendering to display CivDOS-like accurate coasts
    • Added support for Font modding (FONTS.CV)
    • Basic support for displaying PIC per-pixel color information
    • Known issue in version 0.0.10a:
      • Map 'land values' are not updated automatically, so in order for AI Civs to settle properly on customized land masses, land values must be either manually edited or trick-generated by CIV itself (both methods explained in this post)

    version 0.0.9a
    • Added SVE data support for spaceship, palace, lost units, diplomacy, city status, wonders ...
    • Added MAP edition support for all layers (geography, improvements, land value, minimap, ...)
    • Added zoom-support when editing maps
    • Added minimap navigation support
    • Added native Civ fonts (FONTS.CV) support for improved MAP rendering
    • Improved unit rendering on MAP (unit status, multi-unit stacks, action letter, etc.)
    • Fixed MAP rendering missing railroads in cities
    • Added savegame window icon as the leader portrait (very tiny, though...)
    • Fixed a SVE data editing that required to press "Enter" to commit values
    • SVE data fields focus selects all text by default, making it easier to edit

    version 0.0.8a2
    • Fixed a bug that prevented the edition of savegames from Civ English versions

    version 0.0.8a
    • Fixed a bug whereby menu actions remained disabled when editing PIC files
    • Fixed hotkey for action "Convert to PIC" (CTRL+C)

    version 0.0.7a
    • Merged PIC editor function into JCivEditor
    • Added function to export maps as Earth format (MAP.PIC)
    • Added formula to render special resources and tribal huts (full credits to Dack for the formulas)

    version 0.0.6a
    • MDI interface to open multiple files at the same time
    • Added function to convert image files to PIC format
    • Added function to import 256-color palettes (color substitution or color casting)
    • Minor changes to palette display
    • (commons) Fixed a bug where some custom MAP formats could not be open (EOF exception)

    version 0.0.5a
    • Overhauled version, now showing color palettes alongside PIC images; re-packaged in JCivED toolbox

    version 0.0.4a
    • Fixed a bug that would crash the command line when '-pal' parameter is not provided (thanks to jarvisc for finding it)

    version 0.0.3a
    • (PICED)
      • GUI now displays PIC in both 256 colors an 16 colors (when palette is available)
      • Option to save the 256 or 16 color image to a GIF file
    • (SAVED)
      • Added variable brush sizes (1x, 3x, ... 15x) for easier map editing
      • rendering of fortified units, city walls
      • data edition of World Wonders
      • regression: saving map as a picture only painted units and cities, no terrain
      • a bug where a city's food/shield count could not be set to more than 255

    version 0.0.2a
    • (PICED)
      • Added a GUI to open and preview PIC files
      • Possibility to save PIC files to GIFs from the GUI
    • (SAVED)
      • Added game settings support (end of turn, auto-save, etc.)
      • Added support of tax rate and science rate
      • Added support of Civ government
      • Added support of city workers: location in city surroundings
      • Added support of terrain improvements: irrigation, mining, road, railroad, fortress, pollution
      • Added map view by civ visibility (or All), and modification of visibility (hide or show)
      • Added support for unit status: fortified, sleep, veteran, go-to
      • Complete overhaul of UI mechanism: more generic, more config-based flexibility
      • Fixed string termination for city names, unit names, etc.
      • Fixed correct charset usage for strings (IBM437)
      • Fixed event trigger to apply input values with no need to press "Enter" in input fields
      • Fixed JVM not stopping even after exiting the GameSave Editor
      • (commons) Fixed a bug where some custom MAP formats could not be open (EOF exception)

    version 0.0.1a
    • (PICED)
      • First release: command line tool to convert a PIC file into a 256-color GIF
      • Possibility to select a palette file (PAL) to override the palette contained in the PIC file
    • (SAVED)
      • Initial release
  2. jarvisc

    jarvisc Chieftain

    Oct 24, 2012
    Wow. Just wow. Very, very, very nice work.

    To try things out I ran the Gamesave Editor, built some terrain, gave London population 20 and all city improvements, and changed militia stats to 10/10/10. It all worked. Opens up endless possibilities...

    I'm just impressed at the effort you made to do this. Really, really, really nice work. !
  3. darkpanda

    darkpanda Dark Prince

    Oct 28, 2007
    Thanks a lot jarvisc, as always :)

    Actually, they are far from being fully tested from every angle, so bugs are to be expected... Also, as I tried to highlight with the "alpha" mention everywhere, those are really work-in-progress versions, meant to be fixed and enhanced. I really just did this release because I felt I had stable versions in my hands that could be released for everyone to enjoy.

    I didn't take the time to make proper roadmaps, but among the various things I intend to enhance are:
    • PIC Editor:
      • functionality to convert arbitrary images (GIF, JPG, ...) into PICs to enable graphical modding of Civ; I have been thinking about this form the first release of CIVED, but it is far from straightforward, because of the way Palettes are designed and used in Civ
    • GameSave Editor:
      • Fully decipher the SVE contents and enable its editing in the tool, including: map visibility, wonders, governments, history replay, score graph, city resource usage, etc.
      • Improve UI to edit units/cities from the Map view
      • Obviously, enable terrain improvement edition (road/mining/pollution/...)
      • Add special resource and tribe huts (not deciphered yet)
      • Different edition modes, e.g. hacker, where any value can be put anywhere for experimenting with Civ behaviour with invalid data, and safe where the tool enforces game rules (prevent units from different Civs on the same square, cities on the ocean, etc.)
      • Support more versions of Civ, for both savegames and UI graphics, including (if possible) savegames coming from WinCiv and other Civ I ports; and to a further extent, the possibility to convert gamesaves between Civ versions (long road ahead...)
      • Support more platforms, probably meaning to develop adapted UIs (Java Applets for the web, J2ME for mobile devices, etc.)
      • Provide a proper API to manipulate gamesaves (can't do this until I decipher the SVE fully)
      • ...

    In a word, I have great ambitions - and consequently there is a great risk that most of the above will never be achieved :)
    Although feedback like yours, jarvisc, is really a good motivator to continue the work!

    Anyway, thanks again, and I'll keep you posted with any progress.
  4. jarvisc

    jarvisc Chieftain

    Oct 24, 2012
    Hey darkpanda. That sounds very ambitious!

    I was just using your tool to help me experiment with the so-called One City Challenge. I made a random map, then came into JCivED Gamesave Editor to remove almost all the land such that every civ starts on its own continent only big enough for one full city. I've got more ideas after that, too.

    In short, having a blast!


    PS good luck deciphering all that save data format. I like how for now, you just exposed all the "unknown data" arrays to look at in the data editor.
  5. axx

    axx Warlord

    Feb 19, 2011
    very good! I like the simple interface!
    I'll look into it more hopefully soon when I have more time.
    keep up the good work!
  6. darkpanda

    darkpanda Dark Prince

    Oct 28, 2007
    Thanks axx! Hopefully you won't be discouraged by too many bugs!
  7. Whelkman

    Whelkman Phantom Taxman

    Mar 16, 2007
    What's up with the palette anyway? I expected to see 256 VGA colors but obviously not. It also looks like there's room for 280 colors in the palettes; I'm assuming this is just due to representation and not capacity.
  8. darkpanda

    darkpanda Dark Prince

    Oct 28, 2007
    You're right, it is due to representation, not capacity: actual palettes can only have up to 256 colors, and accordingly each pixel of a PIC image is just a single byte, which value ranges from 0 to 255, representing an index in the 256-color palette.

    It is not straightforward because different types of PICs are actually using only limited ranges from the color-palette: in the screenshot from PIC editor (see first post), you can see all the magenta color in the palette which is actually unused.
    I am assuming this makes it possible to combine multiple PICs within the screen at the same time, without all the PIC's palettes colliding with each other; e.g. GOVT*.PIC (members of government) + BACK*.PIC (diplomacy background, depends on type of government) + KING*.PIC (leader graphics) would have non-colliding palettes to when combining them to display a diplomacy screen.
    So whenever someone wants to customize those graphics, care should be taken with the palette.
    This is just an assumption, though, and I didn't explore all the details yet so I may be mistaken.

    Another problem is: how to create the palette of an arbitrary, imported image (PNG, GIF, JPG) ? generate it automatically ? "cast" the image onto an existing PIC Palette ? allow the user to manually create his own palette ?
    Probably, all of the above would be nice, but then it takes time to design and implement, and I would rather code 1 function properly than 3 or 4 half-baked buggy algorithms... So, time will tell which way I will go first!

    Thanks for the heads-up anyway!
  9. darkpanda

    darkpanda Dark Prince

    Oct 28, 2007
    I just added support to change tax rate and science rate in my latest dev version of GameSave Editor, and tried to put some impossible values:


    Civ seems to have accepted them,as you can see in the screenshot (in French, sorry) but I wonder what the actual effect could be :)
  10. Dark_Nephi

    Dark_Nephi Chieftain

    Jan 25, 2013
    I havent figured out how to you it yet.. but looks awesome. I play civ on dos box and havent been successful starting it yet.. its a work in progress.:sad:
  11. fluyt

    fluyt Chieftain

    Nov 11, 2012
    I've been enthusiastic about your work as it promises great prospects, so I made all you spoke about - installed Java7, then downloaded and launched JCivEd0.0.1a. For the first time I chose the save of this scenario http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=276242.
    I tried to change population of Venice - entered 9 instead of 8; it didn't work. Then I tried to reassign Venice from the German civ to the Chinese (represent Hungary); to do this I changed owning civ number from 3 (Germany's one) to 5 (Chinese); it gave nothing. Each time I switch on another item (a city or a civ) old data are being restored.
    How to make it work?
  12. darkpanda

    darkpanda Dark Prince

    Oct 28, 2007
    Hi fluyt!

    Thanks a lot for you enthusiasm and your bug report.

    As a matter of fact, I downloaded the custom save game you linked above, but failed to open with JCivED GameSave Editor, getting an "Invalid format exception" ... I think the MAP format, being custom and non-standard, cannot be opened succesfully (I should look into that, by the way...)

    So I loaded it in Civ and then re-saved it, so Civ would generate the format supported by JCivED: this worked.

    Now, I identified your issue: if you input a value in a field and then click in another field without pressing Enter, your change will be lost. But if you press Enter before leaving the field, your change is saved.

    I have done the changes you mentioned and it worked fine, as you can see below (I moved the submarine as well so I could discover Venice, invisible by default):


    By the way, any such change you perform in the Data tab is immediately visible on the Map tab, so it is a good way to confirm whether your changes are taken into account:


    To conclude: I know this bug sucks, and I had already fixed it before you mentioned it, in the current DEV version, so that if you just click outside the field (loses focus), then the change is saved. But I don't plan to patch the existing release yet, as there is a workaround for it, unless you convince me that your life is impossible without it :)

    A new, better release will come within weeks anyway :)

    Thanks again, and good luck!
  13. fluyt

    fluyt Chieftain

    Nov 11, 2012
    Oh thanks! It changed a lot - I have been bearing a plan of creating a scenario for CivI and now it's become possible!

    Well, forgive me if it's off-topic, but I think this is a great Civ red deserving attention and available tools in my humble opinion are sufficient to do one's own toil.
    First of all I started a customized game (with little land), waited a turn, saved and cleaned the map up. I got two saves - one with reserved ice caps and the second without.
    View attachment blank map with ice caps.rar
    View attachment blank map w-o ice caps.rar

    Tomorrow I'm planning to find a suitable physical map, define the exact borders of the region and correlate the scale of the implemented region with the Civ's 80x50 map.
  14. darkpanda

    darkpanda Dark Prince

    Oct 28, 2007
    Hi everyone,

    Finally I could code an Image-to-PIC function in JCivED PICED that seems to do the job, I am so excited that I can't resist sharing a screenshot of this achievement:


    The actual PIC editor release that makes this possible will come in a few days, after I make sure there aren't (too many) loose ends crippling the thing.

    I am also attaching the actual KING04.PIC created this way, for anyone who wants to try it out (sorry for the ZIP format, this forum doesn't seem to allow PIC files):

    View attachment KING04.zip

    For the record, the original GIF still has to be properly engineered, in order to match the original PIC's size (320x200) and contain fewer than 256 colors (this is actually not mandatory because the palette casting discards the original colors).

  15. Whelkman

    Whelkman Phantom Taxman

    Mar 16, 2007
    Abraham Lincoln has never looked so good.
  16. fluyt

    fluyt Chieftain

    Nov 11, 2012
    It's been and still is a hardnut as I've never been making a single map or scenario, so it's going to take a while.

    First of all, I was in search of a suitable map so it could be set to the Civ map with ease. My original idea - a map of Baltic - I had to throw off because I didn't see an optimal way to cut edges, so I delayed it until better times and switched on West Europe; I have a clear idea concerning what to do, but I won't reveal the historical epoque for the time being.

    I resorted to the method described here: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=29350. I was making a list of over 40 cities writing down their x's and y's of .gif (finding absent cities in google/wiki) and divided them on the number to correlate them with Civ coordinates. Then I mapped cities by 1-tile spots of grassland and disposed settlers there.


    To have possibility of editing map (i.e. improving land and building roads) I placed one settler of every nation to prevent the auto victory by conquest or any bug, while Egyptians were assigned a human player ID as well as all anew created settlers. So after having built all world cities I would be able to improve terrain peacefully; also I can create endless number of settlers without need to assign them to certain cities, so the process will take not much time.
  17. darkpanda

    darkpanda Dark Prince

    Oct 28, 2007
    Would you prefer to be able to edit improvements through JCivED ?

    If so, I can focus on that functionality and try to release it ASAP. Should be quite straightforward.
  18. fluyt

    fluyt Chieftain

    Nov 11, 2012
    Yes, it'd be definitely helpful.
  19. darkpanda

    darkpanda Dark Prince

    Oct 28, 2007
    Hi everyone,

    A quick word to notify of the fresh release of JCivED 0.0.2a!

    Download link and release notes available in the first post of this thread.

    Most noticeable new fetaures:
    - PIC Editor:
    - Image to PIC conversion, making it possible to mod Civ's images at last
    - GameSave Editor:
    - editable map visibility per Civ
    - editable terrain improvements
    - editable governments, city worker allocation, tax rate, science rate, ...

    More work is in progress, so that means more updates to come in the future !

  20. 95civ

    95civ Chieftain

    Jan 29, 2013
    Wow this looks really good. Is it stable? I could spend a few days looked away with this tool!

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