Kyriakos' terrain and city graphics converted into a Concentric Castle


May 22, 2020
A copy paste job made from Kyriakos' fortress and byzantine city walls. These come in city improvement and terrain graphics options.

Screenshot (473).png

Concentric Castles were the most advanced and expensive form of medieval castles. So much so that very few of them were constructed and they were built together with cheaper traditional designs.

Instead of a tall keep these feature 2 layers of walls. The lower out curtain wall and another layer of higher inner wall. These were all lined with round towers giving next to no dead space. The inner layer may feature a large main tower (Donjon) as part of the wall. The design did away with the tall central keep. This makes them less vulnerable to early gunpowder artillery and were the first evolution step towards star forts.

The space between the 2 layers of walls is a kill zone. On some design, the entrance between the outer and inner gate would be a bent one like the Krak des Chevaliers. Those breaking through the 1st layer gate would have to go uphill in a curved kill zone to reach the 2nd layer gate. Unfortunately, I couldn't do that feature without compromising aesthetics. The concentric castles in europe were built mostly with straight entrances as they depended on pulled carts, not camels for supplies.


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Here's a more refined version of the city improvement graphics with the purple stuff cleaned up.


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