Missing Diplomacy Music


Nov 21, 2001
United Kingdom
Please Help!!!

While I was playing later in the game, I noticed that when talking with the Greeks and the Romans, there was no longer background music for the Diplomacy Screen. Then checking my directories, I saw that I am missing 2 files which may have been corrupted because of a power outage. The 2 files are:
1.) DipGRLatePeace.mp3
2.) DipGRLateWar.mp3

They are located in the Diplomusic directory:
C:\Program Files\Infogrames Interactive\Civilization III\Sounds\Diplomusic

Any good-natured player out there? In the name of world peace, please attach your files if you can attach them. Each should not be larger than 800 KB an you can zip them if they are too large.


:cry: :cry:
I don't think the game comes with any industrial/modern music for the Greeks or the Romans. Those files don't exist on my computer, either, so I'm assuming that nobody has them. I'm not sure why Firaxis would leave out the music, but it may be because the Greeks and Romans are ancient civilizations.
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