Map with the ULITMATE starting position!!!


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Oct 2, 2001
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While I was making a map of my own, I generated a random 256x195 map (i typed in 256 for seed.... does that do anything?)

Well, I saw that the map had an AWESOME starting spot: on a river with 6 COWS. Thats right, 6 COWS (actually, 4 at first but once culture kicks in once [10 turns], there are 6.). All irrigatable as well. Plus, as an extra bonus, the land around you is great. Plus you start on a big island. I took the opportunity, and saved the game.

Here it is (you might have to start/restart a couple times... but see below):


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here is a saved game as the greeks on the starting point for you. (I'll post a pic tomorrow):


  • ultimate cow map
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here is a pic of the starting position:


  • ultimate_cow_map_start.gif
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alright... whoever gave this map one star please tell me why... I personally love this map and think its one of the best the map generator has come up with in a long time. I take no offense to your opinion, I'm just curious....
Originally posted by Thutmosis 3.
I rarely try such good start positions.
I think with such a start you have good chances of building a strong Empire.

and boy did i ;).. but being such a large map... and me having such a slow computer... you can guess what happened by the industrial ages... But i love this map... will always be a good friend to me.
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