TR Team Leader
Jan 24, 2002
After another two months of development we proudly present:

A new Warlord version for this mod will be released about mid Dec 2006

Meanwhile we are beta testing our Beta 4 version and would make it public, more than you would ever have expected from a mod.

Please discuss your ideas about this mod in this forum:

Veni Vedi Vici

(I came, I saw, I conquered)
Gaius Julius Caesar - October 2, 48 BC

One of the greatest Mods ever has finally been released. Including more than 50 new units, new Mod Components, new ideas developed from scratch, rewritten and extended most of other known mod Components according to the suggestions of our fans and our analysis of a more balanced game play.

This Mod takes Civ4 a step further. Our philosophy for this mod is easy and straight forward: We empathize on three stages:
1) Game Balance, Unit Balance, tactical balance between all available Civs
2) Realism: Archers shall not destroy Tanks. More realistic warfare and strategically depth by using the advantages of your units to counter the enemy.
3) Fun: This is why we are here, right? ;)

We have extensively modified the Game play according to realistic Warfare, Politics, AI decisions, Trade, exclusive religion mod, realistic raze city, unit-counter-strategies and much more.

* Old save games won't be compatible with this release. Please start a new game.

Release 2.1 - 28.08.2006

I would like to thank the team to all the efforts. Especcially I would like to thank Mexico. Without his efforts despite having all these recent problems in the family. He has always been there; worked hard and did an excellent job.

Major fixes:
- mostly awaited: performance updated (stack aid and other unit-on-plot-based improvements now use new hooks from SDK, which aliminate calculationg on non-used plots (now only revious plot and new plot are updated))
- solved bug that ICBM cannot be build
- ninja (assassin) is now working
- jail and courthouse reduce success of assassin by 5%
- all melee/archer/gunt type unit also reduce chance by 2%
- most code updated for Multiplayer compatibility, MP is avaliable (still can't be guaranted for full functionality)
- armored car can not transport Tanks anymore but only transport foot units (riflemans, grenadier, infantry, marines)
- Redcoat and Minuteman are now replacing the Rifleman instead of Infantry
- Musketman now upgrades to Rifleman instead of Infantry
- If a religion is neglated and its holy city spawns away so does the shrine gets destroyed.
- New model for Huntsman is there. Huntsman is back, which replaces the Northern European Archers!!!!
- Barbarians get the Wild Versions for Spearman, Swordsman and Axeman from now + the Huntsman for Archer by default
- Added Arabian Longbowman UU
- Added Arabian Spearman
- Added Arabian Pikeman
- Added Arabian Swordsman
- Added African Archer
- Fix of normal Flags according to the little patch in post #920 in the forum
- fixed African (Nubian) Archer
- Added Canoe Button
- Added Egyptian Longbowman
- Added Egyptian Scout
- Added Egyptian Settlers
- Added Egyptian Warrior
- Added Hindu Scout
- Added Hindu Settlers
- Added Hindu warrior
- Added New Native Archer (Only for map (already replaced), since he looks like Indians from North America and doesn't fit the Aztecs and Incans). Old Native Archer still existing
- Swapped normal workers and Egyptian workers, to give the one that looks more Egyptian to the Egyptians. ;o)
- Added Black Knight UU for French (Normandy)
Added new unique Great Generals model for
- Russia
- Persia
- Spain
- England
- German
- Adding new Picture for the Zoroastrian Shrine once built. (Removed the Confucian Picture)
- Added Roman WW2 Tank 'Fiat L6/40'
- Added Chinook Transport Helicopter transports 6 foot soldier, green camouflaged Jungle/Forest bonus
- Added Chinook Transport Helicopter transports 2 Tank/Artillery, Desert camouflaged , desert bonus
- Added KA50 Gunship (comes with Satellites) excellent combat rates
- Added mi24 Gunship/Transporter, good attack rates and can carry 2 foot soldier
- Added mi26 the biggest transport helicopter in production, can carry 8 soldiers and is even faster. UU (replaces Infantry Chinook) for Russia, India, Greece, Aztec (Mexico), Inca (Peru)
- Added Black Knight Button
- Replacing old Churchil tank model by a new one.
- Conquistators are a bit nerfed due the possibility of defense bonus on a tile. No more Immune to First Strike, Collateral Damage reduced, Cost increased from 90 to 100.
- Roman Cataphtracts now upgrade to Knights
- added Tercio (Spanish UU for Musketman)
- All Musketmen get a -35% vs Archers (due inaccuracy of early Muskets - refer to the Book of five Rings) (Only Logbowmen can have a chance against them)
Airplanes re-balanced:
- Fighters (WW2) get 100% vs Zeppelin
- JetFighters (modern) get 150% vs WW1 Biplanes and 200% vs Zeppelins
- Jet Bomber (modern) get 100% vs WW1 Biplanes, 100% vs WW1 Zeppelin and 50% vs Armored units (-50% on Air in general)
- Stealth Bomber get 250% vs WW1 Biplanes, 250% vs Zeppelin and 150% vs WW2 Fighters and 50% vs Armored units (-50% on Sea in general)
- Promotions re-adjusted.
- TotalRealismWorldmap; old units replaced with new ones.
- Longbowman get not only bonus vs normal Archers not anymore in general aginst all Archery units (like themselves)
- English Longbow man gets +10% bonus vs Knights and some bonus vs Maceman, which neglates Maceman bonus vs normal Longbowman.
- Musketmen have now 15% when attacking Knights and 30% when defending against Knights. They also have -35% vs Archers
- American Settler modified
- Native Settler fixed
- Map completely replaced with new units, city in Australia removed

New components:
- updated SDK (as mentioned before) for unitSetXY event - now also return old position for unit
- implemented Flying Mod from RogerBacon (now helicopters can fly over ocean)
- implemented Dale's combat factory components:
- missile mod (new unit - Tomahawk missile, can be transported on nuclear submarines)
- MAD nuke mod (pre-targeted nukes)
- ranged bombardment (heavy updated):
- new damage calculation for ranged attack (too complex for short description)
- all siege unit is defend-only, so they can attack only via bombardment
- new promotions for siege unit (ignore terrain, ignore range, ...)
- new defense tags for terrain/buildings/improvements


Patch 2.0.2 - released

- patch include all changes prior to 2.0.1
- saved games from version 2.0.1 is compatible with 2.0.2 version
- Updated worldmap
- XML strategy bugs resolved
- Fixed more XML indent problems
- Solved bug, when holy city for non-state religions was appeared and then disappeared in next turn
- When holy city disappear, then also the shrine for this religion is geting destroyed
- Introducing a new World map with 3 existing cities for each civ ( StartYear= 3250 BC, everyone starts with FISHING, WHEEL and AGRICULTURE)
- Demolution troops can now raze a city
- Crusaders need from now a Temple instead of Cathedral to get built


Info about the coming Patch 2.0.1 - released

Emergency Fix:

- Thanks to the excellent work of the team, all the unneccessary hooks in the DLL have been removed which leads to 50-75% Game performance on the Total Realism World Map.

Major fixes:
Spoiler :

- Mercenary (close feature request #1504803, clode bugs #1502266)
- chance to acquire promotion lowered from 10% to 3%
- hire cost coefficient increased from 0.8 to 1.0
- income from contracted unit is only 25% from sum, which is payed as maintenance cost (ie other civ pay 20 gold for your merc, but you get only 5)
- now read values from ini file
- Assassin (close feature request #1507467)
- max 5 unit per player
- Replaced cultural decay component, all newly created and/or acquired cities gain 1 culture point (close bug #1490695)
- updated religion mod (close bug(s): #1503644, #1502416)
- disabled XP redistribution in sdUnitXP.py (too bugged code, bug #1506124, #1506311 )
- resolved PLE problem, where unit is not displayed, if stack size is over 15 (close bug #1510352, #1502811
- Removed Soldier from Barracks, drydock and bombshelter.. added him to walls, to slow down early Great General production.
- solved bug with not movies for newly added wonders (close bug #1502648)
- updated terraform component (bug #1504945)
- Updated promotions:
Removed Plain Defense promotion
Changed Mercenary's promotion self preservation tier from 25,20,15% Withdrawl AND 10,10,15% Combat TO 15%,20,25% Withdrawl AND 10,10,10% Combat.
Combat 6 was 15% is now 25% Combat bonus
Defense was 5% each tier and 4 levels - changed 15%, 15%, 20% (removed Defense 4)
Woodsman I and II give now each 25% Bonus + the move bonus
Ambusher I and II (Hillman) give now wach 25% bonus + the move bonus + Ambush requires now as prereq. combat 2 or defense2 instead of defense3
- updated PLE (preventing python exception in PLE when reloaded modules)
- Cottages moved to Masonry + Cottage time to upgrade to Hamlet was 10 turns is now 25 turns, Hamlet to Village was 20 turns is now 30, Village to Town was 45 is now 60
- Expansionst and Organized Trait improved and implemented new bonus for Organized trait (+1 happy face in builded/acquired city) + Expansive now builds Lighthouse and Courthouse 50% faster, Organized now builds Granary and Harbour 50% faster
- Deleted all the comments inside the XML files that caused many little bugs for not showing units and buildings (German Teutonic problem, Taoist Shrine problem) (close bug #1507504)
- Reworked the Zoroastrian first Discovery song (now better chorus, slower and with fireplace background)
- Added Zoroastrian short Dink sound for spreadnotice and temple selection etc. Now it ends smoother than before, only 1 sec long.
- Set the value for nonattendance of holy cities to 75 turns until they loose their importance and consider moving the holy city.
- added the White-Flag Patch for older display cards that were not able to show some flags properly due the lack of the proper alpha channel.
- ICBM fixed

Minor fixes:
Spoiler :

- updated slavery rebellion (small bugs)
- fixed Russian Leader (close bug #1502444)
- fixed Roman Leader
- Minor general fixes in XML
- Strategy field for Mausoleum
- Corrected and Completed Persian Civilization History (Thanks to Xshayathiya for support)
- Took out the temple resource so it wont show up in random maps
- Collateral damage toned down for Chariots, Knights and Cataphtracts
- Knights, Cataphtracts, Chariots and all Tanks have negative bonuses in Forests and Jungles
- Moves reduced for units above & Horse archers
- Mongolians have -25% in Desert (to stop them in Arabia like in history), all Knights have now negative bonuses on certain terrain.
- Informant and Amman spy upgrade to Spy.
- Crusaders can now upgrade to Rifleman or Grenadier like Maceman
- Crusader cost decreased from 50 to 40.
- Hyapist & Greek Hyapist costs changed from 35 to 30
- Mujahid now upgrades to knight
- Mujahid cost decreased from 45 to 36
- Longbowman now upgrades to Musketman
- Updating Teutonic Knights Graphics to Original with Cross
- Crusaders need now also a Christian Cathedral before being able to get produced and Muslim Mujahis need a Temple (Mosque). This will force the players that will use this warfare advantage of these religions, being more serious about them and spending some production before in building religious buildings. (It might seem not unfair that Christians need a Cathedral while Muslims need only a Temple. However the Muslims also get -15% Trade routes while Christians don't have this. And Crusaders are slightly more powerful than Mujahids.)
- T84 gets a free Defense1 promotion since Russians use more an Active Defense System rather than having thick armor usually preferably used by NATO tanks.
- first version of FAQ in Game directory
- complete French Translations. Thanks to Smash15195
- updated tag for Three Gorges Dam (solve civpedia and strategy problem with name of wonder)
- KoenigsTiger Cost increased from 200 to 210
- T34 Cost increased from 160 to 190, Moves increased to 3, Withdrawl from 25% to -10%, CombatBonus Mounted 250%, Archer 250%, Armor 10%
- Roosevelt changed from Organized to Expansive
- All the WW1 Tanks get Combat bonuses vs Melee 200% and 250% vs. Archers
- Permanent Alliances in realism map and Custom maps allowed (maybe will be removed again before the release)
- Updated Map to put ocean between Siberia and Alaska to keep galleys from crossing also updated some resources and put the Inuit city of Nome in Alaska and more
- Fixed the Icons for lemon, Cotton, Tuna and book (Because we deleted the Temple bonus, all these have been moved)
- U.N. Resolutions fixed
- Fixed a reference text bug to Zoroatrian Magi strategy
- Replaced new Zeppelin by the old ugly Zeppelin until we have solved the CTD problem.


What happened since Realism 1.09
Spoiler :

- Civ 1.61 compatible :)
- Added more than 50 new units. A lot more diversity to the game units. Chinese soldiers look Chinese and Africans look African etc…
- Goodie Huts cannot give a free tech anymore!
- Added High Resolution Graphics for better looking Game (Made by NASA Blue Marble)
- Added Blue Marble general realistic object scale
- Expansionist trait (scout and settler got +1 movement via newly created special promotion)
- Creative Trait (Creative civs ge a free Great Person if city is 12 population)
- Military Academy to give 3xp and 25% production
- Montezuma’s Leader head (skull has no more eyes)
- Uranium gives certain Tanks better ammunition
- Whippet MKA WW1 Tank can do better in stacks of 5 and more
- Any sort of improvement on a Jungle or Forest is now set to correct values. In 1.09 it is faster to chop a jungle/forest with even higher production outcome, if you build an improvement on the tile: Jungle takes 3 times longer to chop than a forest and 10 production outcome while forest has 15 production outcome.
- Mathematics gives now in 1.61 production bonus to forest/jungle chopping. We reduced it from vanilla 50% to 15%.
- More Portraits for Great Generals
- Tanks units can not capture a city anymore. Infantry gets a more vital role in late game.
- SAM Units and Marines can now be upgraded to Mechanized units.
- Marines get City defense AI
- Gunship act now as Air craft (no terrain movement cost)
- Hills give now 25% defense instead of 30%
- Unit upgrades now 20% instead of 25% cost
- Some Color changes for Civ-Text Interface
- Research rate adjusted
- Realistic Ship Scale Mod + Sound Adjustment Mod included and extended to new types of ships in Realism Mod
- Submarines have now 100% vs Transporters and 50% vs Battleships and Carriers
- Tech Tree readjusted: moved Philosophy up to after writing and gave it a requirement of Alphabet with a cost of 350. Changed the path from Philosophy to and the requirement of civil service for Nationalism to a path from Civil Service with a requirement of Philosophy. Change the path from Monotheism to Mediation to Priesthood to Mediation. Changed the path from Theology to Paper to Guilds to Paper. Gave a Path from Monarchy to COL. Changed the Cost of Priesthood from 60 to 100 and of Theology to 500 from 550. Made rifling and military tradition Industrial Era techs and move infantry to industrialism and marine to plastics. Theology to 350 from 500. Gave assembly Line a requirement of steel.
- Chariots and War chariots now cause a little collateral damage as well.
- Zoroastrianism religion has now own picture by founding and real own prayer sound.

Mod components added:
- Ancient Era Flute Music mod
- ActualQuotes diplomacy text 2.01
- PlotListEnhancements 2.03
- UnitXP Mod (Modified By Realism Team)
- Snaitf's Show Attitude Mod
- TechConquest 0.3 (Modified by Realism Team)
(Large cities gave too much Technology knowledge)
- TechWindow 1b (Modified by Realism Team)
- IceBreaker Mod balanced (Ice disappears now 55% instead of 50% - to solve the problem of overgrowth of ice in the game)
- New exotic Animal Mod 0.1
- Modified Special Domestic Advisor - v1.8e added
- Mercenaries Mod added
- Enhanced Foreign advisor 2.0
- Enhanced Military advisor 1.2
- Assassin Mod 1.3 (However we have rewritten almost the entire code and made lots of improvements)
- CulturalDecay Mod 0.2 ( Readjusted by Realism Team)
- Added Great Person Mod 2.01 Final
- Promotions and Traits 0.81 added (Modified version by Realism Mod)
- Added Military Leader Mod (Almost completely rewritten by Realism Team for better performance and functionality)
- Added FreeSpec Mod (Free Specialist for Creative Trait's cities bigger than 12)
- Added updated OpenTech Mod
- Added Slave Mod
- Added updated Nationhood Mod (Combat bonus for units within own borders while having nationalist trait)
- Terraform Mod added
- Added StackAid Mod (Rewritten parts of the code)

- New Nuclear Submarine Model
- American Minuteman is now type of Musketman. Withdrawl 50%, Combat 10, 1 Firststrike, 80 costs (same bonuses as Musketman)
- English Redcoat is now type of Musketman. Combat 11, 25% Mounted, 90 cost + (bonuses as Musketman)
- Machinegun 10% Defense Bonus vs. Early Tanks (WW1) + 50% vs Mounted
- Grenadier % Defense Bonus vs. Early Tanks (WW1)

Some of the major new features:

Land Transporters

We forgot to mention this. We got a WW2 land transporter to transport 3 infantry units to the front lines. There is a better Humvee for the Modern age that has better defense, more moves and more cargo. Try to find behind the enemy lines, do a Blitzkrieg or just send produced units faster to the front lines...Also the Whippet WW1 Tanks now have a horde promotion. Have 5 of them in one stack fighting together....

Military Generals

You are waiting for the Expansion to be able having real general sin the battle field? Why are you waiting? Here they are. Take care of your units with higher promotion, the higher their promotion is you have highter chances to obtain an additional real general that can fight on the battle field and give the units in the stack combat promotion. This gereral can also rush wonders.

We have at this time two different generals. The one that is being generated in the cities as great person, who can build academies etc. and this battle field general. Both will be merged in one unit in the next release.

Different approach to Assassins:

- No more negative population (minimum after attack is half of previous (or 1))
- No more negative culture (minimum is half of previous) - need more complex algorithm based on culture level etc...)
- reduced occupation timer (was too high for experienced assassins)
- Halved success and survival chance when targeted civ has "Police state" civic

Different Time line:
You won't see the years but a general era. e.g. Ancient Era etc. The problem with WHEN something is founded is no longer one.

Slavery civic good or bad?

If you accept Slavery during warfare you might capture the enemy units and turn them into your slaves. Slaves work for you as workers or can be sacrified to rush a production. However be aware, that having the slavery civic could come to uprisings in your empire, where you would never expect it...Spartacus is calling

Mercenaries at your service

It is now possible to hire mercenaries in times of desperation. Press Alt-M and get to their Menu and be aware the more experienced a mercenary gets the more expensive he will be.

Religion Mod:

So far not published anywhere else is our Religion Mod that makes Religions more realistic.

Since Judaism, one of the oldest religions, was a tribal religion (PC we call it in this mod dominant religion) it acts a bit differently in this mod.

Once a player founded Judaism and converts to Judaism, he becomes the protector of this faith. Judaism can ONLY spread inside the own countries borders. And it doesn’t allow any other religion being spread in the Jewish cities. Only exception is the Jewish holy city which can have, like Jerusalem, other religions. The AI knows how it works and won’t waste one missionary outside the border. Since this puts the player into a tougher situation and probably more pressure from outside, Jewish temples provide +15% more trade routes.

The other improvement is that holy cities in general can disappear if the Player doesn’t convert into that religion. Let say you found Zoroastrianism and you get the holy city. If you don’t convert your state religion to that religion, you would loose the holy city in 10 turns. After 15 turns the holy city might appear again in a random city that A) has that religion and B) has the biggest population among those cities. Independent from civilization the holy city might even spawn in your neighbors borders who do more appreciate that religion. The respawn of a holy city also happens if the holy city had been razed. There is only one exception to the dominant religions like Judaism. Their holy city is the only holy city they like to have. The civic free religions plays also a big part. It tolerates other holy cities and acts as it had the state religion of all those religions.

This mod makes it harder to collect all religions and holy cities for yourself. Diversity and distribution of the religions among all civs will be the result.

Raze a city shorter than razing a cottage?

Not anymore. From now if you or AI try to raze a city it happens like in real. The Population and buildings get decimated each turn until the city is no more. Only small cities of 3 get instantly destroyed. This way you get some time sending troops to rescue your fallen cities.

I would like to thank the whole team for their time, effort and all the hunger and hygiene problems we went through despite – some of us - being even married. :D

I would like also to thank all of these modders, who have helped indirectly with their unit or mod component:

Never mind, Rabbit White, Snafusmith, C.Roland, Ploeperpengel, Notarzt, Chalid, sharick, AlazkanAssassin, RogerBacon, Cafegio, ComG, baal_isidro, seZereth, Hunter, LittleRedPoint, heroes182, Expositus, Von Zeppelin, Robo Magic Man, nautil, Lucky4life, Mumin, krowtrobot, Zuul, Aranor, Hell's Angel, villo, Tremo, TheLopez, Snaitf, 12monkeys, Frontbrecher, Bhruic, SupremeOverlord, Stone-D, Thalassicus, Optimizer, Master Lexx, Mylon, Patricius, naf4ever, abbamouse, Sevo, Willowmound and TheFourGuardian, Niust, Arne

Total Realism 2.0 Team:

Houman “Houmie” – Team Leader, XML developer and responsible for Soundtrack
Christian “Israfil” – Project Website Admin and responsible for release and distribution
Joe “Nightravn” – Map Editor and Graphics Artist and responsible for timeline balance
Peter “Mexico” – Python Developer and responsible for installation scripts
Paul “Phatlip” – SDK Developer and responsible to stay up and work 24/7 on the mod
“12Monkey” as Freelacer – External SDK and Python solutions

* Old save games won't be compatible with this release. Please start a new game.

Please discuss your ideas about this mod in this forum:

Have you found a bug? Then please email it to our new Email Savegame attachements are VERY welcome and helpful!
Now to the new Units:

We will publish screenshots to each unit - in one of these days...

- American General
- American Settler
- US Cavalry
- American Minuteman
- Modern Armor Abrams M1A1 (Upgradeable with Uranium)
- American F15
- American Nuclear Submarine Los Angeles Class
- Caucasian Scout

- Arabian Leader
- Babylonian Archer
- Arabian Camel Archer
- Arabian Ansar Knights
- RPG (Bazooka)
- SAM RPG (SAM Infantry)
- T72 Tank (Upgradeable with Uranium, ignore enemies river defense)
- Arabian Settler
- Arabian Scout
- Arabian Warrior
- AK47 Marine (Marine)

- Canoe (Galley)
- Native Leader
- Jaguar(Swordsman)
- Native Archer
- Native Longbowman
- Jaguar II
- Native Scout
- Native Warrior (new model)
- Native American Settler
- Ak47 Marine

- Chinese Leader
- Chinese Archer
- Chinese Horse Archer
- Chokonu
- Junk (Galleon)
- Fareast Settler
- Fareast Warrior
- Chinese Swordsman
- Chinese Spearman
- Chinese Musketman
- Chinese Pikeman
- Fareast Scout
- AK47 Marine

- Egyptian Leader
- War Chariot
- Egyptian worker
- Egyptian Archer
- T72 Tank
- AK47 Marine

- English Leader
- Caucasian Scout
- Wild Spearman
- Highlander
- Wild Axeman with Shield
- Redcoats
- English Longbowman
- Mark V Tank
- Churchill Tank

- French Leader
- Caucasian Scout
- Wild Spearman
- Frank Axeman
- French Musketeer
- French Infantry
- Dragoons
- Renault FT17 Tank

- German Leader
- Indo-Aryan-Settler
- Caucasian Scout
- Wild Spearman
- Wild Swordsman
- Wild Axeman without Horn
- German Rifleman
- German Infantry
- A7V Tank
- German Bismark Battleship
- German Fokker DR1 (WW1 fighter)
- German BF109 (WW2 fighter)
- Koenigs Tiger Tank
- Leopard 2A5 Tank
- Teutonic Knights (Maceman)

- New Greek Phalanx
- Greek Hyapist with Shield
- Greek Archer
- Greek Kopis Warrior (Axeman)
- Greek Cataphtract
- Greek Leader

- Canoe (Galley)
- Native Leader
- Quechua
- Native Archer
- Native Longbowman
- Quechua II
- Native Scout
- Native American Settler
- AK47 Marine

- Indian Leader
- Tribal Warrior
- Indo-Aryan Settler
- Indian Fast Worker
- Indian War Elephant
- T72 Tank

- Japanese Leader
- Samurai (Maceman)
- Samurai Longbowman
- Yari Cavalry (Cataphtract)
- Japanese Spearman
- Japanese Swordsman
- Japanese Pikeman
- Japanese Crossbowman
- Samurai Knight
- Samurai Horse Archer
- Japanese Musketman
- Japanese Zero fighter
- Far East Settler
- Far East Warrior
- Far East Scout

- Mali Leader
- Mali Worker
- Mali Skirmisher
- Mali Knight
- T72 Tank
- African Settler
- African Warrior
- African Scout

- Mongol Leader
- Far East Settler
- Far East Warrior
- Wild Axeman
- Fareast Scout
- Mongolian Archer
- Mongolian Keshik
- Mongolian Horse Archer
- AK47 Marine

- Persian Leader
- Indo-Aryan-Settler
- Tribal Warrior
- Real Immortal (New model)
- Persian Horse Archer
- Armored Swordsman
- Persian Sipahi
- T72 Tank
- AK47 Marine

- Roman Leader (New Model)
- Roman Legionaries
- Roman Cataphtract (New Model)

- Wild Spearman
- Caucasian Scout
- Tribal Warrior
- Russian Leader
- Axeman with Shield without Horn
- Wild Swordsman
- Cossack
- Tank 34
- Nuclear Submarine Akula
- AK47 Marine

- Spanish Leader
- Spanish Explorer
- Spanish Conquistador
- Spanish Cavalry
- Spanish Galleon

Barbarian Minor:
- Barbarian Leader
- Barbarian Warrior (Aborigines)
- AK47 Marine

Barbarian Main:
- Barbarian Leader
- AK47 Marine

- Delete all the files under C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\My Games\Civilization4\cache
- If you have anything in the Custom Asset folder, delete them NOW!
- Restart your computer
- Start the Icon that was created by the installer. If its your first time DO NOT start the icon with Earth MAP straight away.
- Once the game is started generate your map or select the ToTalRealismMap in Game under Play Scenario.

Have fun,
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I found a bug, where I can report?
A: Please, all bugs report at SourceForge bug tracker:
Check if this bug has already been reported. In this case just add your comment to the existing report!

Q: My game keeps crashing on start and moves back to desktop!
A: This is in most cases cache problem. Try to clear-out the game cache (located in "C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\Application Data\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 4\cache" by default,
you must have switched the option "Show hidden file" on. Then start the mod not directly thorugh the desktop shortcut, but start the vanilla Civ game and then load the mod from Advanced menu

Q: Can I use MapXY for playing this mod?
A: No, from premade maps you can use only Total Realism Earth Map, or you can use generated map. (In other premade maps you cannot get resources that are not included
in vanilla Civ4. This is the case for all mods not only for Total Realism, which uses own set of resources/bonuses)

Q: There is barbarians inside my teritory !
A: Probably you have adopted Slavery Civic - slaves in your cities have a chance to initiate revolt and can appear around your cities as barbarian units! Spartacus rules!
Oh man, I think I just wet myself! :eek:

Where... is... download.... button??? Oh, there it is. Ahhhhhhhhh!
The whole team has worked so hard on this release - it was so nice to actually be able to play tonight!

Especially Houmie though, he would have lost some hari the past few days i think, but he definately did an awesome job bringing the team together.

We still have more to add to this mod however, so stay tuned.
i thought orignally it was suppose to be 1.65 version:goodjob:

cant wait to try it...too bad i have to until later on tonight:(

wow this is really gonna be great, great job to the whole realism team
Spartan117 said:
wow i thought orignally it was suppose to be 1.65 version:goodjob:

cant wait to try it...too bad i have to until later on tonight:(

We have finished over 225 commits only on this version. It was way more than just a 0.5 step. There are so many little improvements that you only will notice once you play. ;)

I am sure you guys will love it!

If you mean the worldmap, you should have at least 1 GB Ram. And I assue you the time between turns stays as it is, since in the beginning are more barbarians. Meanwhile while the Civs are growing the Barbarians get decimated. So it stays even.

Looks great Houman. :thumbsup:

I especially like the idea of taking several turns to raze a city. Is that available as a separate mod, or is it something unique to TR?
Ploeperpengel said:
Downloading. Makes me really curious!

Unfortunatelly your Huntsmen didn't make it in this version. However in the next version he will be back. :D
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