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Dec 11, 2001
Maryland, USA
Military Department Thread - Term 1

Our Military Strength....

Immortals - 20
Muskets - 5
Pikemen - 44
Knights - 8
Catapults - 2
Galleys - 2
Armies - 1 (Immortals)
Spearmen - 2

How we compare to others...

Rome - Strong - Peace
Aztecs - Strong - Peace
China - Strong - Peace
India - Average - Peace
Greece - Average - Peace
Babylon - Average - Peace
Zulus - Strong - Peace
Iroqouis - Average - Peace

Foreign Wars -
Babylon and China allied against Rome

Cities with Barracks-
Fox Nest

Cities with Harbors-
Port Gisnod

Walled Cities-
Congrats on the election. Now to business.

No Navy?! I submit that we make the development of a navy a 2nd Term priority. Tech, harbours and fine ships to seek out and destroy our enemies and transport our units for tactical advantage.

Congrats Falcon2!

Navy? How many Egypt cities do you expect to conquer with galleons? No, give us knights! Better yet, give us armies of cavalry, and we will rule the plains!
A navy is important, but it's not imperative at the moment. It would prevent any more landings, but we must concentrate on getting rid of those who have landed in our territory and defending our borders first. So land forces is STILL the priority, a Navy is in the plan books, but not in the near future.
and hopefully stop the domino from repeating. (But will lengthen the war,

Possibly, the domino effect could prolong the war more than an alliance.

Also, what's the plan with galleys? Exploration, defence or expansion?
Very pleasing to see the commissioning of our first naval craft. Shailonegha is also the perfect site for fleet HQ at present. I have moved there to monitor naval matters.

Perhaps we should also give some consideration to dedicating a ground unit to our galley, when completed. It could then transport and raid/disrupt targets of opportunity behind enemy lines.
(Duck of Flanders, delete this one. I forgot the file - it's in the next post).
Even though this assessment is geared towards trade concerns, I have included a list of strategic resources (these are tradable too, that's why I included them) and who has them. There's also a section on the landscape of each nation. It may be of some use.

The file is in MS-Word format, but should be viewable in Wordpad.
It should be noted that China is also fighting Egypt. We should be happy that they are also fighting our bitter rival. Also, I think we should keep a close eye on where their troops are and the ownership of Egyptian cities, in case we can swoop in on the spoils too. There is already a Chinese town named "Abydos". Strange, as it doesn't sound that Chinese...
We should move a pikeman into Lutetia immediately for defence!

Pikemen are not needed in PDX and Pherris since they are deep within out cultural borders, giving advance notice of any surprise attack.

Barring any budget constraints:

The above pikemen should be sent to the cities with spearmen to relieve the spearmen for upgrading.

The warrior should be upgraded to immortals while immortals are still useful.
The Egyptians and chinese seem to have had a small war and made peace(?) after the capture of one Egyptian city. I suggest a horseman or two to go with our galley
Our existing galley should proceed south and collect 1 or 2 Pikemen from Fox Nest for garrison duties at Lutetia. The ground unit(s) will have to move to the coast for pick up. This is probably the quickest way to garrison Lutetia with substantial forces, Fox Nest can build replacements quicker, and it leaves the galley better located for southerly operations.

Meanwhile, Shailonegha is producing a second galley and contains our last warrior. The warrior should be upgraded to Immortal on the turn before the galley is launched, then loaded and (both) sent east (towards China). Shailonegha could then switch to harbour production. A nearby city (PDX perhaps?) could produce/transfer a second defensive unit (Pikeman?) for Shailonegha

Now, as for that Eqyptian Galley near Atlanta. Hmm. I note that it is a veteran - so probably has the better odds against our (new)regular galley. If we adopt this plan, and if we are still at war with Eqypt, and if our second galley encounters the Eqyptian one, then we probably should land the Immortal before the naval battle. All this would be several turns away, so I guess we play it by ear for the moment and deal with the Eqyptian galley as appropriate when the time comes.
I like Lecky's Idea about using the Galley to take two of Fox Nest's Pikemen to garrison Lutetia. Good work.

I also agree the remaining warrior should be upgraded to an Immortal, along with the remaining spearmen. However, we must also make sure the Horsemen are upgraded, I feel the Warrior and the Horsemen are the priority right now, the spearmen can be upgraded with future funds.

According to Eyrei's preliminary Budget, we will have approximatly 144 gold to our disposal. (Since it's not final it may change, but I think we should use this as a basis for our plans, for now)

It looks to me like it should be enough to upgrade the warrior and the Horsemen, as soon as we're ready. But, very little will be left over for future operations.
Also, I am now taking applications for a new Military Dept. Chat represenative. While I'm normally able to attend the chat sessions, my attendence has gone down in the last two, because I'm starting to get hit by the AP tests this week. So anyone, looking for the position should apply. Any Applicant must be able to attend chats regularly.

This is my attack plan. The Yellow attack on Heliopolis is optional, but we may want to take it just because of the high culture it has, and ensure there are no flips.
For the green arrow, could we just move thro Aztec territory to Asyut? What are they gonna do about it? Kick us out to the side nearer to Asyut? :D
Originally posted by Zur
For the green arrow, could we just move thro Aztec territory to Asyut? What are they gonna do about it? Kick us out to the side nearer to Asyut? :D

Good point... why not go ahead with it?
Nice going with the troop management so far. Just like to raise a point:

Pikemen are not needed in PDX and Pherris since they are deep within our cultural borders, giving advance notice of any surprise attack.

I see no action has been taken on this, but am not sure whether this is due to a communication error or some other cause. Keeping garrisons in cities well within cultural borders before paratroops is a waste of resources.

Also, can add Phili, Washington & Chie to the above list.

They were good for happiness before, but I can agree that they are not as important any longer.
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