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  • Since you seem to be around and updating the database thread, have you thought about returning to S&T/writing something?
    Hey, me, you, and KaiserElectric all have to write a co-op story if we wanna win TychoNES: Tournament. How should we do this?
    Busy doing so right now, been a busy week at school as well, sorry for not posting sooner. :)
    I've got a new joint post for AATGFD and it involves Saevus Aequitas, so I thought you might want to do his major interactions with the PCs. Here it is.
    Ah, I see now. It's rather late at the moment, but I assume that you mean that I will write the update, and I will do so tomorrow morning. Thank you for your help Radio.
    Alright, I'll make what I can with him, thanks Radio. :)

    Are orders for him already in as well?
    I'd be very interested in continuing as Procell but have only had a little bit of scant time to look at the character more in depth... seems rather bloodthirsty to be perfectly honest, or am I misreading him?
    Hey! Tycho's Civ IV S&T MP game is in the Internet lobby. Care to join?
    We're doing collaborative storytelling.
    The password is: chaos
    How long is this turn supposed to last in RadioNES? Kaiser and I want to write something that takes place at night, but we're not sure if that would fall under this turn or not.
    hey im startin something similar to Core, but with a completely different story line...check the New NES thread for the story interested?
    Can't really say anything, too unspecific :dunno:.
    But in general: Why not? I mean, the forum is there to discuss things, and if you think you have something to talk about, then open a thread :).
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