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Multiplayer Autosave Issue


May 4, 2020
Hey all,

Been combing the forums awhile and can't find a similar issue.

Been playing Civ V solo awhile and have been getting friends together to play online together. Have a bunch of new players so have just been playing 50 - 100 turns and teaching them the ropes.

We are about 6 players half PC and half Mac. The host is a PC with standard settings. Mac users have all rolled back to version 1.3.9 to be able to connect up with PC users. We're using all DLC except disabling G&K (as recommended by the thread that explained how to play cross platform) - though in game all G&K content except for Civs/Leaders are available.

The last two sessions I had the same issue come up - every time the autosave happened all of my faith and faith generating buildings were wiped out. The game would then dump the production I had spent on it into my next queued production and take logical steps to catch up to the current turn - ie, my shrine and pantheon disappeared, but I suddenly had the archer I had just queued up prior to autosave and it had moved 4 tiles away from my city already.

I assumed this was because I'm using a Mac and G&K is technically disabled. However the other Mac users in the game were not experiencing this issue. Anybody ever run into something like this or have any ideas on what to try to alleviate?
For reference, the crossplay fix here seems to be Macs reverting to v 1.3.9 and everyone disabling Brave New World. Everything else ran smoothly during last session now.
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