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    First of all, I hear you about no one appreciating your freeware donations to the internet. Been there, Done that. There’s a reason I no longer actively add features to my own open source project, and I hope you now understand why I have a strong “I do not owe anyone anything” attitude -- it resets everyone’s expectations at the start.

    Anyway, I don’t owe you help fixing Totestra for MongooseMod, but I am making some progress. Terrain generation succeeds right now, but player start generation crashes. Attached is my modified Totestra; here is the final lines in the log before BOOM!

    CrashHERE x: 82
    CrashHERE y: 12
    Note that this particular script only generates one map so we can all see the same crash in the same place when running it.

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    Quite the conversation here. Explains much.

    Thanks to you both for your efforts and skills to improve CivIV/BtS experience.:goodjob:

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    Rich that Lunar Mongoose said this, when he never released the source code to his Mongoose Mod. More to the point, he burned out, and left the Civ community for good.

    Let’s see what I actually say:

    I put up reasonable boundaries, boundaries that are appropriate for unpaid work. These boundaries are there so that, unlike Lunar Mongoose, I do not burn out and leave the community, and so that, unlike Lunar Mongoose, who refused to release the source code of his work out of some unreasonable expectation of getting paid for it, source code is available for all of my projects at

    Obviously, Lunar Mongoose said the above statements a long time ago and I have long since forgiven him. However, making these kinds of statements in a public forum indicate a mindset of someone who does not work well with other developers.
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