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voice sounds great, im like 95% sure thats not arabic too which is great. also the gold on the grown, scepter, and belly thingies looks much better in motion, but still weird.
provisional jersey seems to be mid yellow on some kinda dark red or brown, which could be pretty cool, tho i might like a lighter yellow personally. i just really hope they dont show us this pretty good color scheme only to then go for mali's current 3rd or 4th jerseys as the actual one he uses, those ones are pretty rough imho
edit: also maybe ive been looking at him too long trying to scrounge up something new to say but does anyone else feel his arms are weirdly short? i genuinely cant tell if they are or if i just spent too long looking for a firaxis logo
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WAIT did they misspell keita as "kieta" in the video? oof
edit: photo attached where you can see it spelt both ways
Spoiler :
It's definitely not Arabic. I'm not familiar enough with West African languages to identify it beyond that.
The music at the beginning is hang. Of course, it has nothing to do with Mali, but it sounds just amazing
I must admit I often fail to remember I could recruit Great People with Gold. I guess I also should try to build Theater Squares earlier while playing as Sundiata.
Really love this leader design both in abilities and looks. Can't wait to play this version of Mali.:clap:
I think he looks great fun to play, though I wish the character design weren't so Disney on Broadway.
That might be why I like him. :mischief: :p
He is very strong. Cultural/Financial Mali is going to be very fun to play. I approve. 👍
My favorite of the three. I always liked Mali's abilities but I tend to find the religious game is a bit micromanagement heavy. Putting more of a culture spin on it is something I like a lot!
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