Master of Myrror Fantasy Mod 2.0

Great news guys! WE'VE GOT THEM!!!! @Drift 's Master of Myrror II sequel & Master of Arcanus final beta mods have been saved!!! Details here:

Also a few updates relating to the files with Master of Myrror I mod here too...

I noticed that my previously uploaded 7zip file here (originally built from @Node60 's files) was actually missing Drift's very Final MoM 2.0 beta 3 patch 2 release meaning we weren't distributing the true final release eeeeek!
So I've now added it to the download and also written & added new documentation to help people understand everything in there. So if people want to download ALL versions of Master of Myrror I & Addons the updated file is here:
I have also uploaded the file to a preliminary ModDB page here:

I have also created a new separate final MoM 2.0 Beta 3 Patch 2 version full install file for those that don't want to mess around with all the old versions and patches here:
I have also uploaded the file to a preliminary ModDB page here:

Note: I've updated my previous file links post in this thread too, just to be safe.


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Great work! I liked this scenario a long time ago and still like it.

Just wondering about a no-tech trading version. IMO the general problem of the way civ3 tech trading works also affects this mod. What do people think? Would it be an improvement? There might be a downside of e.g. not having culture in the cities for a long time at the start (if the techs are not for sale).
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