[Modmod] Dynamic Native American Soundtrack (plus Civ4Col OST and more)

Mullah Cable

Feb 8, 2022
Despite what you might think of Civilization 4 Colonization as a game, the OST is one of its strong suits especially if you appreciate the musical hidden gems from the Renaissance, Baroque, and Classical periods. I started this modmod as a mere music expansion for the middle eras, but thanks to Leoreth's guide on the Civ 4 SDK, I was able to add a unique dynamic soundtrack for the Pre-Columbian civilizations as well (so no more European Christian hymns while you're out collecting late-night snacks for Huitzilopochtli). Then I decided to add my own proposal for DoC's Global Era repertoire as a fully-fledged soundtrack along with a few other additions here and there. This is what came out of all this, and I hope you give it a spin.

The music modmod (dynamic Native American soundtrack, Global Era soundtrack, expanded soundtracks ft. Civ4Col OST and more) if you installed the dynamic soundtrack module

The same modmod for those who did not install the module

The source files if you want to incorporate them and compile the DLL yourself (hi Leoreth)

Just drag and drop the files to your DoC directory and overwrite the previous files. This mod should be savegame compatible with version 1.16.3.
Great idea, and thanks for putting in the work to compile this! Can't wait to listen to the music.
There is now a native American soundtrack in the develop branch, and there already are additional tracks for this soundtrack in the music module. It will only really work together with the next release.
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