More than one GL at the same time?

More than one Great Leader at the same time?

  • Nope, only one GL

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  • Yes! Two GL running around

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  • Yes! More than two GL on the map!

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Nov 19, 2001
Paris, France
I've had more than one Great Leader at the same time. I was wondering if that was a bug (like multiple golden ages).

I think more than one Gl at a time is a sympton of people seeing things after playing the game until four in the morning. I just finished playing a game as the Germans, I used my first Gl to build an army so I could build the Heroic Epic. I was at war about 75% of the game and had a fairly steady supply of Gl's, which I used to rush misc wonders. About 20 turns before I knew I would get fission I saved one so I could rush the UN when it came up. I was at war for those 20 turns and no Gl's showed up, but as soon as I rushed the UN I got a Gl that turn. I have had more than one GL show up in a turn but only after using the current leader to rush a wonder or build an army, my record is 4 in one turn during a 200+ unit modern armor blitz on china.

So until I see a Screenshot or a saved game that has two GL's in it I wont be convinced.
Hihi :lol:

Two leaders eh,well sounds reasonable.." playing the game until four in the morning".Could have sworn I had two leaders,am also sure this isn´t supposed to be,I likewise saved a GL,and didn´t get any new ones while I did,by the time I finally used him I had almost forgot about him waiting in my capital,constructed a certain wonder several turns till I remembered that I still had one. Some want screenshots,true that would prove somethings, but what makes me doubt my memory more is the fact I can´t remeber their names,maybe I really am mistaken.
Might be that ppl get confused by having constructed two armies and letting them wait ;)

Once and for all,I might be thinking I had two GL´s but can´t remember ever having two Golden Ages.
ive had multiple GL in games. i have a save game with an GL army and a single GL, or do u mean 2 single GL at once? ive had both but i dont have a save game of 2 GL at once... BUT i have definatly got them because i usually stack one GL in a city (if i dont need an army now that is) so i can rush a forbiden city or whatnot .... and i have gotten GL them made an army out of em because i dont need a few of em hanging around ... most ive ever gotten is 4 in a game and i seem to usually get em around the same time (one game as the japaneese i got 3 within 10 turns or so ... that has only happened once ... but about 25% of games ... ill get a few GL in quick succession

sooo .... how do i take screenshots and how do i post them as screenshots?
Selous,am not sure this works but I think this is how :

When ingame press Print Screen,this will make a screenshot,but it won´t be saved,so exit the game,use something like Paint Shop or similar programs and paste as new image,*.gif.

Thanks to..erm I´m not sure,can´t remember the name. :rolleyes:

Posting is done with IMG on your post screen,just under the Message Icons,I think.
I'm almost certain that you can't have 2 GLs at the same time. You have to either rush a wonder or build an army with the first before you can have another.
Multiple golden ages, WHAT!!??!! That's the kind of bug I like! Has anyone actually ever had that happen??? As for great leaders, I am usually very peaceful so I don't have much experience on the matter...
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