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[NFP] More historical Game Modes coming in New frontier Pass

Discussion in 'Civ6 - General Discussions' started by SupremacyKing2, Jul 23, 2020.

  1. Elhoim

    Elhoim Iron Tower Studio Dev

    Nov 3, 2004
    San Isidro, Argentina.
    My wishlist would be:

    - Economic overhaul: Corporations, outposts, resource monopoly bonuses. Upkeep being a gameplay element, for units, buildings and even policies. Not only upkeep in gold, but in other yields for policies and resources for buildings/units. Happiness should be harder to achieve without focus on obtaining luxury resources.
    - Health overhaul: Rework "housing" into health. Like in Civ IV, bonus food resources (wheat, cattle, fish, etc) add to health. Population, mines, rainforest, marshes, industrial zones reduce health. Population should be much easier to grow, improvements no longer giving housing but more food. No pop hard cap, but incurring in negative health triggers diseases that hamper growth and can spread. Neighbor district available earlier as a provider of health (population less cramped).
    - Diplomacy overhaul: Vassals, revolutions with new civs appearing, new world congress (ability to choose proposals, influence on AI votes).

    And a mode that I think would work great:

    - One City Challenge: Only one city (duh), has increased working radius (4-5), you raze cities on capture. You can place "outposts" that create a territory around it (like the fort mod), and work all tiles around it, sending the yields to the capital (like the vampire castle does). You can invest in them in different directions, like a more economy geared one (village/town) that has a bigger radius and working area, or a fort with better defensive bonuses and ZOC. You can switch these modes, so a frontier post can become a town, or in the case of an invasion a town can become a fort.

    Another alternative to this mode is that it's only "original cities". So everyone only has a capitol, which you can capture, but can't settle new cities. The only mode of expansion would be through outposts (forts/towns) which send their yields to the closest city. City states don't create outposts, and can be captured as well in this mode.

    That's a VERY good one.
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