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Mar 18, 2008
Nailed to the Tree of Woe
I despise the tnt.pcx file in Civ3; I think it's horrible-graphics, so, I wanted to make it a bit smoother for Rhye's terrain, so I added City-View graphics into it; but, I only get a few of the icons and not a complete rendering off all the graphics. Well, here it is.

Technical-note; I tried just adding in the images on the original .pcx file, but the color was off, so I expanded the Misc. file in City-View, and used that .pcx color-pallet for the tnt.pcx file, but, MGI will didn't preserve the last two colors and I had to change it up.

How does Civ3 program randomized tnt.pcx?

I might make at tnt.pcx with buildings or trees, if I can (or maybe swamps). I also like Oversea's roads.


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