1. Z

    [BNW] Production finishes, units don't spawn and I lose the resources

    (note that I have random seed ticked) I have 2 ship of the line units both 1 turn away from finishing production. Next turn they both don't spawn and the game takes the 2 iron. I have a separate ship of the line in combat and may die and if so, one of the cities in production will spawn 1 of...
  2. Alvarez_Player

    [BTS] Waiting for player bug

    So, I'm coming back to hotseat BTS games and after finding two more interested people the game got stuck at the end of first turn with a "waiting for player" bug. I remember I got these the last time I played with some folks here (think that may have been some 8-10 years ago, by the age of my...
  3. S

    Being attack while in Peace

    I am playing as Spain, I was at peace with all AI Players, then The Roman empire attacked me, I was able to defend myself and captured one of their cities. We briefly had peace and there was a Military Emergency because I captured a city. Immediately I went back to war with Rome and no other...
  4. @

    (help needed) ai don't improve resources

    so I play multiple time with these mods and settings and it appears that other player (AIs) almost totally neglect building any improvement on resources. Anyone can help? mods list: community patch v 117 vox populi v. 16 VP eui compatibility v. 1 ui promotion tree v 22 vp community events V8...
  5. W

    Mods without downloads?

    I can download mods from most users, but not from one specific user, e.g. this mod. There simply is no download button. If I add /download to the URL like the other mods' download links, I get an error message like this (note: it is not a "404 not found" error): I tried looking if there was...
  6. Brixter

    Gaul should have double Mine Tourism but they made a mistake.

    Gaul was meant to have double tourism from mines. If you check the code, you see this. <TraitType>TRAIT_CIVILIZATION_GAUL</TraitType> <ModifierId>GAUL_MINE_TOURISM</ModifierId> <ModifierId>GAUL_MINE_TOURISM</ModifierId>...
  7. P

    [LP] Bug when a player gets eliminated by having their last city rebel (v. (899997))

    Hello! Basically what happened was that after I pressed End Turn the usual cycling through the other players took place, with each one being highlighted as it was their turn; but then it got to the player whose last city succumbed to pressure and rebelled, thus eliminating that player, and once...
  8. T

    Bug help: Hundreds of gold per tern to other civs when when at war with everyone.

    I'm being forced to give enormous amounts of money to other civs as a bug. No trade deals or anything have me spending money, and as a last resort I have declared war on everyone. Interestingly, the amount has gone up as I declared war. After waiting a turn, I'm currently spending $218 per turn...
  9. Thorvald of Lym

    Production screen freezes

    Apologies in advance if this is a repost; I tried searching for like discussions but didn't find anything quite matching my situation. A Civ2 retrospective prodded me to dust off the OG, and I've run into a bug I don't think I've ever seen before: When trying to change city production, the...
  10. N

    FF2 + MoM AI Bugs

    Not sure if this is the correct place for this issue, but I'm pretty new to this mod. All of games in FF2 (on an Erebus map) keep getting stuck while waiting for the AIs turn. I've tried reloading older saves and even reinstalled the entire game and the mod. I'm just using the version 0.41n of...
  11. A

    [] When you run a Convert Power Plant project as Lincoln you still get a unit.

    Just as the title says, whenever you use the convert power plant project with lincoln you will still get the unit. This is insanely broken because it allows you to print infinite, essentially free, and stronger, melee units. It is also insanely fun to destroy everyone with hoards of infantry...
  12. Flactine

    [LP] Lincoin, Mbande and Caesar have no background music during diplomacy interactions

    When player is diplomatic with them, their BGM cannot be played. Probably because Firaxis gave them separate BGMs (can be seen in Leaders.artdef), but those BGMs didn't play. Because Saladin still uses the original bgm, Saladin does not have this problem.
  13. CainStar

    Missing leader from contact window.

    Some of the leaders names do not appear of the window, where I click their name to contact them, and I can't change "War Status" in WB either. The missing ones, that I have so far discovered, are Charles V and Deganawida. Also so I could not find "poison tip" promotion in WB anywhere, I mean if...
  14. J

    Help with adding assets in the asset tool

    Hello, I followed the maconnolly's guide but when i want to add an existing item in the asset editor, the option is not clickable and i didn't find someone who has the same issues so i hope you guys can help me.
  15. S

    Great Person turn countdown bug

    Playing as Rome the countdown for a great person hit zero turns then started going into negative turns until great person would spawn.2022-05-14 by spiderbug2 posted May 14, 2022 at 8:39 AM not sure this will help any but this is on v42 which i downloaded from mod db. current on settings...
  16. D

    How to stop new cities from spawning as only "New" as name

    I started renaming some captured cities that I plan to abandon later. (I like to settle the land in a CxCxC layout, once I reach the point where corruption forces me to turn new cities in corrupted land into scientist farms) But since the AI has the bad habit of grabing any empty land even if...
  17. Knightfall

    [NFP] Is this a Bug?

    Had this happen in one of my games a few days ago and was wondering if this is a bug or a deliberate tactic by the AI. It's confusing as it seems as thought the AI is essentially voting to punish itself.
  18. King Phaedron

    Vinland CANT enter the Renaissance

    The Vinland civilization is irredeemably broken! You can't have them in the game or play as them past the Medieval age. The creator apparantly did not give them spy names or something like that. I am playing a game with Siuc, Vinland, Ayutthaya, Gael, Catatania, Amazons, Bohemia, and Eagleland...
  19. C

    "Colony is storing negative cargo" bug

    Ever since I upgraded to 'We The People' v.3.0.1 I have been getting a "Colony is storing negative cargo" bug which breaks the game or at other times makes it unplayable. Essentially, I either get a notification (see the screenshot here) which stops the game OR a colony starts storing vast...
  20. D

    Discord overlay not working

    Is anybody else having trouble getting the Discord overlay to work with Civ V? I have it turned on in Discord settings, but it never activates within the game.
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