Lost Installation serial number


Jul 29, 2014
I had to reinstall everything on my computer and while I have the original DVD, I can not find my CD case for the serial number. Is there anyway I can recover the serial number from a backed up file on my computer?
I still have my DVD case, and the serial number on that appears to be stored in the file:


This is a binary format property list file, so you need to open it in something that can display it in human-readable form.

If you still have a copy of your old Users/<your user name> folder, open it, find the Library/Preferences folder within it, open com.aspyr.civ3conquests.plist in BBEdit or Xcode/Property List Editor, and look for the line:

<string> xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx</string>

The string value is your serial number.
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