Minor complaints - the little things...


Jun 19, 2002
Wisconsin, USA
Not bugs, nor a bash thread, but just a few little, useful things that I think were unnecessarily changed or removed.

- Can't see a selected units route.
- Have to enter city screen to see what tiles are being worked.
- Too many clicks and panels to go through to set up a production queue. ( :wallbash: )
- City radius preview with settlers
- Can't center on unit with the middle mouse button
- Several keyboard shortcuts ( Why?! :sad: )
- Can't see what action or improvement a worker can do when dragging his movement over a certain tile
- Can't toggle any unit animations on or off. (ie. Why am I forced to watch the AI battle on my borders?)
- Information on AI/AI relations

And while we're at it, can we do something about the following?:

- Remove the Civ and date banner at the beginning of each turn
- Remove the extra unit orders panel (ie. fortify). Why not just have one panel?
- Stop having to select which version of DirectX before starting the game

Other than that, I'm loving Civ5. Most of the changes (the big ones) are for the better, IMO. :king:
+ can scout auto explore not piss CS off....

All very good points , or bad points :p

and yes! after Civ 4 and revolution i really expect perfection for going such intense overhaul. Not smart innovations covered by mediocre AI/UI design.
Totally agree. I very much miss those little things, and definitely hate that date pop up.
Doesn't say how the tile will be effected negatively when building an improvement over it

*Say, building a farm, over a forest next to a river*
I like the date popup, it looks nice :)

I also wish the scouts wouldn't trespass in City States if you auto-explore them - although it does at least mean I'm prodded to move them manually.

What would also be nice, is a way to flag a unit so an icon pops onto the right hand side or something, that you can click on to zoom to him. I've lost a great scientist like that before. I've had one ready, but completely lost him sat asleep somewhere in the territory of my sprawling empire :D
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