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Modified Scenarios Workshop


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May 9, 2005
I'm going through the SL Info page checking links and I thought it would be a good idea to transfer this thread across: Original Modified Scenarios Workshop thread at Apolyton

The idea of this thread is to be a place to discuss anything from graphical mods to old MGE scenarios through to full Test of Time conversion projects. Feel free to start a new thread if you prefer to discuss it at length!

I will post a link to this thread in SL Info thread so it can be easily tracked down.

I know there are a number of mods by Petit that I would like to add to the SL Wiki. We need to work out a consistent system for adding them to original scenarios pages. I will try get onto this as soon as the SL fills up a bit more, help would be welcome.
It is a good idea to keep it in a single thread. I have some scenarios myself that I've updated. Maybe I could upload them too when the wiki is working :)
It's very well.
You are the :king:
I send conversions to TOT.
Cool! I was unaware a graphical update was done to Gold Gulch. Looks good :)
Wow, what an excellent collection! Its great to see so many classics brought up to date. I'm sure the creators would be delighted to see their work evolving like this after so many years. There are a few here I have not played properly so they are on my ever growing "TO PLAY" list. Top work :goodjob:
Other TOT conversions:
I will send 'Weyler' other day.
What can I say, outstanding work! I can't wait to try some of these out. I was meant to be fitting a new shower with a mate today but he's ill so I can indulge myself in a bit of Civ2. The only problem is there are so many scenarios to play now!
Awesome. I will check these out as soon as I get back off holiday. I'm totally spoilt for new scenarios right now. I just wish I had the time to play them all! Civ2 is all about the long-game so they will all get their turn eventually!
Didn't somebody convert 'Of Celts and Iberians' to ToT? If so, anyone have a link please?

While we're at it, have any of these been converted?

Age of Constantine
Hannibal's War
Quest for Asia: The Conquests of Alexander the Great
Hola todos,
McMonkey I did a TOT conversion of your scenario "Balkan Wars"... Are you animed to will do evens?
Yes Fairline, one of the next scenarios that I will send be "Of Celts and Iberians". It's one of my favourites scenarios... I sent Hannibal's War ToT conversion: http://forums.civfanatics.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=282395&d=1297459764
. "Age of Constantine" is in conversion and "Quest for Asia: The Conquests of Alexander the Great" is a very good idea for ToT conversion. In a next future I will adapted it.
The conversion to TOT is 30 minutes without graphics. But something of the scenarios can be better with more units and evens. Ideas? Something of the scenarios are not finished.
I sent two doubts: How I can delete the rectangle of life of the units? Mountains and other static units do not need it. And Where I can get an explanation on how to work the diplomatic relations in tot evens?
Thanks for the link to the Hannibal's War conversion gapetit :goodjob:

I think Catfish may be converting some of the other scenarios already.

Can I be cheeky and add Fading Lights and Heraclius to the list? I already have one of my own dodgy conversions of Fading Lights, but a proper one would be good.

To get rid of health bars ('rectangle of life') you need to use Mercator's program SpriteGen:


If you have trouble with it, let me know and I can hopefully explain how to use it.
McMonkey I did a TOT conversion of your scenario "Balkan Wars"... Are you animed to will do evens?

I would be interested to see the ToT conversion. The scenario is far from finished. I would probably make it as a MGE multiplayer game first to see how it plays and perhaps later as a single player ToT game with different events files for all nations, though that will probably be a way off in the future as I need to finish Fortress Europe and Aeterna Civitas III first.
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