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Memory Allocation Failure and CTD when going 'Exit to Main Menu'

Immortal Ace

Mar 25, 2006
Kissimmee, Florida
I have the latest BAT/BUG mods and haven't have any previous version of them.

When playing the game for more than an hour I'll begin getting 'Memory Allocation Failure' while playing and having it CTD or when I try to load a game while already in a game.

They're annoyances because I can always go from my Desktop > /Civ IV Complete/ > BtS > Civ IV saves and load the game up with no problem.

As for the second thing, I can never go from a game and back to the Main Menu without the game crashing. It always happens. It's most annoying when I accidentally forget to enable an option before playing a game and realizing it immediately I forgot to and try to go back to the main menu before I even found my Capital. This error, as explained in the previous sentence, doesn't matter if I just started or played for hours.

Any help with these two errors?
Hello Ace.

Can you tell me how much memory you have, and what version of Windows you're using? And also the type of graphics card you have, please.

The MAF problem is well known, and it isn't confined to BAT. Most of the larger mods that use a lot of textures and units will give a MAF now and then. It's a problem with the Civ engine and the notorious memory leak. You can almost guarantee one if you play bigger maps with a machine that is low on memory. There isn't much we can do about that one, unfortunately.

You might try the new release of BAT, which is coming next week. It is actually massive compared to BAT 2.3, but much of the bulk of it isn't actually loaded until it's needed. Avain has also streamlined the Varietas component and some of the leader heads, making it take less overall memory whilst you play.

I hope to make it available by late next week, as long as the rest of the BUG team is ready for me. :)
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