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Mar 5, 2021
Hello, i search for a program to extend the number of blocks on the map...
i mean for a new map, like "start new game".
if it doesn't exist, maybe an application that allow create random maps larger than 256x256.
sagat-15, welcome at CFC! :band:[party]

Even the normal C3C editor can create random maps up to the size 362 x 362.

1. Open the biq that uses a random map with the C3C editor and assure, that you can edit the rules.
2. In the edit rules click on the World sizes:

Worldsize 362-a.jpg

3. In the World Sizes you can adjust the size of the world up to 362 x 362 tiles and can give each of the sizes you adjust an own name. Save the new biq with a new name.

Worldsize 362-b.jpg

But be warned ! So the editor has the tendency to create the random worlds even more interesting when they are bigger, you can run into some of the following problems:

- The 512 cities possible can be much too less for a 362 x 362 world with bigger masses of land terrain, so in this case it can happen, that in big parts of the world no more cities can be founded.

- The turns can become near to endless.

- The other values for those super big maps must be adjusted, too (distance between civs, optimal number of cities and tech rate), otherwise this can result in games that are next to no fun (for those values no preferences exist for such super big maps).

With the Quintillus editor even bigger maps in one of those directions can be created.
Thanks Civinator :assimilate:
Well, i will try do something (its my first time with Civ3) but at the option, only appear 256x256 as maximum size.

Yeah! This editor is very useful, i remember civ2 and was need change the configuration files to do the same.:crazyeye:

But its good, just change the game rules is enough, for now.

sagat-15, you are still using the editor of Civ 3 Vanilla. If you have Civ 3 Complete, go into the Conquest folder and use the Conquest editor for C3C. If you only have Civ 3 Vanilla you should invest €1,29 in the next sale at GOG and buy Civ 3 Complete, including the tool you want to have.

C3C Editor.jpg
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I have the Civ3 complete.:thumbsup:

I have a new question and hope you can help me:
I want to change the terrain graphics and turn the tundra into grassland.
the problem is: I can't find the terrain files folder.:badcomp:
It is conquest/art/terrain. The vanilla art folder also has terrain.

They do not seem to have the terrain for desert or grassland. Maybe check in the mods creation sections.
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