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Multiplayer Advice

Discussion in 'CivRev - Multiplayer' started by DavodM, Oct 30, 2009.

  1. DavodM

    DavodM Chieftain

    Oct 30, 2009
    Hello all,

    Im looking for some advice on how multiplayer works. I am looking to play some multiplayer with my wife and some family. I was looking at PBEM because theres only a limited chance of us all being avaliable at the same time to play.

    What I would really like to do is to be able to play a mixture of PBEM when we are not able to play at the same time and normal multiplayer when we are.

    Looking at the stuff about PitBoss I am beginning to think this might be possible, is it? And if so, how do we go about it?

    To make things even more complicated the ideal situation is that during any of this I would like my wife and I to be able to play our turns hotseat as we only have one computer really capable of playing the game!

    Any help/advice would be much appreciated!

    Oh and we have Warlords and BTS if that makes any difference.

    Tl-Dr: Want to do some multiplayer both simultanious and offline (ie PBEM style) on the same game, with 2 people on the same 'puter and 1 or more remote. Looking for advice/info on how/if it can be done.


    P.S. Sorry for the less than descriptive title but I struggled to come up with something short and meaningfull!
  2. Sn1p3rk1ll3

    Sn1p3rk1ll3 Warlord

    Oct 31, 2008
    Turnhout, Belgium
    Welcome to the forums :)
    -For your question, please go to the civ 4 forums, because Civrev is a consola, DS and I-phone exclusive.
  3. kyjel69

    kyjel69 Chieftain

    Aug 19, 2015

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