Sep 27, 2006
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Download it here!

For BTS only.

Ever wanted to play as Brock? Ever wanted to declare war on Mister Fuji as Professor Oak? This scenarion enables that! Every civ starts with a source of iron in the fat cross and everyone plays as the Japanese (but with different names) so everyone starts out on pretty much even grounds.


Professor Oak (Fin, Pro)
Giovanni (Spi, Ind)
Lance (Imp, Pro)
Brock (Fin, Chm)
Misty (Agg, Chm)
Surge (Ind, Chm)
Fuji (Phi, Spi)
Erika (Spi, Cre)
Sabrina (Spi, Exp)
Koga (Agg, Pro)
Blaine (Agg, Ind)
By the nine flaming hells, I haven't even downloaded this yet and I can't decide whether to be amazed or offended. 'Cause this is awesome. Yet it's pokemon.

It's kinda like if you equipped teletubbies with rocket launchers.
Wow.. just... wow... Someone make the graphics for the mons, this is my elementary school childhood!
Here, we finally have a true Pokemon fan at CivFanatics Forum.

Cool! Somebody who likes Pokemon! I thought I was the only one!

Anyways, I think it should be limited down to Oak, Lance and Fuji, but no matter. It's Pokemon!

Can't wait to see Hoenn and Sinnoh! :cool:

NJot even kidding. Pokemon was my life for the past X years till I discovered the MMORPG and Civ4. Yep. That long.

Man. We neede Pokemon units. So we can build mass armies of Pikachus who kill the citizens of New Bark Town because the name is stupid!
In this mod there must be pokemon units like seeing charmander start a fire, raticate eating trees, and many more.

I'd like to see pikachu holding a spear. He almost killed ash. :)
And also pikachu in a mobile suit (in short, GUNDAM) pressing a green button that lauched millions of missiles in his rivals. ;)
And, last, a pikachu holding a radio transmitter in the middle of fighting in WW2! :lol:
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