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Limited Return to Work


Aug 27, 2016
Dallas, TX
Greetings to all my old friends!

I'd like to take a moment and let everyone know I'm slowly returning to the Civ5 modding community! And to apologize for leaving so abruptly. I don't want to go into too many details about my absence, but I will say if you have high blood pressure get it fixed!!! Especially if like most gamers you don't move around a lot, then do something about that! You'd be surprised how quickly your life can disappear if you don't take care of yourself.

At any rate, I've been allowed to return to work a few hours a week and am looking forward to making things better. My first attempts at work is to try and make up for the Ancient World at War (AWAW) family of mods, which were left sadly under-cooked when I last published them.

It looks like the forum has upgraded since I last checked it, so I again apologize for not returning any messages as those seem to have been lost during that upgrade.

I look forward to catching up and appreciate your patience,

Thanks, I really appreciate it. It's been a rough year and a half, but things are on the mend.

Are you the one responsible for "CJ's More than a Future Mod?"

If so, I've actually used several of your units from there in updating my "World at War" mod. They're beautiful and really helped me get my Future War Era looking much better than before. I updated a few of the animations on several and am quite pleased with how they turned out.

no i didn't do CJ's More than a Future Mod.
although i do plan to get around to touching up his units adding new effects to them and finishing up the rest of the CIV BE units. i need the aliens myself but im not near units yet in my own work.

i haven't made any mods yet i have only made graphics that people have requested

this will be my first mod here

here i have posted graphics/things people requested from me.

if you want a graphic made i can do that no problem for ya.
I looked at the apocalyptic mod, man that thing is beautiful! Players who like future games will be thrilled!

I'm actually repurposing a couple of your improvements to build a supervolcano event. It works quite well, and easy to modify, which believe me a lot of them here just don't work well except for what they were originally designed for.

Your new units are very good looking too. I was thinking about popping in to ask for a flying Nazgul, but haven't got time to work on the end-all Middle Earth scenario yet.

I do appreciate the offer. Right now I'm working on a "game events" mod that will add all kinds of good and bad things into the game. My biggest problem that I haven't figured out is how to perform some kind of "flash" over the tiles effected.

For example, if my supervolcano goes off and damages 10 different tiles, I'd like to put some kind of visual queue on those tiles for a few seconds, to help players focus where the damage hits. Experimented with many approaches but all of them are bad.

Trying to get a mushroom cloud (like when you drop an atomic bomb) over the volcano didn't work either...

The trials and tribulations of trying to get the game to do things the designers never dreamed of.... :crazyeye:

Oh wow that's a cool concept.
I'm not sure how to achieve that either I'll think on it.

The only thing with effects I know how to do is add new effect models and apply them to tile features and improvements or to a unit.

What your doing is more complicated then things I have attempted. But it should be possible.
I never done events but there must be a way to get it to direct us to effected tiles as it does for other things in the game.
Finding a ruins tiles or a barbarian encountment or a natural wonder all give a thing on the side you can click on to take you over too it.
Perhaps you can look into the civ coding to find out how/why.

If you want send me the mod files and I'll take a look and compare them to a few other mods I know if that add events and see if I can snag you some needed code from those that I can edit to work for you mod.
If you have the nazgul unit I can make it fly for you. And I can make it either do a flying melee or shoot something.

But I can't convert anything to gr2.
I haven't figure out animations.
But if you have a gr2 model and gr2 animations I can do the rest. All the fx triggers, sounds, ect

The only thing I have done is fix units people were unable to get working or add new effects to units. Like the star wars units. I did not make those. But I did add the blue laser they use. The current red laser was a repurposed existing civ effect.

The cloud unit I made is actually a super tiny bird unit with a the fiji cloud effect over it then I made the lightning bolt it shoots

The 40k units I have and will post are from an abandoned 40k mod. I'm just making the units usable correcting what's wrong and making the combat more interesting to view.
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i see you have the volcanic ashe improvement in a picture and you said this

I'm actually repurposing a couple of your improvements to build a supervolcano event.

i assume your going to use mount peaktu as a volcano?
well i thought about that too. i have a slightly earlier version of it i reskinned to be a volcano if you want it.
i never released it, no one wanted it.
looks like this

Spoiler :

this is pic from blender i never put it in the game yet but is very do able i planned to use it myself in my apacolyptic mod. this would be my largest biggest greatest volcano
valcano peaktu.jpg

just re-add a scaled up eruption effect then apply it to this and bam super volcano.
or i can create you an all new one perhaps.

i still have the model but i lost/misplaced the textures. i can easily get them again i think these were just some quick google searched textures if i recall correctly
the real magic is how i layered and textured peaktu to be reskinned easily and near seamlessly. and any texture will pretty much go on it well straight up and down. requires no real design or artwork effort in the dds used

the bottom sits in the ground so no need to worry about that ugliness its covered up
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That does look interesting. There were a couple of very old "Mount Doom" improvements on Civfanatics, but I could never get them to work properly. Nor could I find any other mod where someone else did either.

I didn't see the Mt. Peaktu improvement. So, I used a recolored version of your "blue lagoon" improvement, and added several animations to it, and use LUA to place it on top of a mountain during the event. It's not perfect, but actually looks decent. The screen grabs don't really do it justice, though.

<trigger_system type="FGrannyTimedTriggerSystem">
    <event_track ec="1000">
      <track id="1" name="Sound" />
      <track id="2" name="Effect" />
      <track id="3" name="Transfer" />
    <trigger type="FTimedTriggerEffect" id="5" time="0" duration="10" repeat="0" ec="1000" track="2" event="ART_DEF_VEFFECT_VOLCANIC_ERUPTION" bone="Glow_01" />           
    <trigger type="FTimedTriggerEffect" id="10" time="0" duration="10" repeat="0" ec="1000" track="2" event="ART_DEF_VEFFECT_ASKIA_EMBERS_01" bone="Glow_01" />
    <trigger type="FTimedTriggerEffect" id="11" time="0" duration="10" repeat="0" ec="1000" track="2" event="ART_DEF_VEFFECT_ASKIA_EMBERS_02" bone="Glow_01" />
    <trigger type="FTimedTriggerEffect" id="12" time="0" duration="10" repeat="0" ec="1000" track="2" event="ART_DEF_VEFFECT_ASKIA_EMBERS_03" bone="Glow_01" />
    <trigger type="FTimedTriggerEffect" id="20" time="0" duration="10" repeat="0" ec="1000" track="2" event="ART_DEF_VEFFECT_LANDSHIP_IDLE_SMOKE_01" bone="Glow_01" />
    <trigger type="FTimedTriggerEffect" id="22" time="0" duration="10" repeat="0" ec="1000" track="2" event="ART_DEF_VEFFECT_ALMANSUR_FIRE" bone="Glow_01" />
    <trigger type="FTimedTriggerEffect" id="31" time="0" duration="10" repeat="0" ec="1000" track="2" event="ART_DEF_VEFFECT_VOLCANIC_ERUPTION" bone="Plane01" />

    <trigger type="FTimedTriggerSound" id="2" time="0" duration="10" repeat="0" ec="1000" track="1" tier="-1" event="AS3D_RESOURCE_VOLCANO" bone=""/>

The volcanic ash are the tiles with the gray color near the "supervolcano." It has an effect like Fallout - destroys existing improvements and needs to be scrubbed by workers - about half the time as Fallout to clean.

Anyways, due to the way the game engine updates the map, the only way to get it to dynamically add things like a supervolcano event I have to use an improvement. I can add a new feature but the engine won't show it unless you save/reload the game.

My mod will implement a supervolcano event by placing the improvement on top of a mountain, then randomly slap a few nearby tiles with volcanic ash (and pillage a few improvements, destroy some buildings/population, etc.).

So if I were to use Mt. Peaktu to graphically depict what's happening, it would need to be an improvement, and will only be placed on the map on top of mountain tiles. It will remain there for a few game turns, and then I'd use LUA to remove it from the mountain tile.

Does that sound workable?
To be placed on top of a mountain I would need to rework the graphic it is nearly mountain hight sitting on the flat ground.
But putting it up there is do able
If it's not possible (or even more than just a little work), it's no biggie. I'm happy with the kludge-job I did. Of course, it would be like comparing a blow-up doll to Marilyn Monroe when it compares to your work! :lol:

I'm completely rewriting the mod over the next week or so anyways, so no hurries, no worries.

When I get the time Ill send something over some sort of volcano designed to sit on top the mountain.

I have come to enjoy making stuff.
So it's no worries, it's more for me then you haha.
I do want to see more graphics in civ but I do not have time to make and implement, code and ect and make a full fledge mod.
Any effort I put into my own mod will be project aftermath, I don't have time to start 2 projects myself lol. I wish I did.

I don't mind and I like to help other people though.

First I have a few other promises to fulfill before I can get to this.
People who I have forgotten about or delayed making it long enough I want to get to them first I'm starting to feel bad haha.

But you could expect something in the next few weeks or a month at the longest.

I love your idea I always thought civ needed more volcanoes at least 1 or 2 more then Krakatoa the world has over 1500 volcanoes and around 50 eruptions a year.

Plus I'm intrigued by your ideas here I like the tile destruction concept.
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