Master of mana updates

Just thrown away some converted units, and got a "glorious victory".
After a quick test, it seems like a level 1 unit winning a <20% win chance fight gets 50exp and a full equipment set at random.
Trash equipment* seems more common, but got a legendary sword once so...
*The poisons "potion" seems to be considered a trash one, considering the frequency with which it appeared. I wonder if getting a blood of the dragon is possible...

I always literally deleted my converted units before.
Not anymore.
wow, thanks for keeping the mod alive, it is still my favorite game and mod even after the CIV VI released years ago.
I got a GFC error from the latest build for some reason.

I use Civilization IV Complete from GoG.
there is an issue where Kuriotates city unable to manually assign to work at the third plots at the top, as it is blocked by the city happiness and healthy panel. Is there any way to zoom out?
You may have to increase the value of the FoV(field of view). It is a slider located at the top right corner of the main map.
Oh neat! If you're taking suggestions, I've always thought it was weird that all the religions get a civic all to themselves except the Overlords who are somehow still "agnostic" despite literally being called cultists. And also it's kind of weird to have so many units with no ability to upgrade be eligible for that one promotion that makes upgrades 33% cheaper.

Also, as a bug report, Crown of the Martyr doesn't actually lower the armageddon counter, I had a Jotnar Wielder of Arms wearing that thing kill like 3 dozen goblins to no effect.
Hi, sweet to see that the mod is kept alive and that some very old balance problems and bugs are slowly solved.

I have a long idealist in google docs. I kind of wanted to do something similar like you are doing now, cleaning up the mod and keeping it alive, but never began besides two module factions.
Maybe some things give you ideas etc.

Module factions:

If you want, you are more than free to include them in your new version.
I have added a slave mechanic into the Risna Civ Module that may be sweet to include as a general feature into the Slaver guild in the future and just keep a stronger version for the Risna.

I have no experience in Python or the more complex modding of Civ4, but the whole XML stuff is easy I think.
The major point in many of the points in my "todo" list where that it would require to reorganize some XMLs to make certain tags available for old wonders, etc.

If you slowly improve the game, I may begin it as well again and maybe could help out with stuff here and there if wanted.
No idea how you are working and how you organize yourself of course :)
i think The Nexus, or the Obsidian Gate is not working, the game will crash when you use the teleport feature.
Downloaded the master branch and after 3 different attempts finally got all the files(presumably).

How to actually launch this? Even after renaming the folder to Master of Mana the mod simply doesn't launch. It starts loading and then nothing happens while I stare at the desktop,(the civ 4 still running in the background in the task manager)

Would appreciate some guidance on how to solve this, thanks!
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Are you sure the thing is in the right folder? You might have to dig a little. Otherwise I'm not sure, what could be the problem.

I used the version someone compiled on the moddb and it works. Unfortunately now I'm getting occasional in game crashes that seem entirely random. :(
Hello, the bleeding is not removed by full healing, although it should according to the description. How can this error be corrected?
Hello, the bleeding is not removed by full healing, although it should according to the description. How can this error be corrected?

Only through the World Builder, afaik. The "bleeding" is a promotion you can edit away when you modifxy the unit in there.
Could you provide some details of your work?
Here are the main two changes:
Spoiler CvSelectionGroup.cpp - Airlift :

/** ADDON(Some Missions need no Movement) Sephi **/
/** Moved Mission Airlift from above **/

switch (headMissionQueueNode()->m_data.eMissionType)
if(pLoopUnit->getMissionSpell()!=NO_SPELL && pLoopUnit->canCastAt((SpellTypes)pLoopUnit->getMissionSpell(),GC.getMapINLINE().plot(headMissionQueueNode()->m_data.iData1, headMissionQueueNode()->m_data.iData2)))
pLoopUnit->cast(pLoopUnit->getMissionSpell(),GC.getMapINLINE().plot(headMissionQueueNode()->m_data.iData1, headMissionQueueNode()->m_data.iData2));
bAction = true;

if(GET_PLAYER(getOwnerINLINE()).getTerraformPlan() != NO_PROJECT && GC.getMapINLINE().plot(headMissionQueueNode()->m_data.iData1, headMissionQueueNode()->m_data.iData2)!=NULL && GC.getMapINLINE().plot(headMissionQueueNode()->m_data.iData1, headMissionQueueNode()->m_data.iData2)->doTerraformRitual((ProjectTypes)GET_PLAYER(getOwnerINLINE()).getTerraformPlan(),getOwnerINLINE(), iValue,true))
GET_PLAYER(getOwnerINLINE()).doTerraformRitual((ProjectTypes)GET_PLAYER(getOwnerINLINE()).getTerraformPlan(),false,GC.getMapINLINE().plot(headMissionQueueNode()->m_data.iData1, headMissionQueueNode()->m_data.iData2));
bAction = true;

if (pLoopUnit->airlift(headMissionQueueNode()->m_data.iData1, headMissionQueueNode()->m_data.iData2))
bAction = true;
/** END **/
//Todo: We cannot simply spin through the list of units in the selection group for casting spells. Spells need to optimize across two axis: damage and mana/faith.
//Further, many spells only damage to a limit so overkill might make it so that a caster with mana reduction promotions might be better used to get that last bit of damage rather than the heavy hitter who could be saved to attack another stack elsewhere.
//All of this is easily calculated and may end up feeding into AI decisions to integrate between using spellcasting and base attacks to take down stacks.
if (headMissionQueueNode()->m_data.eMissionType == MISSION_SPELL_OFFENSIVE) {
if (pLoopUnit->getMissionSpell() != NO_SPELL && pLoopUnit->canCastAt((SpellTypes)pLoopUnit->getMissionSpell(), GC.getMapINLINE().plot(headMissionQueueNode()->m_data.iData1, headMissionQueueNode()->m_data.iData2)))
pLoopUnit->cast(pLoopUnit->getMissionSpell(), GC.getMapINLINE().plot(headMissionQueueNode()->m_data.iData1, headMissionQueueNode()->m_data.iData2));
bAction = true;



Spoiler CvGameInterface.cpp - Pieces of Barnaxus :

if (pSelectedInterfaceList->canDoCommand(((CommandTypes)(GC.getActionInfo(iAction).getCommandType())), GC.getActionInfo(iAction).getCommandData(), -1, bTestVisible, bUseCache, pPlot))

Others changes are not found when playing in English. For a long time playing with these changes, I did not find any other errors.


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I recently tried to find partners to play multiplayer on MoM and I didn't succeed. It's a shame.

I'm a big fan of the mod, I think I'm the player who played it the most in the world :)

I don't know if Sephi you will continue to work on the mod or just the bugs. I'll give a list of things I think about features and main balance problems of the mod. I'll mention that I only play in Deity difficulty, Quick speed, and "aggressive AI" mode otherwise the AI tends to be too passive.

- The Illian power, making all production stop for 10 turns, should also block mana production. Otherwise, it is a huge advantage for civilizations specialized in mana production (like Scions).

- When we are in "Strike", our most recent founded city ends up rebelling. When we take it back, we win 600 gold. This process can be exploited indefinitely to always have gold. I think that only the barbarian cities created at the generation of the map, should yield gold when conquered.

- The magic guild is the most powerful. It is necessary to focus on the mana nodes and the Arcane Schola district. You will gain new spells much faster, which is useful versatile: offensive spells, auras on adepts, economic powers (like Nature's Growth). The "worst" is the power of Conjure Matter. Even if you don't do anything useful with your spells and research, Conjure Matter will be extremely useful for boosting your cities. I don't think Conjure Matter should see a drop in cost as the guild lineage progresses.

- The Evoke Volcano power allows you to create an impenetrable wall for the AI and actually for players as well. I don't think there is a solution to this.

- Dominate Undead, power of Sheaims adepts, works on Scion units. You can steal all their armies, take advantage of the bonuses

- Some civilizations are far above the others. Sheaims are ultra powerful, they quickly become militarily unstoppable. They should not have an XP boost to the creatures they automatically summon. It's too powerful.

The Aristarkh are powerful economically, but more importantly, they become powerful militarily quickly, because they can build Tomb Lords en masse, and Tomb Lords have a Death Mana Affinity. And they have gained XP unlike the basic creatures. For me Death Affinity is something very powerful if you can get it on non-summoned creatures. Summoned creatures cost mana upkeep which limits the effect of this strategy.

Ljosalfars and Svartalfars are economically very powerful used with Fist of Leave and Guardians of Nature of course. For me the problem comes mainly from the free generation of Faith from the Ancient Forest. This is the only religion that gives that. Not only do you get economic bonuses from Ancient Forests, but you get happiness, wood, health, and faith. FoL is far superior to any other religion. Kilmortph Runes is next by far. The Empyreans next. And the rest, after that, is of no interest (except Ashen Veils, but only for the Sheaims). Ashen Veils is a horrible religion, in my opinion you need to remove the health malus on Sacrifice the Weak, at the MINIMUM, to make it attractive. And the infernal terrain could bring in Faith, or possess undead and demons, like in the old days.
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Hi. So this mod lets me get past the game options screen, but gets hung up when it actually starts building. It says "initializing" and doesnt progress further.
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