Modinfo splicing problem


Jun 13, 2014
I was trying to make the Super Power Mod use Reform & Rule's social policies ( because the new policies in the Super Power mod are either boring/too linear/overpowered). I tried it by opening Super Power Mod's .modinfo file and editing it to use Reform & Rule's xml files, but when I tested it in game the social policies didn't change. Do I need something like mod buddy to successfully do the splicing ?
In addition to including the files, did you include the OnModActivated->UpdateDatabase actions?
If you can disable the changes the Super Power mod makes to Social Policies you should be able to run both mods together without issues. It looks like the changes you would need to make to Super Power are:

Rename "Super Power balance/XML/PoliciesTweak.xml" or otherwise comment it out so it doesn't load.

Open "Super Power balance/XML/Game Text/NewTextTweak.xml" search within the file for "Policy Info Change". Comment out the entire Language_en_US section below that point until you reach the "tech info change" section.
You can probably get away without doing the following, but if you want to in "Super Power balance/Lua" rename the following files (so they aren't loaded) or comment them out.

After you've done this you may still have tooltip issues with the World Wonders that are tied to Social Policies (ei: Stonehenge). You can disable the changes Reform makes to the World Wonders to resolve this problem.
No, it's possible to do it that way. You must have missed something (there's more than just the Files section). Have you tried using ModTools?
I can't download the ModTools for some reason, the link doesn't show up.

I already did that, but when i checked the policies in-game it doesn't work.
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