Let's Compare Monuments

Which Monument is the best?

  • Regular Monument

    Votes: 3 2.2%
  • Obelisk (egypt)

    Votes: 24 17.3%
  • Stele (ethiopia)

    Votes: 38 27.3%
  • Totem Pole (NA)

    Votes: 74 53.2%

  • Total voters


Jan 17, 2007
Exactly what the title says. We got to new monument replacements in BTS, and let's discuss them.

Regular monument :D :
+1 Culture
Obsolete with Astronomy

Egyptian replacement for Monument.
+1 Culture
Can turn two citizens into Priests

Ethiopian replacement for Monument.
+1 Culture
+25% Culture

Totem Pole:
Native American replacement for monument.
+1 Culture
All new Archery units are granted +3 exp
I think this is tough. With the Ankor Wat in your hands, the Monument's 2 extra priest can be excellent.

Stele's are excelent for getting rid of other civs culture in your cities. When i play ethiopia, it's very nice to have for the newly captured cities.

And finally the Totem pole.

+3 Exp WITH being Protective? Sounds Delicious. I ain't thinking about Archers in particular, I'm thinking about how good the Crossbows and infantry will be :drool:

For unrestricted leaders, Thing about this:

Tokugawa of Native America
Tokugawa: Agg/Pro
Free Combat I promotion of melee and gunpowder units.
Double production speed of Barracks and Drydock.
Archery and Gunpowder units receive Drill I and City Garrison I automatically
Double production speed of Walls and Castle
All new Archery units are granted +3 exp
New land units receive +4 experience points with Barracks

Think of the Possibilities! :drool:

Free Combat I
+7 Experience
Drill I
City Garrison I

For all new Archery units!!! :drool:

And we can't forget the Crossbows effects as well:
1 first strike
+50% vs. Melee Units

Double Production speed of Walls and Castle
Double Production Speed of Barracks and Drydocks


The ultimate War Mongering Civ!!!! :drool:

so i vote the totem pole the best monument of the three.
Definately the Totem Pole for the reasons you gave. The Stele is a bit eh for me; the 25% obsoletes once you start getting culture levels where it makes a big difference.
You are right.For a warmonger.Plus chicken itza.You cant lose cities:DAndIf not;

Ramesses from ethiopia;
You will have the culture bonus like Louis,you are industrious and spiritual.And oracle and divine right and spiral minarett and the victory:p

ps:i am wondering,when we are discussing aquaducts:p
Archers don't get Combat I, only Melee and Gunpowder. Charismatic+Protective would be freaking awesome though.
I like "compare topics".They are inspiring me.Tomorrow i will try the Native American Toku.It will be good for attack and defend,with toku dogsoldiers get the bonus and cover.
I like "compare topics".They are inspiring me.Tomorrow i will try the Native American Toku.It will be good for attack and defend,with toku dogsoldiers get the bonus and cover.

i'm gonna try them out right now actually. Gonna try them online on a multiplayer game. (Donut/inland sea teamer)
I actually am just finishing a game with Totem Pole and Defensive. Unfortunately, unless you also slingshot or beeline to Feudalism early, the monster Archers still aren't really enough to rush with - especially as you need to build Stonehenge or several Totem Poles first - and obsoletes too fast. The Mongol Ger is much much better for rushes.

The Stele, though, is awesome. Especially if you are Creative, as it multiplies the Culture from your leader.

I need to give the Obelisk a try to complete the set; I've avoided Egypt because the UU is just too early for my taste, and I doubt the Obelisk will really make up for it.
they all get obsolete (far too soon :D), and i tend not to choose a Civ where the UB does get obsolete.
Who cares about archers? Even crossbows are mostly defensive units and should only be relied upon in an emergency. In all other cases you should be building maces and knights to bring the fight to the enemy and crush him in his own land.

I voted for the obelisk, as it is simply very very nice for a SE.
New land units receive +4 experience points with Barracks

Barracks have been giving +3 experience points for land units since Warlords came out.

About the question, I really like all of them and if I have to choose one, I say Stele because I'm a huge fan of cultural victories, for specialists I usually have Caste System pretty early, as non-AW Priests aren't my favourites. With AW always built Obelisk may be better. I've never used unrestricted leaders which would allow Charismatic leader + special Monument, but I like the normal Monument with Charismatic leader very much (I always build Stonehenge as Charismatic leader, of course!).

About Totem Pole, I've been thinking this kind of defensive late-game strategy:
- avoid Astronomy and Rifling, go for Railroad tech and Machine Guns
- use Vassalage and Theocracy, build tons of Crossbowmen with XP buildings
- upgrade Crossbowmen (10XP means CG3+D2) to Machine Gun units with gold
- you get 3 extra promotions, as straightly built Machine Guns would get 7XP
- it's almost impossible to conquer your cities until Modern Armor units come

I like the totem poll out of these. The Ethiopian would be nice if it lived longer. As for the Egyptians... that early on I don't usually need two extra priests anyways. Though I do get some use from it before it dies.

The totem poll is nice not only for 'strong archers' but because you usually build monuments in new cities anyways. This means those cities can whip or produce CGII archers without the need of a barracks[if you get attacked and need some extra troops]. Now if only the Native Americans had an Archer UU so as to make some nice synergy.
Stele - Totem Pole - Stele - Totem Pole!

Oh - Hard question for a defensive/cultural player like me! :lol:

Lord Olleus: Not everybody plays like you. This is the beauty of CIV! ;)
i'm not good at wars, but one of these days i'm going to try churchill of the native americans. charismatic/protective with totem poles sounds fun to me! toku's starting to sound nifty too tho. thanks a lot, like i really needed my list of "oh i want to try this" ideas to be any longer :p

i hadn't thought about angkor wat in combo with obelisks. that's a good point, now that they go obsolete much later. hmmz.
Totempole + barracks = heroic epic
and that's without ever having met anybody else on the map :D

And once that first archer get's a promotion from some crazy barbarian, you can build West Point as soon as you have the tech.

That is some boost to unit production. Add a great general in the prod. city and another general build a war academy ...... Need I say more?

In addition, those archers upgrade provided you save up some (plenty of) money :D
Totem Pole for me. It's a nightmare playing against Sitting Bull when he's got them up and running...
Just had a game with Toku of NA. IT WAS MONSTER.

I counqered two civs singal handedly in an inland sea teamer on multiplayer.

Churchill of NA might be interestign as well. But the thing it's missing is the Combat I for the dog solders. You can't depand only on archer you know ;)
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