Mercenary Army Expanded

May 4, 2010
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This mod expands the roster of units that can be purchased when you adopt the Mercenary Army policy in the Commerce tree in order to make it relevant past the Medieval Era. More details in the spoiler:
Spoiler :
The units now available through this policy are:

Landsknecht: Raiding Unit - same stats as in the regular game (available at Civil Servants)
Swiss Guard: Defensive Unit - strength 24, has a bonus to combat when in friendly territory and a massive defensive bonus when next to your capital (available at Metallurgy)
Foreign Legion: Offensive Unit - same stats as in the regular game (available at Replaceable Parts)

The upgrade path for these units is as follows:
Landsknecht -> Swiss Guard -> Foreign Legion -> Infantry

The Volunteer Army policy remains unchanged.

Installation: extract files to your mods folder (default path is Documents/My Games/Sid Meier's Civilization 5/MODS)

Swiss Guard unit icon and reskin by Wodhann
Swiss Guard unit model is the Napoleonic French infantry model by bernie14

Feedback is appreciated. This mod may make the policy a little OP, since if you grab it early you can upgrade your mercenaries through all three of the units and accumulate their benefits, but I think that makes for a nice bonus for bee-lining to it.
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