[MODMOD] Casual Terrain+ for Chronicles of Mankind

Mr Smith

Dec 28, 2008
Moscow's suburbs
This is a collection of tweaks I've made for myself, aimed at providing a more leveled field in multiplayer and foolproofing AI, even if it isn't all that realistic. You can unpack modmod to CoM folder or scrap some of the more controversial parts by excluding the corresponding XML. Another big part is the Smart Map script I've brushed up a bit - updated to Terkhen's 9.26, doubled river start (but not overall density without an option) chance from hills and peaks, introduced coastal peak hillifier (so they don't block sweet spots nvm, I noticed it's overriden too, maybe a shift will help later), adjusted starting position criteria, removed ice (standard feature method still ignores it unless you tweak FeatureInfos), made NoSnow option replace snow with tundra instead of plains and allowed sea resources spawn next to pole and only up to 3 tiles away from land (working range, so that they are not "wasted"), preset options to a cool land-heavy format. Or it can generate nice earth-like shapes, always could. I wish it's resource-placing method still worked, but CoM uses something different than addBonuses(), so part of functionality isn't available now. I've also replaced icons for yields with a History Rewritten/Realism Invictus set, it's hard to go back once you get used to them. If you still don't have Chronicles of Mankind, you can get it here. Many thanks to AND team for making all this tuning possible.



  • There is no "bad" terrain now. Snow, tundra, marsh and desert have the same sum of 2 yields as grassland and plains, but they still pile on a bit of unhealth. (sorry, noticed it doesn't work, flood plains are back to 2 food too in v1.2)
  • Tundra and snow (nevermind, farms seem to validate by this new food, so better use No Snow option) near rivers get +1 food instead of commerce, but you still can't farm on snow without terraforming.
  • Oasis can be improved and settled on (still disappears, though).
  • Lakes and oceans get extra coin. (after some consideration shifted it into food in v1.2)
  • Realistic culture is much more tolerant to harsh climates.
  • Deserts are "flooded" by default, but actual feature is balanced to not be too OP on other terrain (still balance mostly shows once you get Agrarianism/try to build worshops there/cities get advanced enough to have hammers/levees are built). For those, who struggle even with redacting XML, I'll leave an alternative version where FPs occur only on desert.
  • Desert/tundra/snow hills are also less effective than grassland/plains ones, but you still get mines' scaling and a coin instead of missing food/hammer.
O-o-oh, boy.
  • Pastures (plains and savannah), camps (tundra, scrub, savannah, jungle and forests), quarries (hills and desert) and plantations (jungle and savannah) can be built without resources and can actually discover them, History Rewritten-style.
  • Quarries upgrade into modern quarries with much higher chance to discover resources.
  • Mines and quarries share discovery pool, but not yields or resource validation (except for salt).
  • Balanced yield bonuses from techs a bit too, so there's no dramatic difference in scaling.
  • City ruins are a ready base for rebuilding and thus provide 1food2hammers, upgrade into hamlet, pillage to get a mine immediately.
  • Forts have some yields.
  • Gathering Finished still provides 1 of it's yield and can upgrade.
  • Gathering and many other can be built outside of cultural borders in preparation for expansion, but not farms/cottages/workshops.
  • Most bonuses are revealed (but not enabled) at the start, no more unknowingly settling on a valuable source of yields, except for iron and later strategic resources. HR-style, except you even see copper. To compensate horses, copper and iron don't provide extra yield until they are improved.
  • Some resources have a wider range of terrain where they can spawn (mostly in favor of tundra), while grassland lost some, because it was prone to oversaturation.
  • Default version allows groups of the same resource, alternative forces a minimal distance between instances.
  • Replaced "no unhappiness in the capital" effect with +5/10 happiness from palace, since it allowed slaves exploit.
  • Removed "population requires 50% more food for growth" to prevent a gap because of unoptimal tech routes.
  • Slavery and Penal get bonus commerce from plantations and quarries (HR-style), latter also from mines and orchards.
  • Some civics don't prolong anarchy, but minimal still happens.
  • Survival trades 1 coin off camps for 1 food to support water-poor taiga/forest starts.
  • Revamped specialist yields, including citizens, which are worth at least as much as a plains tile in early game.
  • Tower of Babel provides 2 of free specialists for 6 unhealth.
  • Most have a 1food "cashback".
  • On average settled GPs are worth 3 times the normal specialist (nvm - was too much), but points are 33% harder to earn, unless you are using "flavourless" citizens, nobles, celebrities and philosophers to supplement.
Maybe will still need to nerf Philosophical and other GP boosters.
  • citizens are 2 :food: (population requires 3) 1 :hammers: 1 :commerce: +0.5:c5happy: 1 :gp: adaptive with a slight reduction at starting civic and shift/buff late and from a few wonders (was around originally)
  • artists are 1 :food: -1 :hammers: -1 :commerce: -1 :espionage: 3 :science: 6 :culture: (it has less value) 2 :gp:
  • engineers are 1 :food: -1 :commerce: -1 :gold: 2 :science: 3 :hammers: 2 :gp:
  • scientists are 1 :food: -1 :hammers: -1 :commerce: -1 :espionage: 3 :science: 2 :gp:
  • priests are 1 :food: 1 :hammers: 2 :commerce: 2 :gp: +1:c5happy:
  • doctors are 2 :food: -1 :hammers: -1 :commerce: -1 :espionage: 5 :science: 2 :gp: Great Scientist +0.5:c5happy: +1:health:
  • merchants are 1 :food: -1 :hammers: -1 :commerce: -1 :science: 6 :gold: 2 :gp:
  • spies are -1 :gold: -1 :science: -1 :culture: 7 :espionage: (!)3:gp: 1:c5happy:
  • nobles are 2 :gold: 2 :science: 2 :culture: 2 :espionage: 3 adaptive :gp: 1:c5angry:, 2:gold: is shifted into 3:hammers: by feudalism
  • magistrates/lawyers are 1 :food: 1 :hammers: -1 :commerce: -1 :science: 4 :gold: 1 :espionage: 2 :gp: Great Diplomat
  • celebrities/entertainers are 2 :gold: 4 :culture: 3 adaptive :gp: +1:c5happy:
  • philosophers are 6 adaptive :gp: 5 flexible :commerce: 4 :culture:
Most scale with Society and Labor civics. Magistrates and celebrities are intended to lag somewhat.
  • Lowered palace's cost by half, so it won't ruin your momentum too badly if you have a poor start and gotta move it.
  • It's commerce is moved to basic science, which you won't lose during anarchy or if you wander in search of a better spot at the start.
  • Adjusted snow tourism buildings in case someone DOES play with snow.
  • Nerfed Rialto, which was utterly ridiculous, especially with how many rivers one can get in SM.
  • Moved slider (science, espionage, culture) to earlier techs, shifted AI weight of key early techs, mostly related.
  • Preset default options in case you have trouble with preserving them too.
  • Adjustment for much higher possible land to water ratio in Smart Map and Tiny is vertical w40x56h.
  • Removed anarchy length increasing with number of cities.
  • Forest, jungle and savannah now HELP building most of improvements where wood is relevant.
  • Plantations and pastures don't destroy savannah, HR-style.
  • Adjusted GPP for subduing animals to not make hunters too snowballing.
  • Also added entries for Modern Quarry, if either this file or ImprovementsInfo/Buildinfo are not modified together - there will be errors, but probably not critical.
  • Scouts cost 10 hammers so that AIs don't waste too much on them.

  • Peaks nerf food -1 like hills, not -2, so Windmills are an option, also peaks get river bonus.
  • Minimal cities yields are 1/0/0 + 1/1/1, so grass/plains hills are always good and most resources' scaling can be traded for a partial early boost/better coverage.

  • Animals can spawn next to culture borders, otherwise hardly any would, considering recommended format.
  • Base (unaffected by modifiers, including Oral Tradition) science is 10 instead of 1.
  • Routes don't stop feature growth.
  • Raised a bit base free units, otherwise keeping an animal collection (say, waiting for barn/granary/warehouse stack) or rushing troops as AI would choke one's economy.


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Update 1.1
  • Made initial adjustments to specialists, so that they are not too strong early (especially GG and GH), but don't lag behind tiles too much. Many buildings and wonders were affected too.
  • Nobles are now a much more effective way to oppress the population than slaving.
  • Some economic wonders, especially religious and river/sea-affecting obsolete much earlier, making you choose between reaping their benefits longer or getting key tech.
  • Lots of improvement scaling changes - farms are once again the staple of success, but until you have irrigation you can rely on pastures which can be even better in riverless savannah and get extra hammer at crop rotation.
  • Improvements are fairly divided between Agrarianism and Slavery, latter isn't useless now without slave abuse, especially if you catch hostiles.
  • Pasture and farm can discover each other's resources with a smaller chance.
  • Slight guild buildings rebalance.
Criticism and suggestions are welcome. Particularly about specialists - they are quite rough and casual.
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I took the yield icons and cheaper palaces and animal spawning you did and added those to my own game. :)
the other changes seem to change the game a bit too much for me to use.
I took the yield icons and cheaper palaces and animal spawning you did and added those to my own game. :)
the other changes seem to change the game a bit too much for me to use.
Fair enough, that's part of modular charm. Icons texture should work for other mods too, except for C2C, but I've adjusted to it's layout as well.
But I must point, that there were a lot of other building tweaks than palace, so if you wanted just that, better change value in original CIV4BuildingInfos.xml instead. It's closely tied to specialists, after all. And river/sea changes are big, most yield boosters for them have a speedbump of about 3. If you want to check all the changes, I recommend CompareIt! free software.
I don't think terrain/features part is too radical, though. It sure helps if one finds inferior terrain stressful, even without improvements part.
Hi MrSmith and everyone,
First of all, thank you for your great work! :goodjob:
After (again) long time pause, I am (still) working on my giant Earth map scenario based on AND.
Now I just would like to ask one, can I put any of CoM terrain features (eg. savanna, scrub) into AND without edit AND's pythons or dlls? I mean as a feature, not just an art (eg. forest alternatives) using only xml files?
If not, then can you give me some info regarding which non-xml files do I need to modify and which part of CoM python codes need to be copied for this?
(Honestly, I have never done any SDK level modding so far, just minor python editing beyond xmls, graphics, etc.)
Update 1.2
Yield manager in dll (that I can't compile myself) was biased in favor of overloaded specialists, so I changed the approach completely - specialists' goal now is to "consume" less important yields to focus on their specialty (except Artist and Engineer have science to nudge AI), so with sufficient slots you can mostly bypass slider's limit for specialized cities while tactical dip becomes more viable and less detrimental to science. Of course, humans can micromanage everything with specialists in the first place, they are more accessible due to extra slots on wonders buildings, but slider should become less of a full science no-brainer, because AIs don't treat it such and their behaviour will make more sense this way (I hope). Great people are back to more subdued levels.

Pace is slowed in general, science multipliers are even harder to come by, but scientists/doctors allow deeper concentration of effort. If you pick a slower game speed, it should further round the edges of AIs prioritizing military and not maximizing science/growth, thus making them last longer as filler or even perform as a solid competitor at less crazy difficulties.

In my quest for an even field and foolproofness I've come to dislike extra commerce from rivers, so now all terrains have at least 1 commerce instead. Minimal yields are replaced with extra, so settling (or discovering you did) on a bonus is a fair trade-off. Because of this I rolled back discovery requirements, there is an alternative CIV4BonusInfos.xml still without them.

  • Since there's no bonus to omit for Forests, their hammer comes at a cost of 1 food.
  • It turned out <iHealthPercent> on terrain doesn't work, so I rolled back flood plains to being equal to grassland.
  • Jungle and Savanna are neutral and provide a fraction of health.
  • Forest and Jungle are only 25% defense.
Improved boni provide only 1 extra yield, sometimes shifting one into a different type. Improvements in general scale similarly, making trade-offs with techs and civics (this is what base commerce everywhere for). Orchards (that don't require a bonus) allow plain-heavy starts to grow at a same pace grassland farms would early, at Calendar you need Slavery to keep up with farms, at Guilds they finally branch into a food-commerce hybrid.

All things considered it comes out a bit bland, but I think it's good for both AIs and multiplayer. Still better than success and failure mostly being decided at map generation.

Yields from holy cities and shrines are about the same, some religions provide science instead of gold per city.

  • Specialist adjustments again.
  • Some QoL for previously unviable (at least without Revolutions) options, often actually through buildings.
  • Slavery allows gold-hurrying at 40% discount so that Mesoamericanism has something to work with.
  • Reintroduced peasants for Agrarianism and Feudalism.
Religious promo rebalance in adjustment to forest/jungle nerf to +25% defense and to make building-granted not ridiculous.

Science slider is unlocked at Storytelling because locked is broken.

Philosophical is +50%GP/+50% great general. 100 was countering Caste too much.
Industrious is back directly boosting world wonders 50%, since Architect is BS. Creative and Organized also get 20%, 50% for national wonders and projects.

Animals spawn closer to borders.
Base science is down to 5.

Reduced war chances 10 times as per Nexus's plan to roll it back.

Making sure you don't miss python wonders effects like Crusade or Great Mosque of Djenne until next patch is released.

  • Many replaced buildings contribute to their replacements.
  • Lots of specialist slots.
  • Found traditional religions take 100 hammers to construct, so there's some room to catch up, especially for Spiritual that get +100% speed.
  • Nerfed courthouses and remade the council line to be mainly slot providers, maintenance must sting early, counters were too cheap.
  • Temples of Hachiman and Apollo provide Drill I.
  • Royal Monument keeps functioning after you abandon it's civic, but not Royal Tomb, one is enough.
  • Christian Cathedrals now provide crusading commando bonus to siege units.
  • Sanctuaries (prophetless religions' pantheon extentions) and economic (including military multipliers) wonders are cheaper and less impactful, employed citizen speedbumps delay their pay-off. Obsoletion is shifted accordingly.
  • GLH is back to providing trade routes (just 1) instead of plot yields, it was very snowbally.
  • River boosters either come with speedbumps or make a neutral trade-off (1 commerce for 1 hammer for Levee, f.e.).
  • Resources boost wonders and buildings 50% instead of 100%.
  • Gate of the Sun moved to Mathematics.
  • Since vicinity boni were useless, I temporarily replaced it with scaling off general access to bonus, except for cathedrals/pantheons/sanctuaries - holy site would result in an instant snowball. Storehouse is split in two, boni scaling is only for capital city.
  • Pseudobuildings scale lakes for free and nerf specialists if you build Public Transportation or improvements.
  • Slider happiness is 4 times higher, order and oppression alternatively keeps your population in check with espionage.
  • Tons of other stuff I don't remember.
P.S. I probably was wrong about addBonuses(), at least density setting seems to work. I don't recommend balanced start, though - it spams water features in starting locations, even in lakes.


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Thank you for the Modmod!
There are lots of changes that make CoM even better!

Unfortunately there is a small mistake (?) you made in the 1.2 version.
In the GlobalDefines.xml you set the MIN_ANIMAL_STARTING_DISTANCE to 30, which prevents the spawning of any animals in the tests i ran.
Changing the Value to 1, like it was in the 1.1 version, fixes this.

This works also for existing saves - you just need to recalc.
In the GlobalDefines.xml you set the MIN_ANIMAL_STARTING_DISTANCE to 30, which prevents the spawning of any animals in the tests i ran.
Ah, thanks for noticing, guess I forgot to remove that personal tweak.
Hey there, I'm pretty excited to try this modmod, but when I try launching CoM after extracting "Assets" to Beyond the Sword\Mods\Chronicles of Mankind I get these two errors and the game crashes. Any idea how I might fix this?

Screenshot 2023-11-19 163857.png
Screenshot 2023-11-19 163930.png
Apologies for using this thread for tech support, but when I try to start a custom game the game takes an extremely long time to load; it has yet to ever get past the Initializing step. Do you know what the issue might be?
it has yet to ever get past the Initializing step
Do you mean loading the application or a game session? It could've crashed already or your harddrive can be overloaded/dying, lots of potential reasons. If it's application, then it just happens with custom DLLs, no idea why exactly. Check in task manager whether or not game fully occupied 1 core's worth of processor capacity (25% for 4 cores, 12.5% for 8 etc).
Do you mean loading the application or a game session? It could've crashed already or your harddrive can be overloaded/dying, lots of potential reasons. If it's application, then it just happens with custom DLLs, no idea why exactly. Check in task manager whether or not game fully occupied 1 core's worth of processor capacity (25% for 4 cores, 12.5% for 8 etc).
I meant a game session, but the game finished loading while I went to brew myself a cup of coffee. This is still an unusually long time to generate a map, however; it's easily multiple times the loading time for CoM. Is that expected?
For some scripts like Totestra, maybe Perfect World - it is. Which one you used? Map size?
If you're talking about the map selection in Custom Game, I tried once with RoM_Medium_and_Small and once with Chronicles_SmartMap_106_mst, both with the same results. Giant map size.
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