Mass Killings in the US (2023)

Remarkably, a new case from January.

7) 29 January 2023 Glade County FL, 4 killed (vehicular homicide/DWI) ( The dead include an unborn child.

In this incident, one of the dead was unborn. I am unclear on Florida law, but I have included it under the "presumption to publish" rule.

Then the two most recent killings call for an editorial decision. I included the first and marked the second as "pending."

51) 24 June 2023 Downey CA, 4* killed (vehicular homicide) ( speeding four Marines on a weekend night makes me suspect DWI

pp) 26/27 June 2023 Fort Myers FL, 5 killed (reckless driving) ( no word on intoxication, but the group was returning from work. This makes me mark this one “pending.”

Incidents: 51
Killed: 254
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